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  1. For what it's worth, I bought mine from RPM Technik in Long Marsdon Hertfordshire, and they were brilliant. The car was in mint condition, exactly as they described it, and has been faultless so far in my 5 months of ownership. I travelled 70 miles to view it, and the car was delivered by them free of charge about a week later (without a test drive, due to Covid rules). Good luck with your search mate.
  2. My negotiating skills are terrible, and always have been. I managed to get a lousy £250 knocked off the screen price of my £28495 Cayman from RPM Technik - The salesman probably saw in my eyes that I was definitely going to buy it, regardless of the deal he came up with! Mine could also probably be described as a "poverty spec" model (which I prefer to call "driver focussed"), so no Bluetooth or sat nav, no electric adjustment on seats, no extended leather, no cruise control... blah, blah... On the plus side, I don't care, because it looks like this: Best car I have ever owned, by a very large margin. Good luck with your search mate
  3. Blimey, that looks brilliant, well done mate
  4. Welcome to the forum George, and congratulations on your excellent new car I'm quite new to 981 ownership, I got mine in March, and since then every single journey has been epic. A truly awesome car, both in looks and performance, I couldn't be more excited and proud to own it. Feel free to add details of your car, such as any extras, and your first impressions. Cheers.
  5. Wore mine for the first time this week - Very nice, I like it
  6. I was thinking the same, it looks too much like a Ferrari prancing horse, so I ordered one of the old design tee shirts instead - And not just because it was a half price bargain, obviously....
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