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  1. Fair points, but when it comes down to it, I can't be bothered to do it myself. Would rather pay someone that knows what they're doing. Still looking for a recommendation.
  2. I have a small patch of paint missing on a wheel arch that I'd like to get painted before corrosion sets in. Also, the paint on the front grilles has seen better days so would like those repainted too. Can anyone recommend somewhere close to me? I'm in Tewkesbury, so ideally Gloucestershire, but Worcestershire is also an option, or even Bristol. Car is a 987.2 Cayman in basalt black. Would like somewhere that has experience of working on Porsches, given that the front bumper needs to be removed to gain access to the grilles. Cheers, Bryan
  3. Cheers guys. I've got my eye on an Evora now, but haven't driven one yet. I'll go and test drive it this week, hopefully. If it pans out and they offer me close to 30 as a trade in, I'll probably take it. It's the usual dilemma of can't have both cars, but can't be without a car at all. I suppose I have the option of buying a temporary shed, selling the Cayman and be ready to pull the trigger when the right Evora comes along. First world problems eh?
  4. Thankfully, my typo has been pointed out... I CAN'T own both at once.
  5. I'm thinking of selling my Cayman for no other reason than I want to try something else, after 5 years of ownership. I'm thinking of changing to a Lotus Evora. Clearly, I can own both at once. What do you think mine is worth? 987.2 S 2010/10 Reg Basalt black Black leather interior Full service history - All at either OPC or RPM Technik, who are members of the Porsche Partner Network, so only use OE parts. Even though service is every 2 years, I gave it an oil and filter change 1 year after each service i.e. 2017, 2019 & 2021. PSE (Porsche switchable exhaust) PDK with sport chrono 53,000 miles Michelin Pilot Sport 4S all round. We all know the standard equipment... Attached should be a few pictures from when I had it professionally detailed - machine polished and ceramic coating. Cheers, Bryan
  6. I also bought from RPM Technik, not be confused with other garages called RPM. The whole process was very straight forward and I'd happily buy from them again. Their in-house warranty covers almost everything an OPC warranty does and they perform services in the same way that OPCs do. As with all places, even those with a good reputation, you still need to be alert. They promised that a scuffed alloy would be repaired, but it wasn't. They rectified this at their cost, at a place of my choice, without any quibble, so I accept that they made an honest mistake. They also overfilled the oil after they serviced it. I've now had the car for 5 years and very happy with it.
  7. I had a 2014 Fiesta ST2 with Mountune pack for a year. Amazing bang for your buck. Cheap motoring too. Under £200 for OE brake discs and pads all round. Sold it for £500 less than I paid for it. Great fun. Engine ran out of steam at high revs, but who cares?
  8. I took one of their cars for a test drive in 2014. An Alpina B3. Once they thought I was walking away, they came up with all sorts of tempting offers. Their final offer was only available if I bought the car there and then. It got past the point of being polite. Sales will work on you to the point where they make you feel like you're getting such a good deal that you'd need to be a fool to refuse it. Nobody wants to look a fool now do they? I left anyway... I've no reason to doubt the quality of their cars, but their sales technique put me off dealing with them.
  9. For always on - you attach a hosepipe on one side from the water supply, then another hosepipe where the filtered water comes out. You don't have to fill it with water each time you use it. It continues to filter while tap water runs through it. I don't know if you can attach it to a pressure washer, but I wouldn't. You really need to put the smallest amount of water through as possible i.e. just the final rinse. The more water you put through, the quicker you'll need to replace the resin, which reassuringly expensive. Yes. You can just leave it to dry without towels. Zero water marks. I've only used it for 4 washes so far, but it's been 100% effective. I can't say how long it'll last though.
  10. I've got the Raceglaze filter. I live in a hard water area and it works well, leaving zero water marks. Just do a final rinse with it (especially the wing mirrors) and leave it. Even works in direct, warm sunshine. The biggest gripe I have is that there's no comfortable way to carry it around. It's the size and weight of a fire extinguisher, but there's no handle. Just the in/out joints for the hose pipe at the top, which isn't ideal. I still find myself drying the door shuts etc... As for the 2 bucket method, try it once, then look at your rinsing bucket when you've finished. All that crap in there, instead of being dragged across the paintwork. Cheers, Bryan
  11. It's a difficult one to explain and there are contradictions. How can you drive a Porsche without being a show off? To turn that round, if you were a show off, then a Porsche would fit nicely. Does that make me a show off? I took my son to football practice at the weekend. The coach, who I've sort of known for a couple of years said "I didn't know you had a Porsche". I tend not to shout about it. If people ask me what I drive, I say "a Cayman". I either get blank looks or some generally positive interest from those that know what one is. If I'm honest, I am a bit of a badge snob and I do like the perception of Porsche being a premium brand. That said, if I didn't like driving it as much as I do, it would have been moved on ages ago. I had an Alpina B3 a few years ago and the dim-witted auto gearbox drove me nuts, so it went after a few months. On the downside, I've had people slow down (i.e. actually brake) on a 2 lane dual carriageway, just so I'd overtake them. Why? So they could make hand gestures at me! All I do know is that there isn't another car in the same price range that I'd consider swapping for. I've definitely bonded with the car as it's simply a joy to drive. I've had it for 4 and a half years, which is the longest I've had any car. Unless my finances change, I have no plans to sell it. Cheers, Bryan
  12. Just so I'm clear - are you looking for details of the cables you need to buy to play from a wired connection to your iPhone? That's what I have, so happy to dig out the details. The original topic was to use Bluetooth, so I'm not 100% certain what's now being asked.
  13. On the 987.2 the PDK clutch fluid needs changing every 6 years. As far as I know, this has to be done at a main dealership. I paid £200 + VAT. Afraid I don't know how often it's done on the 981.
  14. All sorted now. Hose was about £70, labour £90, coolant £24, all + VAT. Done by Peter Chambers in Tewkesbury. I'll be using them again. Cheers, Bryan
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