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  1. Do you have knowledge of the car? Would be good to get some info if so….feel free to message me privately if you’d prefer.
  2. Hi All anyone dealt with these guys or have any info, a nice cayman has popped up that I fancy, just looking for a bit of background if possible? thanks simon
  3. Thank you all for your input! Sounds like my best course of action is to take my time, and register my interest with specialists for as an when vehicles might appear! difficult when money is burning a hole in your pocket, but I shall exercise huge restraint!!!!
  4. Thanks! All advice and assistance greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for responding, all advise appreciated! as to my wish list, really it’s PDK and 3.4 S and yes 25K tops………am I dreaming? Other than that I’m open to options, I’d kind of like Bose speakers and phone hook up but it’s not essential! Quite prepared to travel, and have been in touch with RPM in Harrogate even, as my dad lives near there. just curious if I’d missed any Porsche specialists that the forum would recommend. thanks Simon
  6. Hi All New to the site, and currently looking for my first cayman. Am based in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex. Would like a gen 2 S having driven both a 2.9 and a 3.4 recently. Am I missing anywhere to look, have been in contact with mortimers prestige, Philip Raby and even RPM (as my dad lives near them). Also, has anyone dealt with these guys, or have any opinions on this vehicle: https://www.jrmotorcompany.co.uk/showroom/porsche-cayman-987-3-4s-pdk-gen-2-2/ thanks in advance!
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