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  1. Ok, so I can arrange the right size area for the club, can those who are attending and wanting a space with us please put your name down 1. beanoir 2. Daz 3. Adrian Turner 4.
  2. This year Bedford is hosting its inaugural Festival of Motoring event on the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of June. Steve (Bushman) has been doing a grand job of representing the OC in discussions with the organisers to secure a club dedicated area for up to 15 cars, on both days of the festival. It would be great if we could get a good turnout for this. The plan will be a proper club stand with a gazebo, club banners up etc. The event promises to be fairly impressive and would be great for the OC to be part of the event's premier. More info is below and on the official event website here: https://www.bedfordfestivalofmotoring.com Bedford Festival of Motoring Located on the beautiful Embankment in the heart of Bedford, this festival to be held on 1st and 2nd of June this year embraces all things motoring. Staged in partnership with Bedford Borough Council, this exciting new Festival will sit alongside the ever-popular Bedford International Kite Festival taking place on Russell Park. Offering something for everyone, whether you're a motoring enthusiast or simply looking for a fun-filled family day out, this site will keep you up to date with all the attractions that will be on offer and details of how you can get involved. If you are interested in attending with the club and would like to secure a space on the stand, then please register your interest below stating which days (Sat, Sun or Both). First come first served given the limited spaces for this guys! Any questions on the event, then feel free to contact Steve( @Bushman) or me directly or post below. 👍
  3. I read an interesting article today about Porsche's view on using ceramics for track. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1122279_carbon-ceramic-brakes-best-for-track-use-think-again-says-porsche?fbclid=IwAR0aJZWrGJnvZ6SIRBcjQrdNXMGs_Qz1S3cVyjVYkaVygbpXmb_-40LwYWw
  4. Welcome to the OC! 👍 We'd love to see photos of the new car when you pick it up! Bet you can't wait.
  5. Welcome Nick! For others benefit, some of you may have met Nick on Sunday at Shuttleworth. I've also confirmed with Paul and Adrian, so we're good to go on this 👍 1. Paul Stevens - confirmed 2. Junky (Adrian) - confirmed 3. Craiglm68 (Craig) - confirmed 4. beanoir (Nick) - confirmed 5. Windymiller (Jason) - confirmed 6. Chateauneuf (Nick) - confirmed Jo - what do we need to do next in terms of paying deposits, timings etc?
  6. Touché! 🤣 Been looking at houses in the New Forest again today. Love it. You know i’d love to join you on another Alps trip mate, I’d need sign-off though. Has Pete got spaces left?
  7. I'm a definite, @Craiglm68 @Windymiller - are we pressing the button? Also, @Dougle_turbo I think expressed interest possibly at the weekend, maybe @Budflicker also? (Pete, this was the one I mentioned that Adrian has his name down for too)
  8. I believe Porsche stopped issuing them at the end of last year Daz under the auspice of ‘data protection to the original owner’ PCGB members were up in arms about it as it was a club benefit they feel they paid for.
  9. Reading aren’t always as helpful as you think they should be. If you can strike up a relationship with your local OPC they will be more likely to assist. Porsche used to issues certificates of authenticity and then later Certificates of Prodcution (which confirmed the factory spec) but I don’t think they do any more which is a shame.
  10. Depends. Why do you want to fit spacers? To alter the dynamics of the way the car drives or for aesthetics? General rule of thumb is widening the front track will encourage oversteer (or dial out understeer), whilst widening the rear will have the reverse effect. Aesthetically, what you’ve suggested will probably be the limits and look pretty cool, but will probably mean the car noticeably understeers more as your net track increase would be 10mm rear. Most popular recommendation is to go with 5-7mm at the front to dial out understeer with as much -ve camber as you can get on the stock suspension mounts. Leaving the rear stock. This makes quite a bit of difference.
  11. Any OPC can print the build sheet from your VIN number, have you tried your local OPC?
  12. We were admiring your car as you arrived whilst eating breakfast!
  13. Do it Paul!! 😉 And you’re welcome mate, hope it does the job ok - thanks for breakfast 👍🏻
  14. Fantastic! Love hearing of car dealers like this 👍🏻 Car looks really nice!
  15. Great turn out today, brilliant to see such a good crowd. Apologies to those I didn't get to say hello to but hope everybody enjoyed getting out and dusting off the winter cobwebs!
  16. Peter Morgan did a very good article for GTPorsche Mag, I highly recommend giving it a read. https://www.porscheinspections.com/downloads/M96_M97_GTPorsche.pdf
  17. For all those asking we will be bringing OC t-shirts with us tomorrow, available at a special 'meet' price. If you have a specific request and want one reserved then PM me. 👍
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