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  1. I was hoping to get some opinions on the valuation of the winter tyres/wheels that came with my car; they are genuine Cayman S II 18" wheels and come with Continental ContiWinter TS810S tyres. They're on excellent condition IMO and I had figured them to be worth £1k. Any thoughts?
  2. Ok, so it seems to work if the cigarette lighter is permanently live, which I'm guessing is the case as you are both using it I'm still amazed!
  3. It accepts charge by plugging *into* the cigarette lighter socket??? I feel like I should be Googling this first before I make myself look stupid; the mind is blown! 😁
  4. Apologies if this sounds dumb but I'm not sure that I follow; how does the battery charge via the lighter socket?
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations on the routing of cabling for a trickle charger? I just hooked my CTEK 5 up; had to bend the tab on the live terminal slightly to avoid it hitting the battery cover. Have routed the extended cable up out of the top of the bonnet and covered the cable that trails over the wing with medical tape for now to avoid any rubbing marks over time. All tips welcome
  6. I had a tough call to make as, in buying the car from Collecting Cars, I had the worst of both worlds; no time to get a PPI and no dealer warranty. A large part of me wanted to walk away and wait for one that I could PPI and, as a Gen 1, get scoped. I took the punt and have cast that doubt aside to focus on the good stuff.
  7. No, I always thought I'd buy a Gen 2 but the Gen 1 Sport in orange was the only car that really captured my heart. Ignoring my purchase, I wouldn't spend over £20k for a regular Gen 1. Low £20s is sufficient for a Gen 2, perhaps even an S if you are patient and ready to act quickly when the right one comes along.
  8. I'd buy the best looking Cayman on the market right now. But I'm biased 😂
  9. I agree with your sentiment that things have plateaued; although I haven't really been paying close attention since my purchase last month, those cars with huge asking prices were on the market for a good while. The winter will see prices fall further too IMO. Road tax on a Gen 1S is £585 btw!
  10. There is a means of submitting a question to the statistics people at the Department of Transport. I can't remember if I found a form online or just an email address. I think the latter. I can confirm if you were thinking of doing something similar.
  11. I'd say that, if you cannot get it back to full stock spec, then it makes little difference. Opinions on mods are entirely subjective of course.
  12. I should clarify that, when I was talking about two examples, I was referring to Guards Red. I think I've posted this before maybe but these are the numbers according to the DoT: The colour breakdowns are as follows. On The Road: BLACK 8 GREEN 1 MULTICOLOURED 2 ORANGE 18 RED 1 SILVER/ALUMINIUM 7 WHITE 18 SORN’d vehicles: BLACK 2 ORANGE 8 RED 1 SILVER/ALUMINIUM 1 WHITE 4
  13. Looks like my overpaying has inspired someone to ask a little OTT! I should point out that I factored in ~£1k for the winter wheels and tyres 😁 I only got the car back on Weds as it was an emergency admission and also needed the water pump replacing. Took it to Prescott Hill for the regional Porsche Club GB meet yesterday and took a nice scenic route back; was *so* much more enjoyable than the motorway. Need some more Synergy Premium now though!
  14. @Julian987h The cover is a Noah Block-It cover by Covercraft. Looks like it is this one: https://www.covercraftoutlet.com/index.php?c=1&i=C16903SG Hopefully this is a case of better-late-than-never!
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