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  1. Sadly, my car is now for sale. If you're interested, here's the link: https://www.apexmotorcompany.co.uk/porsche-cayman-cayman-24v-save-194-163-1000-until-29th-december-6271718
  2. I'll be there if I'm in the UK... do you have a link for the event?
  3. Interesting, I'm guessing for the better? When end do you activate/deactivate your switch?
  4. Hi all, After some reading through various posts across the forums online I have stumbled across a couple of "modifications" that intrigue me... 1. LH air intake DESNORKEL - You remove the baffle/diverter plate within the LH intake and insert a homemade mesh grille to protect the filter, etc from debris HOWEVER there is proof that no performance is gained, just a different or louder intake noise. Apparently the reason the for the plate is to protect the MAF sensor so I'm a little hesitant on carrying out this modification due to our climate. http://www.planet-9.com/reviews/cayman-performance-modifications/p29-porsche-desnork-part-2-cayman-example.html 2. Clutch Delay Valve - In the drivers footwell, at the rear face of the clutch pedal hinge you will find the "clutch delay valve" which isn't really a valve - it's a microswitch... People are taping or ty-wrapping the switch plunger closed to get smoother shifting between gears and eliminating throttle delay. I believe other manufactures employ similar systems to prolong the life of the clutch components and to prevent stalling. http://www.planet-9.com/987-cayman-and-boxster-modifications/105290-clutch-delay-switch-graphed.html Do you have experience of either? Please share your thoughts and/or any other modifications that may be out there! Greg.
  5. Sounds like you're suffering from the B-pillar/rear quarter glass seal squeak AND the notorious "Trunk Clunk". Both well documented online, google either for fixes
  6. Hi Duncan, I too found the standard H7's terrible and added an HID kit (5000K). I'm running factory Cayman S 18's which most seem to rate across the forums compared to the Carrera 19's, I initially wanted to run the C2S 19's but was advised not to. I can't answer your question regarding throttle response but in reply to the DRL function I sussed a "get around"... I added a 12v switched live (by the ignition key to the first position) from the +(pos) side of the washer jet heater directly to the LED strip by the fog light on each side. Works perfectly and doesn't affect the operation of any other system as it's powering a single, low energy consuming LED. Hope this helps, Greg.
  7. Hi all, Not sure if it has been covered here in the past or not so I thought I'd share... I've been suffering from the dreaded "Trunk Clunk" for months and this weekend, I finally decided to look into it. Basically, there is a rubber/metal counterweight fitted within the rear hatch to aid opening/closing as well as damping vibrations by frequency matching but 180 degrees out-of-phase. Over some bumps it moves so much it contacts the inner structure of the hatch giving the most annoying and predictable 'clunk'. I found this guide really helpful and it seems to have solved the issue for now! http://www.planet-9.com/reviews/miscellaneous/p7-porsche-stopping-the-hatch-26quot-3bclunk-26quot-3b.html Greg.
  8. Anyone on here? Spotted today around 10am in Swindon near B&Q. Looked awesome!!
  9. Hi Keith, Thanks matey! Yes, the wheels on my car are the standard 987.2 18" wheels that came on the Cayman S, refinished in gloss black with a silver lip. The first owner spec'd them from new.
  10. Absolutely, however good things must come to an end as I've recently purchased my first home. If anyone is interested, my car is likely to be for sale in the near future. Give me a shout!
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