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  1. Hey guys, I caught up over a long chat with the dealer for the white cayman on Friday – has a deposit down already. But the guy buying is apparently six foot six and the dealer doss was not reckon he’ll fit. He’s holding it for a week and then will call with if not. I like that Windymiller and have to say white done like that is growing on me. The unicorn spec actually has the strips fitted, the pics are old. And you were all right, it was a part-ex and the garage isn’t a specialist. Nothing new to market lately but have been trawling :(. There’s a black cayman
  2. Hey Julian, Andy - yeah this one is a bit of a peach eh! I’ve emailed them already. It stretches my budget so do you think they would move on it or is it a fair price? The SE, seats and rims def do it – though white is my least fave colour personally. Though they say buy on colour last right! A 3.4 S would obv be preferable to a 2.9, but I’m sure both are great fun. Guessing the S just feels that little bit more supercar, if you get me. I wish I could afford an R but no chance! Let you know if I get anywhere with unicorn 2.0....
  3. Will bear this in mind Andy. No new cars to the market lately! The wait is painful... Has got me thinking though all – what prices are ‘normal’ for a 987.2 manual? As right now they are inflated due to the pandemic demand etc etc. And would sacrifice a summer of driving and try to wait a little to ride this out?!
  4. Thanks for all the comments guys, just catching up. Jochen – I’ll reply to you in a DM. So I went to go and test drive both a manual and a PDK today. Both 2.9s, base models and low specs. The manual felt more exhilarating all the way and of course way more involved. For some reason, I also felt more connected to the car - better feedback, more nimble, more planted?! It was strange. The PDK by contrast was a different experience. A bit more subdued and I was a bit disappointed by it sadly. It didn’t have sports chrono or flappy paddles, which I’m guessing make a big difference. It was
  5. Yep that one went in the end - just as I started looking at it again, ha. There’s one or two more just gone live but spec nowhere near. It’s a waiting game now! In the meantime, still trying to get into one for a test drive. I was lucky to Drove both the manual and PDK versions of the 718 back on a PED in 2017....how close a comparison do you think I can draw between those and the 09/10 plates for driver experience? Different engines I know but it helps... Also, did you guys buy private or from a garage and which ones if so?
  6. Julian - I went to try see that Porsche you linked out today...it had sold already!! So no dice. The search continues... A shame because the extended leather looked brilliant too.
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply Windymiller, really bloody helpful. SE yes, it's the sound I'm buying into and not the Bose sound system! Useful to flag the extended leather too, as the dated interior in the 987.1s is def not for me and think the .2s area great next step and extra leather only enhances that. Some great options there too that I will be looking out for...the steering wheel point is interesting. More importantly, that's noted on the headlights!! Was it bi-xenons that was the upgrade? I think so.. And really useful watch outs too. The main thing I'm having to
  8. Not non-committal – actually just messaged them to see if they'd be open to £24k! Have checked it out and it does have a great spec and looks a beaut. Although I hate the silver grills but nothing that can't be changed, right. If they're open on Monday I'll pop over to them to see it. In terms of what I'm after, I think it's definitely a 987.2 manual, and open to a PDK S if I can afford it. Ideally, I'd find one with SE and sports seats and I think the point on extended leather is really valuable. Would really appreciate that thanks Julian, I also look daily at the mo too but likel
  9. Thanks Julian and Blissya...actually went to go and pay this one a visit this afternoon! It had been sold. The garage only bought it on Weds and they sold it inside three days. The guy was saying 987.2s are going fast at the moment and that it's a seller's market...I don't want to wait until prices calm down but maybe I should?!
  10. Thanks for the replies so far guys. My budget is £17-22k at the moment, though I’d happily throw in a low offer for a £23/24k car with a dealership too, on the basis that used prices will burst and drop eventually in the UK this year. Think I read the market would fall by up to 10% in the second half. I would wait, I just don’t want to miss the summer! That green gen 1 on eBay is gorgeous Julian987, taken me by surprise! But going for gen 2 for more reliable maintenance and the better interior. Aaron you make a good point about city driving (based in London) and
  11. Hi guys, Good to be here! I’m not yet a Cayman owner but if the car gods look favourably on me I hope to find a tasty 987.2 in the next few months. I say months because I’ve noticed the market is very slim, though I’d love to find the one ASAP. Getting itchy feet! I’m opening this post up to ask some advice anyway, and also in case anyone sees anything half decent worth flagging - would be much appreciated! Here goes: Know condition is top over spec and colour but anyone got an opinion on extras that you’d consider a must have? Ie sports seats, PASM, rear wiper?! I woul
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