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  1. Good choice @Julian987! I still have 5-6 yr old Pilot SuperSports on mine which still have plenty of tread, but will be changing to 4S' when the time comes. I had just replaced a set of 4S' on my Golf R before trading it in for the CR, and was amazed by the improvement in ride and road noise compared to the worn set. Superb tyre in my experience!
  2. Great pic @Andyoz - from the post on PH it sounds like it was a superb evening's driving too! You're very lucky to have such roads in easy reach!
  3. Thanks for the responses gents. Will do some research and see what I can find out. 👍
  4. How easy is it to replace the condensers chaps, and do you know if they are the same between gen 1 and gen 2? Anyone care to share a link to where to purchase from? My passenger side one has gone and I have no aircon, so would like to fix myself if possible. Cheers
  5. For anyone going to this event on Sunday, I heard through insta that a number of people will be meeting up at Rownhams services on the M27 at 08.45 to convoy down together. 👍
  6. Wrong wheels, wrong seats, high miles. Seems a bit overpriced don't you think?!
  7. I'll also vouch for the greatness of PS4S! Had them on my Golf 7R and they were superb... superb feel in the dry, also good in the wet, low road noise and excellent durability. I have Pilot Super Sports all round on my CR at the moment which have plenty of life left in them, but will definitely be swapping to PS4S when it's time to change. 👍
  8. And this is the reason I will most likely be going down the Carnewal route, at least for now.
  9. I got my tickets a while back so will be heading down. Look out for a Meteor Grey R with doggo in tow! 🐶
  10. Great pics @Draven and really good to meet you! Sounds like a local meet with you, Dave and Richard could be on the cards too! 😀
  11. What a fantastic event! Many thanks to @Budflicker and @Beanoir™ for organising. Great to see so many lovely R's together in one place, and really good to meet so many likeminded people. The convoy drive over from Baldock Services was also a highlight. Bring on the next one! 👍
  12. What's happened to all the others?? Would have been great to get 50 or more, but I'm sure it will still be a great event and I'm looking forward to meeting you all. If anyone is driving up from near Weybridge and wants to go in convoy then let me know.
  13. My friend just sent me that... quite a unique spec. Wrong wheels though, and some of the colour scheme is a bit much for me.
  14. Looking forward to this! I see the event starts at 11am. I will be heading up from Surrey (Addlestone) and was wondering if anyone wants to meet up beforehand to go up in convoy?
  15. Great news that the event is going ahead, as I was holding off booking until it was confirmed. Now booked, so can you add Meteor_CR to your attendees list. Colour is Meteor Grey in a case you hadn't guessed. Can't wait! 😃
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