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  1. Pretty sure they're the one without the ears. Mine's 2010 S and I fitted part number 98635293910 from Design 911. Their picture online shows them without ears. Below should be a couple of pics, but with the wheel still on. Cheers, Bryan
  2. It was through PCGB. They advertised it as a club track day and I just booked it. It was in my own car and the club had use of its own F1 pit garages. The idea was the event was heavily discounted, with the proviso that you gave passenger rides to our service men and women. As we were stopping for lunch, I had to drop someone off at the far end of the pit lane as that's where his group was. Clearly, you can't turn round, so I had to go out on my own - by that I mean no other cars on track. The whole circuit to myself! We weren't the only club there, in fact there was McLaren Senna.
  3. Driving Silverstone in a Cayman should be in every petrolhead's bucket list. Awesome experience. I had the privilege of driving passenger laps for Mission Motorsport. Even though it was damp, I've rarely enjoyed driving so much as that day. Enjoy!
  4. Another simple fix for me. I followed Mavrik's advice and took a look at the pollen filter. Nothing there, but while it was out, I peered into the housing for the fan and removed this : So in the past week, I've fixed a noisy fan and the faulty window (wouldn't go all the way to the top in one go) and was feeling pretty pleased. Now I've noticed a muddy print on the roof, with some trailing scratches where the moggy that thinks it lives with us has tried to jump on top.......
  5. Ok, I've fixed this. Nothing too complicated, pretty much what Ben said. Just cleaned all the rubbers, digging in as deep as I could get. I didn't find any obstruction, but it's now working perfectly. Cheers, Bryan
  6. The heating fan has recently started making a noise. It's a humming/buzzing noise, the volume and pitch both increase with fan speed. Switching aircon on or off makes no difference. I've taken off the flimsy cover under the glove box and the unit behind there is vibrating quite a bit, so is probably the culprit. Am I looking at a world of financial pain or is there a known simple fix? Cheers, Bryan
  7. Afraid not. I do know that's it not an obstruction on the pillar as the same thing happens with the door open. I've yet to try the other suggestions. Strangely, it worked perfectly on one occasion recently, but same problem most of the time.
  8. Thanks for the replies folks. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers, Bryan
  9. Hi, My window will lower all the way to the bottom, without issue. When I try to raise it, it will go about 3/4 of the way up, then drop to about 1/4. If I try again from that position, it will raise to 3/4 then stop. Only at the third attempt will it go all the way up. It does this whether I use one touch close or keep my finger on it. It still drops the few cm when opening/closing the door, as normal. Anyone come across this problem and manage to resolve it? As I can close the window, it's more of an irritation, rather than a major issue. It's done this for as long as I can remember. I've tried to hold the button pressed for 10 seconds, once raised all the way to the top as that is supposed to reset the top position, but it hasn't worked. Cheers, Bryan
  10. Gen2 cars have the lighter DFi engine with lower emissions, which is why they're cheaper to tax then Gen1 cars (registered after 23/03/2006).
  11. You've obviously got strong opinions on this and I'm not going to attempt to change your mind, but for balance, I disagree. We're in unknown territory and we have clear instructions on what we can and can't do, with the aim of saving lives. You've chosen to ignore those instructions and take unnecessary risks, just so you can do something you simply want to do. We all bend the rules from time to time, but you're just ignoring them as if they don't apply to you. There's nothing in what you've said that justifies this. I genuinely that EVERYONE on here stays safe and healthy. Cheers, Bryan
  12. Something to consider is total cost of ownership i.e. include depreciation. As the 987 is getting on a little now (and arguably the 981) then any steep early depreciation has long gone. I bought my 10 Reg Gen2 S for 30k in September 2016 and it's still worth over 20k. Other than coil packs, it's only need service items such as brakes, tyres, etc, so I reckon that cost per mile is actually quite reasonable. It's certainly cheaper to run overall than my wife's BMW 120i, but not because that was unreliable, it was because that was on a 3 year PCP deal (5k deposit and 36 payments at £280 a month NOT including servicing and tyres). When I was in the market, I worked out which models I liked, then set my budget and bought the best I could afford. I put £150 a month aside for maintenance which has covered everything it has needed and what's left has given me a healthy 4-figure war-chest for the big ticket items that are bound to come my way at some point. Good luck! Cheers, Bryan
  13. Any juddering from the steering wheel? Does it do the same when reversing? Does it stop when braking (or get worse)? Are the wheel bolts correctly tightened? Is the noise a scraping noise or a rattling noise?
  14. I'm in Tewkesbury, so not that far from you. What's your reg? Will keep a look out for you.
  15. Total of about £35 for the 2 caps. In Porsche terms, that's a very cheap fix indeed!
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