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  1. Yes, I had them in the 996. Certainly much brighter light and better than the Novisghts I had (still have in a box) I tried previously, but I would say the beam pattern is still not quite as good as a conventional halogen, I did get flashed once or twice by other drivers.
  2. I think the extended leather you’ve done is about right, too many bits covered in leather can become a bit overkill. Looks good 👍🏻
  3. Front dash top windscreen panel, steering column cover and sun visors?
  4. Maybe it's just me then, I'm sure they were plastic fasteners rather than screw...ignore me then!
  5. They’re not on that diagram, they are the plastic buttons that hold the wheel arch in place. I removed the splitter pieces because I don’t like paint cracks between panels, you don’t have to though. They’re a different item on the CR anyway, so maybe a non-point. Just use this guide, I even found it in the right colour for you. I expect yours to be better though, no pressure https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/boxster-cayman/169959-cayman-bumper-removal-gt3-grill-install.html
  6. Worth buying a few spares of the 2 piece clips, I can't remember what they're called but the centre piece pushes through to hold them in... Otherwise, the screws are just self tappers (Philips head and the ones underneath are normally tore) and should be fine to re-use. You'll also need to strip the grills and fog light housing etc off the bumper too, which is a bit if a pain. The front splitter pieces too.
  7. Its actually pretty easy, just remember the screws that screw up behind the side repeaters, access them by opening the inner wheel well liner. Why don't you figure it out and do one of your wizzy-miller how-to guides? 'Windy Does Bumpers'
  8. Depending on the mileage and age of the car ( and whether you know if they’ve been changed before or not) I’d probably be replacing the whole arm personally. These things tend to wear out after 40k miles, so save yourself the hassle of revisiting. If they are worn then replacing them all can make a massive difference on how well the car drives. The Meyle parts are good quality items, and available at very good prices from CP4L (aka Euro Car Parts) depending which voucher works best at the time.
  9. I’m guessing you have Sound Package Plus (option 490 i think..) if so, then the amp powers the door woofers and the centre speaker I believe, if none of these work then it’s probably a sure sign the amp has given up. But, check the fuse first though, can’t remember which one it is but should be noted in the fuse diagram. The speakers themselves don’t have fuses, just the amp and head unit (the bits with power). It’s not uncommon, the ASK amplifiers are known to break in this era of Porsches. There are companies around that fix them, or you can buy them cheap enough on eBay.
  10. Could be the amp, channel not working. Are both door speakers not working, would seem odd if they both don’t work for it to be the speakers themselves. Otherwise, door card off and have a look, test with another speaker you know does work and go from there. I assume the rest of the system is all standard, head unit etc?
  11. Viper Green was a standard order colour for the Cayman S Sport, as was the Orange (forget the name), and a number of others. Viper Green was a PTS colour on all other 987 Caymans, including @Budflicker’s one of a kind CR. 👍🏻
  12. Most lights are sealed with butyl rubber, hot glue gun isn’t the best idea as it goes hard and brittle with cold temperature. https://www.amazon.com/Sealant-PROMOTOR-Sealants-Installing-Windshield/dp/B07CTQ67X9/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=butyl+rubber+sealant&qid=1609625303&sr=8-5
  13. Have your tried doing a hard reset of the PCM? Not a soft reset from the unit itself, but by pulling the fuses. Personally though, I’d probably be looking to replace with a more modern aftermarket unit (CarPlay/android auto etc).
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