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  1. Thanks for all the replies!! It’s still jumping up and down like crazy. I think it’s okay. The fact that it goes up after reading low on cold i think is okay? It’s not like we check the dipstick every day on other cars
  2. This morning was consistent. It read 1 quarter down which was the same as last night.. hoping that’s the incorrect read as I’ve only put 600 miles or so on the car. We shall see boys. Still no Smokey starts no leaks to my knowledge - fingers crossed my bores are in shape.
  3. Hey man thanks for the response! I’ll try adding a bit and seeing what happens. No leaks and I’m checking it somewhat* on flat ground. Clean start up w no smoke. exited to be apart of the community 🤙🏻
  4. Hey everyone! The paranoia begins on day two with my new 987.1. CS. I’ve been checking my oil before every drive, and let’s just say I hope it’s reading all wrong. It read first bar down after the first night and I took it pretty easy. Weird... When I got home and checked later on it read half. Freaked me out so I went to bed and waited to check until the morn. Woke up, checked it cold and it was back to just the top sliver missing. Checked today after work and it’s at about 1/2. So. Faulty sensor? Could I rule out scoring/IMS? I just bought it from a third party dealer. 67k miles and the
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