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  1. Hi everyone I’ve just been told that the engine is now back with the car and should be all back together again in the next few days. It’ll need running in and a new MOT but will be awesome and ready to sell very soon. Please let me know if you or anyone you know are interested. Remember, don’t compare this with normal cars - if you want something faster, stiffer, noisier, extremely well sorted with lots and lots of money spent on it - this should be the car for you. I’m starting to regret having to sell it already !! Regards Kai
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. @jcm987 I agree. There are no dealerships which specialise in modified cars and the others would offer silly low prices. What I need to find is another enthusiast like myself who wants all the good stuff I’ve done for much less money than doing it themselves and will be able to make use of it all. @Ben Gosling I will put some pictures up with the advert but if you pm me I’ll send some sooner @PMGPete the mods and rebuild are all part of the car as it stands now and cannot be taken off. It would be like trying to put a GT3 back to a Carrera lol. I will keep sending updates on the hopes that we can find someone through this forum who wants something a bit special. Cheers all !! Kai
  3. Just s quick update from me. The engine is now on its way back from the Hartech rebuild and will be going back into the car. Once it’s been run in and fresh oil put in, I’ll be advertising it properly. If anyone on here is interested or knows someone please get in touch. I’d love for the car to stay in the Owners club. Its going to be an absolute beast!!! Regards Kai
  4. Hi all. My car is away at Hartech having an engine rebuild. This is both good and bad - it’s a lot of money but needed doing and the car will be amazing when it comes back. I’ve bought a new 718 Cayman to replace it and so will the selling it as soon as it’s ready. Thing is, my car is not like others for sale. I have spent a LOT of money on it making it faster, handle better, stop better, louder - just better in just about every area. More performance than an R, probably nearer to a GT4. My question is, do I advertise it in the usual places - here, Pistonheads, Porsche Owners etc or should I be looking for something more specialised? its an 07 987 CS so a normal one would be £14k+ but this has a lot of extras plus a rebuilt 0 miles engine and I want £19k. What are your thoughts?
  5. Not to put a downer on things but make sure the water pump going hadn’t effected the head gasket or the head itself. This can happen if the car overheats. Remember also that the temp gauge doesn’t tell the actual water temp. Anyway hope it’s all ok for you.
  6. Thanks guys. I’ll look into it Kai
  7. Hi gang. My 987 CS has had a fair amount of time and money spent - it now goes and sounds about as good as it’s going to get. However, with the race manifolds, 200 cell cats and Carnewal cat delete GT3 system the car is LOUD. I love it - especially the pops and bangs on the over-run - but it’s now too loud for track days. I had it measured at Goodwood where it was 105dB (just) stationary at 5000rpm. The only way I’m going to get onto a “normal” 100dB day is by making it quieter again. Without changing the system, I guess exhaust bungs are the only way forward. I’ve used these plenty when racing Radicals, but do you know of any for our cars? Mom guessing same problem for GT3, GT4 models on quiet days.... any suggestions gratefully received cheers Kai
  8. Thanks guys. So I already have the braided hoses and racing fluid. This time I went for Brembo disks and Pagid RS pads. Appreciate the replies / interesting that we all have our own ways of doing things. Kai
  9. Thanks bud. Ill take a look. Is it a US based company which means shipping costs need to be added? Kai
  10. Hi gang. Looking for recommendations for upgrading brake disks on 987 CS for road and track use. I had Brembo disks with DS2500 pads and braided hoses last time but the disks have completely worn and cracked with only road use so looking for better please. Cheers Kai
  11. Was there an answer to the CaymanOC area parking pass question? im heading down early so i hope I’ll find the pitch 👍 Kai
  12. I had mine done recently at Regal in Southampton and am very happy with the results. Remember that without a turbo the gains won’t be massive and it always helps to have done the intake and exhaust mods first. The key is how the car drives and the increase “below the curve” are what you really feel - more than absolute power at max revs. I’d recommend Regal but as long as it’s a “bespoke” tune (not a chip in a box) you should be happy. Another bonus is you can write in extra noise on the over run if you like that sort of thing 😁 good luck ! Kai
  13. Do we need to display some kind of CaymanOC badge to get to our designated area? Kai
  14. Hi team I’m definitely coming - see you there ! Kai
  15. Hi team can I join you on the stand please? looking forward to seeing you all again Kai
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