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  1. Ok guys, lets just chill out a bit. I realise this is somewhat of an emotional topic and has hit closer to home for some of us recently. Lets not resort to personal attacks on other members though please. I appreciate everybody can interpret the request to stay home in different ways but it's not for the OC to enforce any such requests either. Follow your own moral compass on this one is my advice. Lets not fall out over this one everybody
  2. I noticed Craig had posted on Facebook last week, thought I'd update the thread here. Its no real surprise given the current predicament the world ends itself in that Simply Porsche has been postponed this year. A great shame as I think it's an event we all look forward to every year. Let's hope that it can rearranged for a date later in the year.
  3. I would agree with your thinking Jason, and would certainly try the temp sensor as the next step given it's a low cost item. Have you checked the coolant level and all of the obvious other cooling things? Assuming the front rads are ok?
  4. I wonder if a tool or a bolt/nut was left in the car when you had the work done recently and it’s causing the noise...
  5. Welcome to the OC BobCat. My brief answer is I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and given you’re looking for 987 Gen2 Or possibly 981 cars then you’ll find reliability is in the same league as any other German car. Woodhouse has provided an exceptional answer, well done that man! 👍🏻
  6. Have they replaced their roof now then...??
  7. Can you hear a sliding noise, or is it just a clunk?
  8. I have to say, i'm desperately tempted by one... If all my ducks were in a row, i'd be looking at one of these quite seriously, is it the perfect Cayman...? And it would look like this..
  9. An update on this issue, i'm aware that some members were still experiencing this. The Update didn't fix it, but i've narrowed it down to some dodgy coding. I've tested in the affected user accounts i'm aware of and it now appears to be fixed. If anybody continues to experience issues of this nature please let us know. I'm hoping though that my incredible forum-building wizardry skills have developed to such a level that my foe has been beaten once and for all! @Ben La @987Monkey
  10. Thanks Jake, Literally just packaged it up for you, it's on it's way!
  11. just about to do forum software update, fingers crossed that might be the fix we need.
  12. Thank you, and yes time seems to be a precious commodity these days! Let us know if there is ever anything specific you want that isn't on the website, we can get hold of most bits. We've got 2 new product ranges for the shelves in the next week or so, Polished Pigs and Sansom Car Care, really exciting times!
  13. For those wishing to watch me wax lyrical about This Piston Works - here is the interview we did for Detailing World a few weeks ago...
  14. I did indeed, multi talented these days! (now where's my 'Running a Forum for Dummies' book...)
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