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  1. Just ordered some TERRA-S on Amazon, £22.89, having accidently discovered the treasures behind the panel in fboot some 6 months after buying car 2nd hand - but gunk can is missing from the set (as well as philips screwdriver from tool set).
  2. Not looking happy though. Happier in the back?
  3. That’s funny, I was just about to ask that
  4. Hi Shuey I have to demur from the other reply I've a 987.2 and I reckon the rear boot space is no warmer or noisier than the rest of the cabin (ie where we humans sit). This rear space is only closed off from the remainder of the cabin by a removable partition (which hangs on the underside of the boot door and is easily removed) - it's purpose I think is to conceal from prying eyes any valuables in the boot. With its removal air flows freely from one end of the cabin to the other. The dogs would be no closer to the engine than we humans the other side - and we seem to find it bearable if not enjoyable. As for heat, the floor of the rear boot does not get warm. best Eddie
  5. I bought a 2011 987.2 S 3 months ago from a dealer, 58K miles, for £24,000K. Very happy with the car. It's got PDK which I like (having always driven manuals thus far). I'd agree with what's been suggested above by others. I'd like manual if I had that. But I do like PDK - if you put your foot down it knows what to do. Basically both are great experiences, I suspect, if different.
  6. Thanks very much for comments & advice. Apologies for being slow to respond, I forgot to follow my own topic. Fitting oneself does sound the way to go - thanks again for the pointers. Naturally it is the expensive driver's side lamp!
  7. I picked up a cracked driver's side fog light (still works), on the track at Donington Park a few weeks ago. Just got the quote from RSJ Sports cars to fix: £185.06 +vat and one hour labour at £80 +vat. So over £300 for a bit of cracked glass - OMG Big shock. I guess I have to say to myself, welcome to Porsche-land! 😅 No wonder you guys like doing your own maintenance.
  8. Cheers, Lenny. Food for thought there.
  9. Just had a track day at Donington Park on Tuesday, first track day in my 2011 Cayman S. Was very pleased with the car, performed well. My previous car was an Elise which is an out and out track car, so how did the Cayman compare? For me, I enjoyed the extra power and grunt of the Cayman, I found the car really well balanced, brakes were excellent and didn't fade, tyres also held up during whole of the track day. I know half the fun of driving is heel-and-toe with a manual, but personally I really enjoyed the PDK I have, concentrating on line and braking and letting the PDK maximise the engine - brilliant system in my opinion. I did find the turn in to corners was not as good as I might have liked. Although it gives a hard drive on public roads, I guess the base model does not give quite the stiff enough suspension you'd want on a track day. Is that fair? Were a few GT4s and a GT3. I must say compared to their huge wings the wing on the Cayman look like a toy! Hung out with Andrew, a guy with a GT4 with 5k miles on clock, also first time on track, also an ex-Lotus man. He was delighted with his car (naturally!). I know there must be a whole load of information about upgrades to suspension. In my Lotus I had nitron 1-way adjustable. I put a nitron sticker on the side of the car. I was as happy as Larry. But I don't know if it made much difference - the car was stiff already. As for Caymans, does anyone reading this have a suspension upgrade (something simple, cheapish)? I only mean to track my car once or twice a year, I guess, but that seems to me the one thing perhaps worth considering getting. cheers Ed
  10. I also feel the pressure of having such an eye-attracting car, though mostly I like it. I suspect a larger proportion than average of Porsche owners who park on London streets, choose black or grey and allow their cars to become very dirty, in a measure to make them vanish from the eyes of potential magpie street-corner kids and nefarious 3am bandits. For every yellow or orange or light green Porsche - the big show off colours - I bet there's a garage, such as the one in which Windmiller keeps his car ensconsed.
  11. That's gotta be encouraging to any Porsche owner
  12. I know exactly the feeling of dread you describe. I recently bought a Cayman and a month in the PDK went wonky (clutch slipping particularly in first and second gear, reduced power light flashing on), I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to drive home & my heart absolutely fell over the following weekend as I began to think I'd bought a car with too much mileage (58K), too many fancy electronics (PDK), too many past owners (5), a car that was simply no longer capable of being driven as it was designed - foot hard down. However, like you, I came to terms with the situation. In fact the car was on warranty with the dealership I'd bought it from, they took it on the Monday and had it back in shape by Wednesday. They changed the clutch oil and ran an adaptations and clutch adjustments programme to tighten the PDK insides up and realign things (err something like that). It's been fine since and, though I know there are people who've had PDK failure, I've also been encouraged to hear many saying the PDK system is bullet proof. This dealership in particular, which has been in business a long time, has never had to return a PDK to Porsche.
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