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  1. Probably a bit unfair to suggest poor driving is at fault. The clutch on my CS was on its way out at 45k - and I’m a driving god! 😉
  2. It was indeed! Good memories mate 👍🏻
  3. I'll be heading up to the post office on Friday, yours is included in this weeks batch Pete 👍
  4. Beanoir

    Car service

    Not really had experience of either, but when I was down that way I used to use Paragon and they were always very good. If you speak to them mention we sent you!
  5. looks like a dart tag/toll tag holder to me...
  6. Well if you’re going to be smart about it Steve - actually I do ‘own’ about 73 of the OC t-shirts in a variety of designs and sizes I’d gladly take the Porsches to go with all those shirts!
  7. Great, a sigh of relief from me. We need more pics!!!! Now ive just realised, I haven’t actually sorted myself out with a t-shirt....
  8. I had a Dynavin in my old X5 and I was very impressed with it, and looked OEM but with upto date tech. I’ve not long installed a Pioneer unit in my Impreza which is basically just a screen with no buttons or anything on it, so it can’t not look OEM which is another option.
  9. OK, t-shirts have all been posted. Whilst they are in a 'large letter' sized box, they are unlikely to fit through normal post boxes but they are being delivered by Royal Mail and will require a signature on delivery. You should have received an email notifying you your purchase has been shipped...I hope?? Looking forward to feedback, if anybody has any issues then ping me a private message and i'll sort any issues out. I'll bring some along to the meet at Shuttleworth in a few weeks, so if anybody wants one let me know.
  10. I've been more taken with the Scooby than I imagine I would! Quite addictive cars. I'll bring the cover along

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