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  1. With age does not come beauty my friend
  2. My old car is for sale at JZM at the moment...
  3. Thats a PTS colour on the CR, probably the only one in the UK I wouldn't mind betting.
  4. It won’t last long Aaron, they’ll be another ‘something’ soon
  5. We've put some detailing kits together but they're limited to only a few, so I thought i'd offer them to you guys as they represent great value and aren't your usual 'one make' kits that you see elsewhere. These have been put together with the best of each brand for specific tasks. The interior kit: https://www.thepistonworks.com/collections/detailing-kits-and-bundles/products/interior-detailing-kit
  6. My daily, another German wagon.. M40i version of the X3, doesn't hang about to be fair, but just a fast SUV. You can fit lots of bricks, bags of cement and 2.4m fence posts in it though!
  7. Well...as far as detailing products go..shameless really but we've certainly got detailing products galore at the shop now! Bilt Hamber stuff has always been a favourite of mine personally, i'd quite recommend the new Stjarnagloss range too, some really good no BS products. https://www.thepistonworks.com/collections/stjarnagloss
  8. It does exactly as they say, yes. You can run the switch connected along the top of the pedal box, hidden underneath the centre console and mount the switch in your ash tray, hidden from view but easily accessible.
  9. You get used to it fairly quickly to be honest Pete, and I never bothered to connect the remote switch as a consequence. That said you can have the switch connected and change modes as easily as you would with SC or the like. I’d really recommend trying one though if you want to spruce the car up 👍🏻
  10. Lovely! Congrats and welcome!!
  11. Hi Kevin, welcome to the OC and congrats! The sticker under the boot lid will have all of the 3 digit option codes on the build spec for the car from factory including the paint code and interior colour. You will (or should) also find this sticker replicated in the front cover of the vehicle's service book. In club library we have all of the 3 digit option codes listed in the back of the buyers guides with an explanation of what they are. You'll find them here for you car which is a Gen1 Cayman
  12. You should be able to knock them out from behind the wheel. Sounds like they’ve not been lubricated, use some grease when you put them back 👍🏻
  13. Glad you got it ok (all the way to Singapore! I've not tried the dryer either as I don't have one, but it should (caveat) be the same as any other 100% cotton t-shirt.
  14. I thought I would bring this to life for my fellow OC members, as an early 'heads up' if you will. As many of you know I started the Cayman OC back in November 2015 after realising that being a Cayman owner in a Boxster club just wasn't cricket (as much as the Boxster guys were a great bunch). Its been a labour of love and I've really enjoyed creating a community and making many friends, although at times keeping on top of organising events and the like is tricky. More so lately as I've moved on from full-time employment to start a new venture, one that will hopefully be rewarding in other ways than just a pay check. Some of you may be wondering, ok, so what is the Piston Works? Well, it's a dream that I'm attempting to turn into reality and it goes something like this... The Piston Works Auto Collective is about bringing like minded petrol heads together, whether that be car owners or those that work with cars and car owners. Its hard to find somewhere that as car enthusiasts we can call home sometimes, venues to meet up and feel like you truly belong. All too often we find ourselves in a venue where the main attraction is not aimed at us and we end up being tucked away or forced to visit at odd times. The dream is to create a place to bring petrol heads together, in a community or 'village' if you will, with facilities for professionals, retail and catering specifically focussed on our passion. Somewhere with an atmosphere, that goes further than just being a coffee venue or pub car park. Now thats a big dream, so the starting point is not as glamorous but still focussed. Initially we will be launching an online store of carefully curated products for car detailing. We want to cover the popular stuff but also new and unique products, the harder to find stuff. We will also be expanding to cover art, literature and apparel. As well as this we are going to be working with the 'little guy', the start-ups and those with the right ethos. This is the Piston Works Emporium which eventually will be a physical shop. The Piston Works Emporium will be launching very soon and as a thank you for supporting my ventures so far we will be offering not just a discount to you, but also exclusive products to OC members. We are not allowed to sell these online generally (only from a physical shop) but have agreed with the suppliers that we can to Cayman OC members. If you have any requests or suggestions of products you would like to see in the Emporium then please shout, your feedback will be important. One massive ask on my part is, if you feel you can, then please share the word, whether thats in person, on social media or other forums. As a new start-up its going to be tough, but just like the Cayman OC back in 2015 it can grow and I would love each and every one of you to be part of the dream. If you can sign up to our newsletter that would also be a huge help and you can do so by visiting www.thepistonworks.com (just as at the Cayman OC, we don't share your email addresses with third parties). Keep on driving! 😎 Nick
  15. The two aren't really comparable in my experience and are in fact complimentary. A re-map will alter timing and fuelling etc and does change the character of the engine, but not much in terms of power/torque numbers in all honesty. A sprint booster is more about throttle mapping and improves throttle response basically, it also does a good job of hiding the flat spots in the Gen2. Well worth it for the money IMO.
  16. ‘Voting’ would suggest this is a democracy Jason?? 😛
  17. I’d agree on the wheels too - worth selling them separately? Price is about right, but if you ask around most indies will tell you the market has gone a bit slow recently. Seeing offer prices on the more expensive models coming down a bit, but I think for early cars the prices won’t move much.
  18. You can have it as a Techquipment upgrade, but it doesn't come with the clock. To be honest, all you'll get is the throttle response if your car is a manual, so i'd probably go with a sprint booster instead, easier, cheaper, better.
  19. They were a satin black on the light coloured cars, on the dark cars they were silver I believe, or least they were on the Cayman R. I had some made up to match the existing ones on my Cayman R when I had the bumper resprayed and the guy knew the colour code of the originals. definitely satin though, not gloss or matt.
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