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  1. The raceglaze is probably the one I’d go for, the smaller of the two. Most of my detailer clients used that one, seemed to be the professional’s choice. The beauty of them is being able to do a final rinse and then just leave the car to dry of it’s own accord and zero watermarks left.
  2. All this talk of car washing makes me want to get out and do mine. I’ve actually started to use snow foam less, I find some of the citrus pre-washes do a better job of removing the dirt. Bilt Hamber auto foam is still my go-to snow foam though, can’t find anything better still. Anybody using a water filter for the final rinse??
  3. That’s great Pete! We made a slightly smaller profit on the event t-shirts, but we’ll round up the £34.60 to £40 and will donate to the two nominated charities also. Give me a shout Pete if you want to add it to the wider event donation. 👍🏻
  4. Holy cow.... There’s a lot of tosh in the detailing world, believe me I unearthed all sorts of dodgy goings on, but one thing that that’s not BS is keeping your mitt as clean as possible to minimise marring, and that means copious rinsing. The two bucket method isn’t totally necessary but I would definitely use one bucket with a grit guard. You won’t see whether your mitt is clean, or free of the very small pieces of grit, but you’ll notice after months and years. Another tip, don’t keep a pure lambs wool mitt in a plastic bag, it’ll rot as it’s natural fibre. Dry it
  5. These look very cool, really impressed. And if you can turn a cayman into a GT3 like that, even better! I quite like the matte finish on the GT3 actually, does look good.
  6. Nah, ‘unicorn’ is what all the cool kids use now 🦄
  7. Moved this to the ‘Detailing’ section 👍🏻 It’s most likely that snow foam Lance itself, they can be very sensitive to blockage so dismantle it and check the metal gauze filter, give it a good clean and see how it goes. If not, then it might be the water pressure at source or a restriction from the type of hose connectors you use, or even the jet wash itself.
  8. I tried to get in contact with you buddy, you left the FB world!
  9. It was probably deleted by admin, because, much like myself and a number of others in the wider Porsche and car community, we’re all a bit fed up of Jeremy’s opinions and his uncanny ability to create havoc on whichever forum or platform he chooses to land on.
  10. I've edited your other posts, and the ones which offended you. Back on topic and play nicely please Jeremy.
  11. Pete and I both agreed your car looked fantastic, so yes here’s a Boxster winning best in show on a Cayman forum - who’d have thought! If you can PM me your details I’ll arrange for your prize to be sent out 👍🏻
  12. @Budflicker or anybody else know the owner of the guards red Spyder that won best in show today?
  13. Fantastic day today, really enjoyed it and great catching up with so many people too, been too long! Great work Pete, nailed it mate!! 👍
  14. theres a far more interesting route than that! where are you located @GaryG182?
  15. @Andy knows those roads quite well these days! 🤣 Quite excited about tomorrow, not sure I’ll sleep tonight!
  16. @Ian Jones @Frayz I got caught in a mega road closure and a diversion that took probably 15-20mins extra on my journey when driving over to Braintree on the A120 last weekend. I assumed you might be doing the same in reverse tomorrow....worth a check
  17. careful what you wish for my friend!
  18. Without trying to sound like an arse about it, I think the point made above by Trickle was quite pertinent. It’s almost impossible to quantify it and realise the difference until you’ve actually owned and lived with an R. Having owned an S for 3 years, then straight into an R for another 3 years I can relate to the fact that immediate impressions are that you don’t appreciate the difference immediately. Once you’ve gotten to learn more about the car and start to push its limits further thats when it shows it’s talent. I didn’t ‘get it’ until I had the opportunity to drive it on track and
  19. I would say it’s niche and carries less appeal for a smaller market of buyers. I think that car is overpriced ...a night in a hotel room thrown in!! 🤣🤣
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