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  1. My current PSE system came from Gert. His standard conversions don't sound as good to my ears. I did want to ask his advice/buy some 200 cell sports cats but he doesn't answer his emails anymore. Thanks anyway Andy.
  2. I have a 2.7 manual with PSE and when the valves are open the sound is perfect but just slightly too quiet. I have Boxster S twin tailpipes. Are there any mods I can do in the way of sports manifolds, cats, to up the volume slightly or am I stuck with what I've got. 'Opening the windows' is not an option in Winter. Many thanks!
  3. As above really. Have recently moved to the area and am looking for a friendly and reliable garage to work on my 2008 Cayman. Recommendations most appreciated, Thanks, Kim
  4. Not sure at all. I have no means of jacking the car up and testing it. My (non opc) garage is £120 plus per hour plus vat per to inspect it.
  5. Thanks for the reply, the Trunk Klunk only happens over small bumps in the road or un-made up roads, not constantly while driving. Sp that sound like the mass damper maybe?
  6. However, I'm not good at these DIY things, so is there a short cut I can use? If for example I wound both my rubber bump stop stops all the way in, would I release each one a quarter of a turn until the clunking went? Or half a turn? Or a quarter on the left and a full one on the right? Or...etc etc. I tried today and ended up experimenting, driving down the road the road and getting out of the car a thousand times. I still have a rattle across the outside top of the of the tailgate if I hit it with my hand. Is there a way of fine-tuning this without having to go out and driving it every time? cheers Kim
  7. Windy, I take my hat off to you. Very kind of you to create this and share. I love engineers! Cheers Kim
  8. Thanks guys. No Windy, I can't do anything like that I'm afraid. I'll try the trunk clunk check first.
  9. Guys I am in Eastbourne and have a clunking from the rear suspension over bad surfaces or uneven roads.i had this before on a previous 987 but I can’t remember what it was. Drop links? Coffin arms? anyhow, not being flush at the moment I’d rather a local garage could take a look at the for me (or Mavrik?? ) and I’d welcome any pointers. Car has done 75000, 2.7 manual. happy to pay a good price just not £120ph! thanks for any help, Kim 077 9668 1743
  10. Kdh

    Hi Mavrick,


    I hope you've moved in ok and are settled. I decided not to do the lowering Springs on my car as I'm worried about the comfort aspect.

    However, I have a slight knocking noise from the rear suspension when going over bumps or uneven surfaces and I think I remember it happened on my  987 boxster and it was coffin arms (?). Is this something you could help me out with please? Car has 75,000 miles and is a manual 2.7.


    Thanks a lot, Kim

  11. Sticky Toffee Pudding - yes I like that! Here's the GT3 that inspired my latest effort. I haven't been brave enough to go the whole hog with the dirt and the rust yet.
  12. This is what it currently looks like: and the next project could look like this:
  13. I thought it might be of interest, thanks for your comments. It started off as a Red Cayman then I sprayed it in a satin matt plastic, then added all the decals, rust, mud and grime etc. I sold it to a really nice guy who came down from the Lake District and he's enjoyed keeping it in the style its become accustomed to. Even got a roof rack on it now. My latest project is the Jagermeister orange one, somewhere else on this page.
  14. I have a set of black 18" wheels with Pilot Sport N4's for sale here:
  15. PSE Exhaust now fitted and sounds very nice, completely drone-free but a nice crackle when the valves are open without shouting 'look at me'. Highly recommended but two day's work for my garage fitting it and they said they'd never do it again.
  16. Yes, putting the switch near the handbrake, and yes lots of gearbox noise coming from the armrest. Put your ear down there and you'll see what I mean. I've had a few sports cars before, including a Cayman, various air-cooled 911's and a Ferrari Dino GTS so I'm not new to the noise they make. I think I've had an S Class at some stage as well. As for Gert, yes a top man. Very helpful. He said I may have got a rogue exhaust the first time round. Sound and drone is all very subjective of course. This time I want it switchable as I don't want to make a noise in Waitrose car park and wake anyone up.
  17. You're on. Give me a shout when you're all settled in and the weather's a bit better. I'm in no rush. Hope the move goes well. Kim kim@kdhcreative.co.uk
  18. Thanks Windy, I can certainly recommend Gert's service (mine's arriving Monday) and great customer comms. He's a very helpful guy and offers a service where he'll fit the exhaust himself if you drive over to Belgium. I do believe that in the Cayman, the exhaust sound does need 'tuning' because sound is so subjective. Personally, I don't like the sound of the gearbox that comes up through the centre armrest, so I soundproof that bit allowing me to hear the exhaust note clearer. Bass boom gets trapped in each of the far corners of the boot, so bass reducing pads work well in eliminating the drone, allowing the exhaust note to come through clearer. Top picture is just foam, not corrugated! Used in sound studios.
  19. Yes I totally agree. I've managed to source a s/hand PSE from Carnewal (thanks Andy and Windy) so I'm excited about that turning up next week and will report back with sound files if any of you would be interested. I've always wanted a pse but have never been able to afford a new one. cheers all.
  20. Thanks very much Julian. Appreciate it. However, if you want the job...I can wait. Having someone knowing what they're doing is most important. We've moved house twice during Covid, first time, the removal men downed tools in the middle of a 5-bed house move from Brighton to Eastbourne and left the three of us with a completely packed up house. My son and I hired the only white van left in Brighton and did the rest ourselves over 7 days and God-knows how many trips. Back-breaking work when you have 5 sofas. I hope yours goes smoother. Let me know if you'd be up for changing them. cheers, Kim
  21. I'll give them a ring, thanks very much.
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