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  1. I think @Craiglm68 was looking to meet up with a few folk there.
  2. Not yet, thats WAAAYYY down the list of things to do at the moment unfortunately
  3. ha! Yeah, so even with sport chrono, you will still have an active kick-down. WOT is at the resistance or stop, just before kick-down. Going past that point does nothing more than activating kick-down. Takes a bit of getting used to and some practice I found, but mashing your foot into the floor does nothing more than changing gear, often unwanted and on track will unbalance the car.
  4. Are we using ‘OAP’ as slang for PDK or is this an actual thing?? 🤔🧐 If you’re in Sport/Sport+ and using manual shift mode then the car will generally stay in the gear you select, unless you press the accelerator past the lockdown stop. Maybe you’re flooring the pedal past the stop in corner exits? PDK-S (GT cars only) and I believe in the 991.2 the kick-down is deactivated in Sport+
  5. Those downshifts must annoy the hell out of you?! Is that a result of hitting the kick-down or just from being in auto mode?
  6. contrasting aero kit looks a bit umm...funky 🧐🤔 Cheap though!
  7. Kinda cool, it’s a 718 as opposed to the more common 550 Spyder. When I say common I’m referring to them being replicas! It could be real of course, rare as you like if it is and £3-4m Some of the replicas are actually alright and not very expensive.
  8. weight of the wheels, wiggle the spring and or damper and check for play basically. Also, with the car stationary on the ground, turn the steering wheel lock to lock and listen and feel for any knocking or binding.
  9. Worth checking for play in the top mounts too, they can cause a knocking/rattling noise...
  10. Meyle are really decent quality in my experience, have used their parts on a few of my Porsches over the years and never had a problem with them. For the cost involved and whilst you’re under the car I’d definitely replace the ARB rubber bushes as it’s the easiest part to replace too. I would go with OEM personally rather than a poly bush if you’re using it mainly on the road. I found that poly arb bushes just introduce more road noise and vibrations for very little in the way of benefit. The top bolt on the drop links is normally the one that causes issues, can be a real bugger to drive it out. But, heat and a hammer is the way to do it...and persistence. It is galvanic corrosion that gets it stuck, rather than rust per se.
  11. nappa leather can be smooth or grained, so no it doesn’t help unfortunately. Can the seller just take a more detailed photo, it’s not difficult
  12. Specifically on the 981, it’s worth checking the valves in the floor pan drain holes aren’t blocked too, they can stop water draining through and it backs up and into the cabin floor.
  13. Looks like from the auto trader (not just the photo) history it was previously listed at 77k, pretty dodgy looking
  14. This car has been up for sale elsewhere before, there’s a ‘rumour’ the mileage isn’t correct...
  15. Stitching colour aside, are you sure it’s the same type of leather? Exclusive option included different leather options, including smooth non-grained. It looks quite different to the bog standard leather.
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