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  1. Ive kept it for now Julian! May still list it on Pistonheads. But at the moment I’ve made no attempt to sell it other than mention it on this thread 😅🤣
  2. Thankyou Julian! Very kind words indeed… certainly great value in comparison to a GT4, but I have an itch that just needs scratching. No doubt I’ll sell the car and instantly regret it😂
  3. Thanks Matt, yes it’s a superb example I was very lucky to get it tbh, as it gathered a lot of interest. The silver grilles put people off, but nobody thought to ask if Paragon would swap them to black… which they did 😂👍🏼
  4. Cayman Optional extra Spec as follows: Metallic Basalt Black Black Sports Exhaust Tips Two tone Carrera II 19” Alloys Bi-xenon Headlights Sports Plus Seats Porsche Logo on headrest Cayman S logo on armrest Heated Seats Extended Leather (centre console, doors, dashboard) Gloss Silver centre console / Dash trim Silver dials Bluetooth phone prep PCM 3 / Navigation Bose Stereo Multimedia Interface (AUX/IPOD/USB) Automatic Climate control Sports Chrono Plus Manual Alcantara Shift Kn
  5. Chaps, I recently purchased an immaculate manual 987.2 example from Paragon, but I’m really thinking I should’ve gone the whole hog and bought a 981 GT4. I LOVE the 987.2, but I feel a need to own a GT4 before other life commitments take over. As such, if anyone is interested in my car, let me know. Condition is probably better than any other on the market and I’d rather it go to another enthusiast. It’s not listed anywhere currently as I’d always give people on here the first opportunity to snap it up. DM me for more info. Tom
  6. That was criminally cheap even back then tbh. 987.2 Caymans have gone up in price, but not by that much. I’d say the average asking price is only up about £3k from last year
  7. Depends on how much trust you have in the dealer. I bought mine from Paragon without a PPI, but their cars are meticulously prepped beyond standards I’ve seen previously. The work they put into the car was fantastic so I can vouch for them. In regards to other dealers, I guess it depends on how thorough / honest they are
  8. Crikey I have no idea. I really hope they offer a solution to .1 and .2 cars for both 997 and 987, it’ll be a shame if they only support .1 versions.
  9. Great! I still need a genuine Apple 30pin / lightening adapter, it refuses to work unless it’s genuine apparently. also… I wonder how much the new OEM head unit will be , judging by 996 prices I’m not expecting much change out of £1800😬😬
  10. Sorry for slow reply. Only need bovee and Y cable is you want music via Bluetooth. I want it just via the cable to need the lightning to 30pin and not the bovee
  11. Yes. And a genuine apple 30pin to lightening adapater. I went non genuine and it doesn’t work. Genuine ones are an additional £25ish
  12. Looks great. Wouldn’t worry about the mileage as it’s priced sensibly. The market price for caymans hasn’t increased that much in comparison to some cars. Eg 991 Gt3 have jumped up like £20k. Whereas caymans 987.2 where at their lowest before Covid and have probably only jumped up by £2/3k per car on average, which isn’t really too bad at all. I bet the car you’re looking at wouldn’t of been much cheaper a year ago. £20k maybe, so maybe £1/2k cheaper tops, which really isn’t that bad imo
  13. Just looking at this one, looks like a nice example. Reasonable price too considering the works it’s had done
  14. Not to hijack this thread but I picked up the Paragon car. Absolutely immaculate, full service history and a very long list of works just completed . New Genuine discs and pads all round, all new N rated tires, new lower control arms, major service, plugs, belt tensioner / belt, brake fluid, gearbox / diff fluid and genuine clutch. Front bumper respray for stone chips, full wheel refurb etc. Slightly more expensive than comparable cars, but the prep was so worth it. Used to own a 987.1 S sport and a 981 S. now back into the gang with this 987.2. (edit; to avoid confusion, the garag
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