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  1. ‘Voting’ would suggest this is a democracy Jason?? 😛
  2. I’d agree on the wheels too - worth selling them separately? Price is about right, but if you ask around most indies will tell you the market has gone a bit slow recently. Seeing offer prices on the more expensive models coming down a bit, but I think for early cars the prices won’t move much.
  3. You can have it as a Techquipment upgrade, but it doesn't come with the clock. To be honest, all you'll get is the throttle response if your car is a manual, so i'd probably go with a sprint booster instead, easier, cheaper, better.
  4. They were a satin black on the light coloured cars, on the dark cars they were silver I believe, or least they were on the Cayman R. I had some made up to match the existing ones on my Cayman R when I had the bumper resprayed and the guy knew the colour code of the originals. definitely satin though, not gloss or matt.
  5. Nice video this, worth a watch over your afternoon coffee (or whatever your poison).
  6. Incorrectly installed when it was last changed..?? Otherwise I’m stumped too, very odd 🤔
  7. Welcome to the OC! A 987.2 is a good choice, the 981 will feel more refined in the cabin but gains things like E-PAS which some say dilutes the experience. Horses for courses and so best you go and drive both. All Cayman up to the 718 have 6cyl engines whether it's an S or not. Don't forget the buyers guides, you'll find them here: https://www.caymanoc.com/buyers-guides/ Happy hunting! 😎
  8. The only map I use is the AA UK & Europe 2003 - makes me a lot faster in traffic 😁 Fook all use on track days mind...
  9. Nice figures! Still enjoying the Sprint Booster?
  10. OK, so with the help of @Bushman, Shuttleworth have said we can use their venue for a last-minute meet next Sunday morning. So meeting from 9am on the 28th July Shuttleworth Old Warden Aerodrome Nr Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 9EP No cost to park and the restaurant is open for breakfast. See you there on Sunday!
  11. What an absolutely fantastic day at Millbrook today! Huge thanks to the @CATDT team, Colin, Paul and Jo were fantastic, it was an absolute pleasure and incredibly insightful to be taught by such professional, talented and passionate people - real masters of their craft. I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are considering learning how to improve your driving skills for road or track. I can say say for sure that the Cayman Owners Club will be back, and certainly me personally as I’ve clearly not learnt how to drive to my full potential just yet. If anybody has photos from today they would be happy to share them please do so we can share 👍🏻
  12. No response from Shuttleworth, it might be because they have their evening air show this Saturday. Speaking with Steve @Bushman about doing it next Sunday 28th instead and we’ll arrange through Steve’s contacts and confirm in the week.
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