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  1. Hi unfortunately having to sell my gts links below. cheers Paul https://www.autotrader.co.uk/secure/my-auto-trader/manage-my-adverts#liveAds
  2. dealer diagnosed mine as new rear window required, coming up with a fault rear window breakage sensor, being done next week new rear screen-hopefully this is the end to my alarm issues just posting for any future cases that may help others cheers.
  3. hi, yeh iv seen on planet 9 forum about this I think il go down this route when I get some funds together, thinking of installing blackvue parking cam too
  4. just though id update in case anyone gets a similar fault with there 981-as I replaced the rear boot latch and it no longer brings any fault codes up but after 2 days its back at I and going off lots, so im going to have to get Porsche to look into it further for me until then iv disconnected the alarm,
  5. hi, im new to the forum but iv got both a 981 boxster and replacing that a cayman gts both same year, the cayman makes the chirp noise when locking iv closed all doors, boot, trunk, glovebox and centre console armrest bit, still chirps when the boxster won't,also flashing the led light on the door panel. indicating alarm/central locking malfunction, iv disconnected boot and trunk electrical connections it still chirps so I bought a code reader I car soft v2 and its quite good can get in all the modules for doors and boots, service lights, and loads more, it came up rear lid actuator so iv ordered one with Porsche, £95inc vat and easy to fit, I swapped the alarm with the boxster and still the same as iv seen a big thread on one of the forums but was not the case for me, il report back but thought id add my input in case anyone has similar issues, the I carsoft was £150 and covers alot-well worth the money, im in the motor trade myself so was a must for me. typical though order the part and the alarms not gone off but I did erase the fault code-time will tell I guess.
  6. thanks for the reply, yes looking at your colour chart its very similar both them-even the Olympic blue is similar, I have to get it serviced in next couple of months so il ask the dealer cheers Paul
  7. Hi iv just bought a cayman gts which blue is this getting confused on google images there's so many different shades im gussing Miami blue but its not original colour from new so I can't get paint code or contact Porsche etc thanks Paul
  8. hi guys I have outgoing boxster (14) with pcm and I just bought a 981 cayman gts non pcm with Bose am I able to swap the radio units over and it work or is it much more technical like ecu needs coding etc if that's the case then can anyone recommend a good aftermarket? I think the cayman has the standard Cdr no nav or dab and I can't even play music from phone, iv heard of bluetooth devices for the jack aux in glovebox but id like to modernise it and have a unit which has nav like google maps or android auto etc so annoying the boxster has the better but can't complain to much the cayman has climate control and that bugged me alot in the boxster without that thanks for any advice in advance il upload 2 pics of the units in my cars.
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