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  1. I’m surprised you managed to fit those 6x9 speakers like that without cutting a hole in the engine cover itself.
  2. I would absolutely agree with this, in fact the fancy machines just make the job easier for the guys doing the job.
  3. Plan on using this tomorrow!! One question, anybody know where I can buy those plastic trim tools at a moments notice? I don’t want to damage the car as it’s not mine.
  4. I’d bring my old mans R along (used to be my car) - but tickets and sit-down kind of puts me off a bit...
  5. Damn, i'm NFI What's the current 'world record' out of interest...??
  6. I'm really tempted to chop both cars in for one of these, I don't drive the RS much and I actually prefer driving the 718. Maybe a sensible option..
  7. Merry Christmas!! Keep up the good work with the club guys!
  8. Coil packs cracked maybe?
  9. You might need to install the correct wiring harness to control the CDR30 still - and then if you added a Kenwood HU, you'd need another adaptor on top of that for the steering wheel controls. It's all achievable but a bit of a pain.
  10. Mine was changed at 48k, the pedal was starting to get really heavy. Probably had another few k miles in it but didn't want it to start slipping.
  11. Stereo is a no cost option isn’t it? Still, not sure the T represents anything other than fancy marketing
  12. Some great advice in this thread! 👍🏼
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