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  1. Have you checked the electrical connections at the boot catch? Multimeter will help
  2. Yeah we always used to get real trees, visit the farm, tie your ribbon on your chosen tree and they cut it down and deliver in time for Christmas. Do enjoy that experience. May still get one for the other room.
  3. Bit of festive cheer going on here this year, 1st of Dec hit and the tree shot up! Keen as mustard!
  4. I certainly agree with Aaron, wouldn't put them in the oven at 250c. I recently split the headlights on my Impreza to get rid of the orange reflectors and tidy them up generally. I researched the quite a bit before doing it and the advice was oven temperature of about 80c for around 15 minutes. Give it a go and see if the rubber separates, if it doesn't, then don't force it, just stick it back in the oven for another 10mins and try again. The rubber seal is made from Butyl rubber and I ended up removing the old stuff and applying new, which is a good idea to make sure you get a good seal when putting back together and will avoid possible condensation in the lights. It costs about £12 on Amazon and it's really easy to handle and apply. Exactly the same stuff as in the video link below. @Equinox has quite a bit of experience of splitting the Cayman headlights, worth trying to PM him too. Useful video here...
  5. I’ve just recently fitted a Pioneer SPH-130DAB unit with all those gubbins and I’m very impressed with it - miles ahead of the Porsche PCM or any OEM head unit of that era to be fair.
  6. Saw your car but didn’t get to say hello. Did look very smart!
  7. Well thanks to all those who made it along, great convoy up there and seeing so many folk. Definitely head back there! Kudos to @Andy for the idea! @Windymiller - looking forward to the CaymanOC brandy tasting evening, I’m shotgun for the leather armchair by the fire!!
  8. The date has been announced for Simply Porsche next year, the 2nd June. We'll arrange a stand at the show as we have for the last few years, we'll obviously need to know numbers for this event and will be allocated a space dependant on the number of expected members attending. We can arrange meet-ups, hotel get-togethers etc closer to the time.
  9. Excellent! I’m not sure but I’d recommend getting there just before the times stated above to be on the safe side 👍🏻
  10. I'm not sure the spec of the two cars there is that much apart, the 981 isn't too bad spec wise. The 981 will feel more modern and a bit more spacious, the 987 a bit more communicative and smaller (in a good way) - depends what you prefer but i'd recommend driving both. They're both used Porsches so likely you won't see too much depreciation in either, but i'd put that aside, the reason you buy a Porsche is to get out and drive! I've just worked on a 981 buyers guide for CAR Magazine which will be published soon, so worth looking out for that in the shops, might assist your decision making.

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