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  1. Thanks the Red + Black looks very nice, but I think I'll be going for a Gen 2... I think.
  2. Google maps is a good shout - there is a Regis office there (office space to let) used by small companies or those wanted basics in a locations for small amounts of cash. The cars pics seem to be taken outside the regis office. I doubt they leave their stock there overnight.
  3. yeah - I had similar thoughts - there are 3 caymans up for sale there, the others look a couple of K cheaper than rest of market too.. as you say.. feels TGTBT. but FPSH with pics.. opinions appreciated. Mileage quite low though on them...? https://www.southernprestigecars.co.uk/stock/all-cars?sortOrder=ByPriceHighFirst%2CByAgeNewest&make=337370d3-7989-4db3-a953-a09b00e6c5e1&model=ffbc2ec2-5ac7-4c49-98d9-a09b00e764dc&pricerange=0%2C126000&version=&odometerrange=&enginesizerange=&fueltype=&Transmission=&bodytype=&seats=&col
  4. Hi Dean, I’m south east and looks like you are NW, but what are the details of your gen1 please?
  5. Thanks- thanks looks good. would you be worried that us had sat still for 12 months? Any issues that you should look for? It looks due for a service would the next service be a big one? I think the cycle every 2 years with every 4 year and 6 year increasing in maintenance required? How much would you expect a 2,4,6 year service to be roughly? I tend to over change oil so do you recommend changing oil annually regardless? (previous car had a 21K oil service but I’d change every 6-8K anyway as what’s £40 of oil every 6-12 mont
  6. Knew I was in the right place for this level of detail - much appreciated.
  7. I hadn't realised the 2009 3.4's were Gen 1 - I assumed all 2009 were Gen 2.. Learning lots here.. I'll be honest the mileage puts me off.. and I know it shouldn't.. but it does. (and the material on the steering wheel looks like sponge - prob just the pics though).
  8. 'Driver Focused' feature set. Love that. That is a beautiful example.
  9. Interesting - would you expect to knock £2K off from £24K? I need to work on my negotiation skills... I guess you snooze you lose - it's been reserved.
  10. I usually really only like black but with the Cayman the meteor grey is coming up favorite, but the blue is really nice too. It's the mad neon's that are a bit too showy for me. Never owned a white car.. i expect like black it does show the dirt quite a lot.
  11. Must admit the mid life crisis comment wasn’t serious, I’m not into OTT colours but the red does look stunning.
  12. OK - understood and thanks for the comments. I didn't think the Silver was Poverty spec, I think i'd be happy with that spec.. so what I am missing (and what was that car missing?). You say buy the car you want but this would be my first mid engine, and my first porsche.. admission for entry and expectations are going to be less for me than you seasoned owners... or did you feel same as me - get one, then played the 'if only' game.. thanks again for all your feedback. really helping my decision making.
  13. What would consider essential that's missing.. (Also just noticed that one is sold on dealer website)
  14. That's great advice - thanks everyone. Looking at this - https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202102098855241?advert-type=dealer-stock&advertising-location=at_cars&advertising-location=at_profile_cars&fromDealerSearchResults=%2Fdealers%2Fkent%2Fsevenoaks%2Fpaul-devyea-18803%2Fstock%3Fadvanced%3Dtrue%26advertising-location%3Dat_cars%26advertising-location%3Dat_profile_cars%26dealer%3D18803%26make%3DPORSCHE%26onesearchad%3DUsed%26onesearchad%3DNearly New%26onesearchad%3DNew%26page%3D1%26sort%3Dprice-asc%26model%3DCAYMAN&advanced=true&dpp=18803&model=CAYMAN
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