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  1. Just had this issue myself - how much they charge you?
  2. That’s the one I was interested in originally from Paragon, it’s such a looker! If I hadn’t just bought and had the cash, I would definitely be taking it off you.
  3. Haha, only kidding Stu. I would have bought lower mileage too if I could have afforded it
  4. Only very recently started. It def sounds like it’s coming from behind and is tied to the revs. Barely audible below 2000.
  5. Took my 3.4 S for a spin tonight and noticed a whistling coming from the engine, matches revs - higher the revs, higher the pitch…and then whistles all the way back down the Rev range as you’re off the gas. It wasn’t there before when I drove it back from purchase. It sounds like air escaping through a tiny crack but def not AC or vents. Coming from the rear in engine bay. Anyone had this before on their Cayman? Any help is much appreciated Matt
  6. Anyone got any recommendations for where to get alloys refurbed and painted? And the price I should look for? Happy to travel out of London for it.
  7. Hey Aaron, really appreciate the detailed reply. It’s a stutter mainly at my back but it does shake the whole car. I spoke to the garage who did the PPI and they said they’d taken it for an 8 mile test drive and also sat at idle, picked up nothing. We spoke for about 45 mins and the guy there is doing some interesting research on bore scoring in gen 2s (not that he is suggesting that’s what’s happening nor that it’s as bad as gen 1 bore scoring) and how the fuel injectors could play a part if clogged up with carbon deposits. Fuel is therefore less of a mist and more a jet direct onto the piston crowns, makes coil packs work harder etc etc. There’s currently no way to service them, only bin and replace and this is what they’re looking into. Anyway, his advice was the same as yours - take it for a spirited drive with a full tank and then see what happens to the idle. I’ve not been well for the last two weeks since I bought the car so haven’t been able to do that yet but this weekend I’m feeling much better so will get out onto some twisties. I’ll report back.
  8. Hey Stu, I had been watching the market for 3-4 months before buying and had lots of help from the guys as you will have read too. As a result of that, my take is: Market is strong so negotiating is tough but not impossible if private. But some dealers are really hamming up prices and I don’t think it represents value for what you’re getting from them. For example, one dealer talked to me about a 2.9 for £21k and I said I’d call back tomo. Next day it was suddenly £23k!! Some dealers seem fair but depends on spec and mileage. I concluded that you should take about £2k-£3k into consideration as an add on if buying from a dealer vs private. So that £28k 2.9 would be £25k privately? No chance!! Even at that mileage…and then also think about whether low mileage is def best was where my head was at, because I’d read that things can seize over time if not greatly used. I may be wrong! To be honest, I agree with Andy - I’d want a 3.4 S for around the £25/26k mark. And low mileage one for £28k! I wouldn’t go for a 2.9 if it’s priced over £24k personally, and you can find higher mileage examples for as low as £18k. I know my 3.4 isn’t perfect at the mo but the extra 55hp will make up for it I’m sure :). If you also factor in a decent PPI with a private sale, the cost is still likely lower l, as long as you don’t mind no warranty. Still worth the test drive of course!! And the meteor grey looks stunning in the flesh. Keep us posted on how you get on with the test
  9. I spoke to the place I got my PPI done today - RPM Specialist in Harrogate - and they said they would call me back after speaking with the mechanic who did it. It’s odd, as they gave me a report with rev checks on it but no notes about the engine. Apparently the guy took it down the road twice and would have reported anything untoward. But then they were really busy and squeezed me in on the day and so I worry it wasn’t thorough now. Hopefully you’re right, and they aren’t concerned. But it’s a noticeable stutter, very regular too. Every 3-5 seconds and shakes the car a bit. I’m now looking into getting another Indy to do an inspection and look into it – AutoFarm or Parr – but very frustrating as it’s not the only thing they would have missed. There were a few other bits. I get they’re older cars and maintenance to be expected! But it’s more that these are things I’d hoped to go into the negotiation knowing, as I couldn’t view it in person.
  10. Sounds good fun, always a good excuse to look round some classics. I haven’t decided or found the Indy near me I will have as my ‘local’ yet as so fresh to ownership but since I’ll be up in Cotswolds anyway, AutoFarm isn’t a million miles away. Do you mind me asking how much the inspection set you back? Perhaps they could also do my alloys at the same time and a cheeky detail too 😬
  11. Good on you Blissya…how was your experience with Mortimers? I wanted to buy from there initially but found it a bit abrasive. I need to do the same I think on the geometry alignment, mine pulls to the left slightly. How much you expecting for all that and how much was your inspection? I guess your right stuff is to be expected….just a little sour taste when it’s a week into my ownership! Haha.
  12. Thanks Julian, I’ve just enquired with AutoFarm actually on your recommendation and will be up that way mid July so could work out nicely. That’s a great idea. If it is the MAF then sounds like it will be fine.
  13. Thanks a lot, yeah, I will definitely be asking for a refund if there is something - PPI should have picked it up! Hopefully no problem at all like you say.
  14. Just read that Julian…I’m not liking what I’m reading, have I actually bought a dog?! Maaan, this is feeling a little worrying. Did it all correct too. I guess we will have to see. Come to think of it, it did take a fraction longer to start yest too. I may we’ll be down my local Porsche Indy sooner than I though. Damn.
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