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  1. Apologies for the delayed response. My car ran perfectly all day - have to say more than pleased. With sports exhaust on it actually set off the noise alarms so had to ease off past them - surprised as it’s a standard system. I updated the brakes beforehand as I know standard brakes aren’t up to track driving but otherwise all good. Handling was neutral, taking full power out of all turns - could be stiffer but that’s coming in January anyway. nothing passed us and we passed most things so a good day in all. I need more power though - much more .... watch this space. All the best Kai
  2. Hi all. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but there is an open evening next Thursday evening 19th Dec open to Porsche (and non) owners. It’s a sort of Christmas evening with different small companies’ stands and - obviously- all the latest and greatest from Porsche on show. I am one of the stands so if any of you fancy it - you are welcome along. starts around 1830hrs. regards Kai
  3. Hi team. just wondering if anyone else here is doing the charity track day on Wednesday? I’ll be there in my blue 718 - come and say hi. Kai
  4. Thanks guys. to be honest I could have sold it a few times over - I had that much interest. reassuring to know that there are plenty of modifiers and keen performance fans out there. cheers. Kai
  5. The car sold yesterday. I’m sad and happy at the same time lol. of course I have my new 718 but I will miss this one a lot. no doubt the new owner will be along soon to say hi. Kai
  6. I’ve had the car back for a little while and I have to say it feels amazing. The engine is loosening up with every mile although it’s only done 200 miles since the rebuild. After the running in oil was changed it was filled with Millers Nanodrive and Hartech recon it’ll take about 100 hours until it’s fully run in. The performance gets stronger every drive so whoever takes this car over is in for one seriously fast car. I’ve had a fair amount of interest now so I’m hoping the new owner will be on here soon. Kai
  7. That’https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/cayman/awesome-improved-porsche-cayman-24v-s------------------2007/10058339 hopefully this is the link to Pistonheads. can I change the title to Fabulous Modified Cayman S for sale ?
  8. Thanks for your input everyone I agree with you all but genuinely believe that this is an absolute bargain for the money. It is so well sorted now and just paying extra for the peace of mind a rebuilt engine gives you over an unknown is worth a premium. add all the mods and it’s a steal. IMO. I’ve got four people interested in the last week and hope for more. I won’t be dropping the price and am sure the right buyer is out there. please keep your ears open if you know anyone looking. cheers. Kai
  9. Hi all. I got the car back today and it is simply awesome. I can’t tell you how good the rebuilt engine feels. It’s done 100 miles to run in and had the oil changed and it’s now ready for sale. The car is brilliant - I know I’m selling it and would say that but it is so smooth, fast, loud, stiff, brakes are awesome - everything about it is improved over standard. As you know, I’ve bought a new 718 Cayman now and can’t afford to keep both so I need to sell it. If you or anyone you know is looking for something special then please get in touch here. ive put the ad up on PistonHeads today and will pug it up on the Porsche groups on FB etc too. Thanks again !!
  10. Hi everyone I’ve just been told that the engine is now back with the car and should be all back together again in the next few days. It’ll need running in and a new MOT but will be awesome and ready to sell very soon. Please let me know if you or anyone you know are interested. Remember, don’t compare this with normal cars - if you want something faster, stiffer, noisier, extremely well sorted with lots and lots of money spent on it - this should be the car for you. I’m starting to regret having to sell it already !! Regards Kai
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. @jcm987 I agree. There are no dealerships which specialise in modified cars and the others would offer silly low prices. What I need to find is another enthusiast like myself who wants all the good stuff I’ve done for much less money than doing it themselves and will be able to make use of it all. @Ben Gosling I will put some pictures up with the advert but if you pm me I’ll send some sooner @PMGPete the mods and rebuild are all part of the car as it stands now and cannot be taken off. It would be like trying to put a GT3 back to a Carrera lol. I will keep sending updates on the hopes that we can find someone through this forum who wants something a bit special. Cheers all !! Kai
  12. Just s quick update from me. The engine is now on its way back from the Hartech rebuild and will be going back into the car. Once it’s been run in and fresh oil put in, I’ll be advertising it properly. If anyone on here is interested or knows someone please get in touch. I’d love for the car to stay in the Owners club. Its going to be an absolute beast!!! Regards Kai
  13. Hi all. My car is away at Hartech having an engine rebuild. This is both good and bad - it’s a lot of money but needed doing and the car will be amazing when it comes back. I’ve bought a new 718 Cayman to replace it and so will the selling it as soon as it’s ready. Thing is, my car is not like others for sale. I have spent a LOT of money on it making it faster, handle better, stop better, louder - just better in just about every area. More performance than an R, probably nearer to a GT4. My question is, do I advertise it in the usual places - here, Pistonheads, Porsche Owners etc or should I be looking for something more specialised? its an 07 987 CS so a normal one would be £14k+ but this has a lot of extras plus a rebuilt 0 miles engine and I want £19k. What are your thoughts?
  14. Not to put a downer on things but make sure the water pump going hadn’t effected the head gasket or the head itself. This can happen if the car overheats. Remember also that the temp gauge doesn’t tell the actual water temp. Anyway hope it’s all ok for you.
  15. Thanks guys. I’ll look into it Kai
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