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  1. Thanks guys! Ive read LED bulbs still aren’t up to the same accuracy of beam pattern as halogens...was a bit nervous of going that route, but seems from reading that thread there is good feedback from the members here.
  2. Seen there is a regular meet in place for the middle of the country, really wish I could have come along but just a bit too far. Are there any plans for a southern or southern western meet at all? I'd be keen to meet up with members if there is anything happening or in the pipeline?
  3. Hey all, I need to replace my headlight bulbs, the low beam is particularly poor on my car i've decided, I swear my old Mondeo had better headlights! What bulbs are people using these days to replace the standard halogen bulbs? Sticking with standard, upgraded Halogens or LEDs? I've read most LEDs have a really poor beam pattern and produce a lot of glare which i'm not really a fan of.
  4. Some of them use the cigar lighter in the cabin so you don't need to do any wiring
  5. I'm a huge fan of the Gtechiq range of paint protection products, I was always a wax/polish fan and more antiquated products available from the detailing stores. Since using it on my previous cars i'd always have it applied. The difference in the protection it offers and the longevity of the protection is night and day compared to a wax.
  6. What's people's views on warranties? As as far as I can work out, I can get a Porsche warranty which is better than a normal warranty or none at all and save my pennies?
  7. I agree, feels smaller too which I quite like. Saw a car this morning which was really nice, it was PDK which I think I quite like actually although i've seen others knocking it (don't know why). The one thing I wasn't sure about was it didn't have the SatNav (PCM?) just a CD player, I think i'm being fussy but i'd quite like the satnav
  8. i've definitely decided to go for a later gen2 car now and like you say sir, can go for a well specced car as well at that budget for that car. I'm not really minded to use finance for this you see, so I think i'll stick to the budget and whilst the 981 was a lovely car, I think i'll go for the 987 to start me off Now i need to find one, and work out what options. The leather options for the interior are a bit confusing, can have bits stuck in all sorts of places by the looks of it. ..
  9. Agreed, the £30k would be used as a deposit against a new car Anyway, I drove a Gen2 Cayman S this weekend, it was well within my budget which was the first plus point. Car was quite low mileage and I was suprised how tight and solid it felt given it was 4 years old. Performance was great, much better than I was expecting and more than than enough for me I think. I liked the interior, somebody said the black interior was nicer and I agree, I saw an earlier model and the central dashboard and surrounding area was a bit of a nothing grey colour. The only thing I wasn't sure about were the brakes, the car had new pads fitted about 1,000 miles ago but it didn't quite bite like I would have expected, almost a bit spongey... I wouldn't mind seeing some more before deciding but the decision is definitely becoming easier, I'm not sure the extra £25k is justifiable for a new one now.
  10. I've got an appointment this weekend to drive a Cayman S, the older shape 987. Another question (sorry!), whats the deal with clutch replacement on the PDK, does it even have a clutch? just wondering, given the cleverness of the system I was wondering if that translates into expensive repairs!!
  11. So my budget for a used car is about £30k, which having a look around seems to be about the bottom of the market for the latest Cayman shape. Was looking at something like this http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/cayman/porsche-cayman-24v/4562220?v=b Is mileage anything to worry about on these cars? I wouldn't mind certain spec but I guess beggers can't be choosers and all. My other options really are to get the older model and get a top of the range model or wait for the new ones and pay a bit for it every month. Can't decide really.
  12. So i'm looking (finally) to get my first Porsche, taken a while but with the kids gone and a bit of money for fun stuff in my back pocket i've decided it's now or never! I've read about the new Porsche Cayman having a turbo engine, 4 cylinder which sounds a bit odd to me, but the dealership wasn't very helpful in this regard and couldn't help an awful lot. They did let me drive a year old car though which had an automatic type gearbox, amazing car and it blew me away but I think i'd like a manual still. In fairness my budget would just about get me into a 2.7 car for a year or so old, or maybe save a few quid and go for a really nice earlier car but bigger engine, S model? My dealer didn't have any of the older model to test drive so that makes it a bit tricky. All I know is i'm so looking forward to getting one now i've had a brief taster!
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