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  1. I don't know the specs, although I suspect there's not much adjustment on the front anyway for camber that is (tends to be where most people make adjustments from OEM). You're not too far from Centre Gravity (North of Birmingham), that would be my highest recommendation for a geometry set-up, they are the best in the business.
  2. Its surprising just how much Porsche do control the sound you hear in the cabin. My 991 has a 'sound symposa', which when I first read about it I was horrified it was similar to what BMW and others do, in that it plays pretend engine noise though the car speakers. Thankfully it's not that, it's a relatively passive device which is essentially a tube through from the engine bay to the rear of the cabin, piping in real engine and intake noise to the cabin...now that I can live with, just about.
  3. Try taking the metal cover off and going for a drive, that’s insanely loud!
  4. Borrowed equipment from Burbo Bank too by the looks of it haha
  5. Becoming tedious this lockdown, really not much to do and can't even clean the cars in this weather. Love the picture gallery though, reminds me of Supper Sausage Cafe! I don't want to make this a hobby particularly but I'm oiling my new doors, not the most exciting job but needs doing..
  6. Millers seems to be a fairly popular option for engines that are getting on a bit.
  7. Nice one @Stutopia. Thats the perfect set-up! Oh for a warm day to do a good detail on the car followed by a nice cold G&T! I see you use the Ammo NYC stuff, I've been watching Larry's videos for years (he's a Porsche man too), but always wondered if their products were any good. Whats your experience of them?
  8. I had the decals made up by designstuffonline for the doors on the GTS. They are matte. They haven't stuck very well though, so I might need some more!
  9. Yes, I had them in the 996. Certainly much brighter light and better than the Novisghts I had (still have in a box) I tried previously, but I would say the beam pattern is still not quite as good as a conventional halogen, I did get flashed once or twice by other drivers.
  10. I think the extended leather you’ve done is about right, too many bits covered in leather can become a bit overkill. Looks good 👍🏻
  11. Front dash top windscreen panel, steering column cover and sun visors?
  12. Maybe it's just me then, I'm sure they were plastic fasteners rather than screw...ignore me then!
  13. They’re not on that diagram, they are the plastic buttons that hold the wheel arch in place. I removed the splitter pieces because I don’t like paint cracks between panels, you don’t have to though. They’re a different item on the CR anyway, so maybe a non-point. Just use this guide, I even found it in the right colour for you. I expect yours to be better though, no pressure https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/boxster-cayman/169959-cayman-bumper-removal-gt3-grill-install.html
  14. Worth buying a few spares of the 2 piece clips, I can't remember what they're called but the centre piece pushes through to hold them in... Otherwise, the screws are just self tappers (Philips head and the ones underneath are normally tore) and should be fine to re-use. You'll also need to strip the grills and fog light housing etc off the bumper too, which is a bit if a pain. The front splitter pieces too.
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