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  1. On the 987.2 the PDK clutch fluid needs changing every 6 years. As far as I know, this has to be done at a main dealership. I paid £200 + VAT. Afraid I don't know how often it's done on the 981.
  2. All sorted now. Hose was about £70, labour £90, coolant £24, all + VAT. Done by Peter Chambers in Tewkesbury. I'll be using them again. Cheers, Bryan
  3. It's not really in the design of the car itself. The wider the tyres, the more pronounced it is. I've had it on other non-Porsche cars too. Cheers, Bryan
  4. It's definitely a knocking noise? It could be the Ackerman effect on your tyres - on full lock, the inner edge of your tyre is rotating at a different speed to the outer edge as they have different distances to travel. The inner tread blocks have to "skip" in order to keep up, which you'll feel as feedback through the steering and also hear. More noticeable on tyres with worn treads as blocks on new tyres with deeper treads are able to stretch instead of skipping. Also only noticeable at low speeds. Cheers, Bryan
  5. Give 2 years at the most and you'll be back. That Porsche itch has to be scratched one day...
  6. That service history would have me worried. The price is towards the top end for a private sale, so I'd be looking for something more complete. Cheers, Bryan
  7. Looks like you might be right. Sent the video to a local indy that thinks the same thing. Going to take it for a closer look. Will update when I know more. Cheers, Bryan
  8. Had a service done at OPC Tewkesbury recently and they spotted an oil leak (which I believe is just the mess from the filter on this and previous oil change), but also a coolant leak. See from 1min 20sec on this video they provided me : https://vhsee.rsptool.co.uk/evhc?token=8GcCdlNGZL7qXq0ijsdCeZ3pZW98_bOJOzwnwnHZXyU Anyone had a leak from here before and what's the damage likely to be to my wallet? I'm unlikely to get OPC to do the work as there are a few indies near me. Cheers, Bryan
  9. Absolutely, safety first. I just can't understand why some drivers don't look in their mirrors and wonder why they can't shake off the car behind. It's not a race! Anywho, looks and sounds like a top day out. Cheers, Bryan
  10. You were very patient with that GT3 driver.
  11. Yes, my mistake. Apologies for the confusion. Cheers, Bryan
  12. I've also removed my locking wheel nuts. If you can't find any for sale and want mine, then make me an offer. Cheers, Bryan
  13. I wanted the S as it's more powerful. No evidence that I've sacrificed reliability for power. I've had the car almost 4 years and don't recall any discussion on any of the 3 Porsche forums I use about reliability comparisons between the 2 models. Cheers, Bryan
  14. I normally couldn't care less about what other people get up to as they generally big it up so much, but I have to say that this has made me more than slightly envious. Days of driving on great roads, little traffic, stunning scenery, then some whisky and seafood thrown in - what's not to like? Like all of these things, you have to make it happen or it won't happen, so kudos to you. Cheers, Bryan
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