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  1. Welcome to the OC! 👍🏻 The hard back sports seats across all 987 and 997 were the same. There are some available on eBay at the moment, depending on condition you’ll be looking at between £1,000 and £2,000. PorscheApart is a good well known spares dealer/breaker worth checking out too.
  2. That’s an achievement, I commend you...and I apologise for false advertising
  3. If you can handle this pair, it’s worth a watch
  4. If it's doing the calibration when you turn the ignition on, then the auto levelling is working, which means it's a case of adjusting the vertical adjustment at the headlight itself. The headlight adjustments are behind the 2 small (not the large one) rubber covers on the inner wing, behind the carpet trim. The lower of the 2 is the vertical adjustment.
  5. should be ok, it’s not the 10th anniversary of the 981 - although assuming that people can count to 10 is a dangerous assumption I realise 😉
  6. I’ve joined the Spyder groups in Facebook to spread word...dedication to the cause!
  7. It just occurred to me it’s my birthday on this weekend too, bloody looking forward to this! 👍🏻
  8. Well, we did discuss various shades of blue...lets not dilute the effort involved - you preferred chav blue and I prefer royal
  9. The flyers are finally ready! Feel free to share these and spread the word, there are 2 designs (because Pete and I clearly have different tastes ) and 2 different formats - Facebook and Instagram.
  10. @Windymiller @jcm987 @Craiglm68 @jaketame @Andy how are you guys finding it? Any issues you’ve come across?
  11. Flyers are nearly there, just waiting for feedback from the big man
  12. I see this one has come up for sale again... https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202009083449086?advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&aggregatedTrim=987 R&make=PORSCHE&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&sort=relevance&model=CAYMAN&postcode=bt343su&page=1
  13. I went with the Tune2Air solution in mine, seemed to work pretty well. But then I never bothered pairing the phone to the PCM for calls (the glitch existed before iPhone 11).
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