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  1. It does exactly as they say, yes. You can run the switch connected along the top of the pedal box, hidden underneath the centre console and mount the switch in your ash tray, hidden from view but easily accessible.
  2. You get used to it fairly quickly to be honest Pete, and I never bothered to connect the remote switch as a consequence. That said you can have the switch connected and change modes as easily as you would with SC or the like. I’d really recommend trying one though if you want to spruce the car up 👍🏻
  3. Hi Kevin, welcome to the OC and congrats! The sticker under the boot lid will have all of the 3 digit option codes on the build spec for the car from factory including the paint code and interior colour. You will (or should) also find this sticker replicated in the front cover of the vehicle's service book. In club library we have all of the 3 digit option codes listed in the back of the buyers guides with an explanation of what they are. You'll find them here for you car which is a Gen1 Cayman
  4. You should be able to knock them out from behind the wheel. Sounds like they’ve not been lubricated, use some grease when you put them back 👍🏻
  5. Glad you got it ok (all the way to Singapore! I've not tried the dryer either as I don't have one, but it should (caveat) be the same as any other 100% cotton t-shirt.
  6. The two aren't really comparable in my experience and are in fact complimentary. A re-map will alter timing and fuelling etc and does change the character of the engine, but not much in terms of power/torque numbers in all honesty. A sprint booster is more about throttle mapping and improves throttle response basically, it also does a good job of hiding the flat spots in the Gen2. Well worth it for the money IMO.
  7. ‘Voting’ would suggest this is a democracy Jason?? 😛
  8. I’d agree on the wheels too - worth selling them separately? Price is about right, but if you ask around most indies will tell you the market has gone a bit slow recently. Seeing offer prices on the more expensive models coming down a bit, but I think for early cars the prices won’t move much.
  9. You can have it as a Techquipment upgrade, but it doesn't come with the clock. To be honest, all you'll get is the throttle response if your car is a manual, so i'd probably go with a sprint booster instead, easier, cheaper, better.
  10. They were a satin black on the light coloured cars, on the dark cars they were silver I believe, or least they were on the Cayman R. I had some made up to match the existing ones on my Cayman R when I had the bumper resprayed and the guy knew the colour code of the originals. definitely satin though, not gloss or matt.
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