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  1. How did you manage to get that much camber on the front??
  2. its the Cayman R birthday weekend... and mine as it happens, have I mentioned that already...?
  3. Welcome! Great to see another R owner. Have you put your name down for the Anniversary event in the Events section??
  4. As somebody who has spent their entire career working in finance and investment funds, I think classic and modern classic cars can be a very wise and tax efficient investment. Not without costs associated with maintenance and storage though. But still, a very good return can be had on ones capital. As a petrolhead, nothing saddens me more than seeing great cars being bought and locked away and not enjoyed for the one thing they were designed for. Driving. I’m torn on the idea, but if ever somebody tells me they’re a petrolhead with classic cars locked away gathering du
  5. If you fit lowering springs, then ideally you should fit a damper with a shorter stroke. The Bilstein B8 is basically a shorter stroke version of the B6 for that reason. They do physically fit and some have done it, cosmetically you get 20mm lower ride height but performance of the 2 combined is not Cayman R performance and is a bit experimental. But then these things quite often are.
  6. Quite topical for me actually. I am looking at the Ohlins R&T however, my local indie advised me today that the B8 with new springs is a more common route to go for upgrading (on the 996). I'm more concerned with road performance and general damping ability on the good old British roads rather than track performance.
  7. I’m going to do them via a drop ship company, there’s no way I’m buying up 200 t-shirts again - the war office is already kicking my arse with last lot that’s still sitting around in various parts of the house. You’ll definitely get the choice of Viper though 👍🏻
  8. Welcome! I am looking at doing a conversion my 996, quite a few people have recommended the RetroFitSource, they sell the Morimoto kits which are supposed to be pretty good quality. https://www.theretrofitsource.com/h9-morimoto-elite-HS-H9?quantity=1
  9. Well if Pete approves then the t-shirts will be available shortly, in a myriad of colours I must add - viper green is pretty rare right! We are moving to a new way of offering t-shirts and club merch, I have boxes of t-shirts all around the house that haven't yet sold...So, we'll do these and some other designs and they'll be available in greater ranges etc.
  10. goodness, that’s practically end of life care at that mileage 😉🤪 Well done though, exciting times!
  11. It was temporarily disabled while we were doing some website upgrades, some of which are still ongoing. TV is back though, from the 'Community' drop down menu, or this link https://www.caymanoc.com/cayman-tv/
  12. I tried the Nighteyes albeit on my Impreza and was not impressed either. I have since read that LED's perform better in reflector lens units, not so well in projector lenses, apparently. I can't claim to be an expert on headlight design and science though. With the 996 I thought I'd try the Philips Ultinon LED lamps, and to be honest they are better and seem to have a much better beam pattern, whether thats down to the 996 having reflector lenses or the lamp deign been better I couldn't say, but they are much better than the Nighteye from my experience. The Philips units are st
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