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  1. Yeah, a test drive is out of the question. There’s three cars on sale in whole of Europe right now, all thousands of kms away. I decided for non-PASM since the car is mostly used for fun and I think R will be better suited.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a 987.2 Cayman in Europe and depending on the answers, I'll be buying a PASM or non-PASM car. I already decided if I get non-PASM I'll be retrofitting the Cayman R full OEM suspension. The car will be mostly fast road and trackdays a few times a year. That said, there are still some questions regarding PASM-equipped cars. I like the adjustability but I will want to lower it the ~20mm to get the Cayman R height. The question now is, are springs enough or does it need damper replacement as well? Some say only springs are fine (but they need to be linea
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