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  1. I’m Silsoe way...I’ll pm you my number if that’s ok and you could share live location on WhatsApp if you want, I’ll see if I can join the pack.
  2. Looking forward to tomorrow also, which route are you taking from Baldock? I might try and catch you enroute in my orange sport.
  3. New Cayman owner here and just found this event- wanted to confirm it's ok for non R owners to buy tickets and attend? Hopefully it'll be obvious where to park, don't want to gate crash!
  4. Cheers guys. Not sure about the drop compared to Cayman R, I think with PASM it’s -10mm compare to standard. I must say, quite surprised how firm the ride is with PASM on!
  5. Yes I did! Incredible car, ticks so many boxes for me, love it! Ive posted in the Facebook group as I couldn’t upload pics here.https://www.facebook.com/groups/1036090366735190/permalink/1397167810627442/
  6. This one looks lovely!! Thanks mate- update, collecting it tomorrow!
  7. Yeah I saw that one, pretty cool but a lot of money and would have been better to do the work to a run of the mill cayman
  8. You reckon it's "top dollar"? From my research I've found a couple of similarly low mileage examples around the £30k mark.
  9. It has had an inspection previously, I think a year or so ago. There's no option really, pay the money and take the car...hope for the best! Seems crazy really and I'm quite anxious about it tbh. Now the question is, do I take it straight for a borescope inspection (any suggestions on where?) or do I run it and keep an eye for smoke/oil use etc and keep my fingers crossed.
  10. This is me usually! I've acted completely out of character and "won" this auction! Will let you know how it pans out!
  11. This is it! What do we think, honest opinions? It's really hard to price these but it looks like a nice clean car, low miles. Just gotta hope the dreaded bore scoring doesn't bite me!? It's been looked after by OPC it's whole life and I think it had warranty up until 2020, any idea what the deal is with that? Should I try and get it back under OPC warranty or look at taking out a Hartech plan? Not gonna lie, this is very unlike me and it's definitely got the old anxiety going but at the same time very excited! I think I'll collect it next weekend so will update then! Is there a Cayman Sport owners register" or anything?
  12. Well. Things have got interesting...I've ended up buying a manual 2009 987 Cayman S Sport in bright orange (GT3RS colour!?) with 33k on the clock. What have I done!
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