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  1. Hi Steve, congrats! Bit difficult for anyone to identify the car probably without a number plate...and because you've placed a deposit Porsche will now have taken it off their website - just to let you know 👍 When are you collecting?
  2. No worries. It does all depend on the LSD you have though, my experience extends only to the factory item. I’m actually toying with the idea of fitting an aftermarket item to my 996 so I’ll be interested in the outcome of this thread
  3. yes, when I changed from a Cayman S to an R, I thought it was very noticeable and irritated the hell out of me. You can dial it out though, the main reason a lot of CR owners add spacers to the front and max the camber to liven the rear end up again. If you’re adding an aftermarket LSD though it will depend on which one you go for and how strong they are as to how much it will affect understeer.
  4. Welcome to the OC! 👍 The third one speaks to me, just looks like a nice example in the photos and as you say, a nice spec too. Have you viewed any cars at all, difficult right now I accept, but before Lockdown 2.0 began?
  5. Ok folks, the t-shirts are finalised and on sale in a myriad of colours! Also available in ladies and kids sizes and shapes so should be something to suit almost anyone. https://teespring.com/en-GB/cayman-r-10th-anniversary?edit=1&pid=387&cid=103465
  6. Great work! Did you go with a new CR exhaust, I remember when I had mine done Gert sourced a new pair from Porsche and converted those, due to the different size.
  7. I suspect the problem you have with ride quality is using lowering springs with standard dampers that aren't designed to work with a 35mm spring. Your car looks lower than a Cayman R to me, particularly at the front.
  8. You sir were on the old membership, we’ve improved the membership options now. Platinum gets you the t-shirt https://www.caymanoc.com/subscriptions/
  9. It shouldn't have anything to do with your membership status, it's just a link to the Eventbrite page, in a few posts above. But, this is the link - I'll also post it in the various calendar events (Facebook and here) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/126891896077/
  10. Wow! I need to hear this! Did you sort your other engine related issue out in the end mate?
  11. It’s a royal PITA job that’s why. The correct way to replace involves lowering the subframe, it can be done without doing that but that makes the job quite tricky. Is this an OPC quote or an independent specialist? Does sound a bit pricey for a decent indie.
  12. I think what’s quite interesting is the car (or at least the seller claims) that it has a full Porsche service history. That’s a positive. Worth checking with the seller what other work has been done, brakes, rads, condensers, clutch etc.
  13. Hi Karl, welcome to the OC! 😄 Thats not a bad price for a gen2 car, taking mileage into account. Assuming it’s got a decent service history and the usual wear and tear items have been addressed? Posting a link to the advert might help other members make some helpful comments..
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