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  1. Looking at your list you have me down as booked. I am not attending I'm afraid and to my knowledge I didn't book (Unless if was that night I also bought a load of stuff off ebay too 😄)
  2. I'm looking for a bigger property so I may bring mine with a for sale sign very sadly.... Nothing set in concrete yet as it's my baby and has been well looked after, I have owned it since 1 year old and I'm only second owner and only 26K miles...Has the holy trinity and more, Buckets, Manual, Chrono, PSE, Etc etc. I have done some track days, maybe 8-10 with it but it drives back like it did there as you would expect . Has a brand new set of PS4S's just fitted too..... Let me know if you have an interest? I really don't want to sell but I'm not wealthy enough to do everything I want to White with black Spyder Wheels but sorry guys it has a rear wiper 😫
  3. Does anyone know where to buy a full set of MP4S tyres for the "R". I tried recently and only the fronts were available everywhere but no full sets. Any recommendations?
  4. It was sold out the day after I posted this.
  5. Heads up guys..... 21st RS day at Oulton bookings now available 5th March 2021
  6. Took mine to the Gold Cup at Oulton on Sunday. I was surprised mine was the only R I saw 😲
  7. Just read it properly they are Ispiri FFR1's , Still strange 😄
  8. Strange combination of wheels, Carrera Sports and looks like OZ Ultraleggera
  9. To be fair with any 9x7 it is very difficult to steal without a working key, so as long as you are not careless with your keys I would doubt they would get stolen very easily. I work as an Auto Locksmith and it would take about 2-3 hours to make a key from scratch that would start the car which involves some serious dismantling. They are not proximity keys so they can't relay signals and AFAIK there is no quick way to bypass the security. Different story for some later Porsche models though 😕 9x7 security is pretty good. Anyone know of any been stolen without keys being stolen first?
  10. PS: I think if mine got stolen I wouldn't really want it back 😲
  11. There are far more sophisticated tracking devices available now for less than that price that do far more. You can monitor battery level, hours driven, hours idle and switch things on and off all by phone app or PC. Sends you push notifications for any events you create plus far more.
  12. They are usually referred to as "Dateless" plates
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