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  1. Nice figures! Still enjoying the Sprint Booster?
  2. OK, so with the help of @Bushman, Shuttleworth have said we can use their venue for a last-minute meet next Sunday morning. So meeting from 9am on the 28th July Shuttleworth Old Warden Aerodrome Nr Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 9EP No cost to park and the restaurant is open for breakfast. See you there on Sunday!
  3. What an absolutely fantastic day at Millbrook today! Huge thanks to the @CATDT team, Colin, Paul and Jo were fantastic, it was an absolute pleasure and incredibly insightful to be taught by such professional, talented and passionate people - real masters of their craft. I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are considering learning how to improve your driving skills for road or track. I can say say for sure that the Cayman Owners Club will be back, and certainly me personally as I’ve clearly not learnt how to drive to my full potential just yet. If anybody has photos from today they would be happy to share them please do so we can share 👍🏻
  4. No response from Shuttleworth, it might be because they have their evening air show this Saturday. Speaking with Steve @Bushman about doing it next Sunday 28th instead and we’ll arrange through Steve’s contacts and confirm in the week.
  5. Sounds like your blower fan may have packed up. I know you have a 987c but It’s not uncommon on the 981 for the blower motor to stick, particularly after a long spell of the car not being used (week or two). It can be ‘woken up’ with a simple prod of the fan which is located under the bonnet behind the plastic covers.
  6. @Chateauneuf Nick, if you have a price in mind for people to take your spot, can you let us know? Also, @CATDT - is it possible that somebody can take Nick's place on Friday?
  7. Cayman OC Platinum Membership...https://www.caymanoc.com/subscriptions/ 'Exclusive discounts at PorscheShop, Design911, Adrian Flux, Zunsport and on Cayman OC merchandise. As well as the partner discounts don't forget you also receive the following as a platinum member Your exclusive Platinum Member box containing Platinum Member welcome card with your unique membership number A Platinum Member CaymanOC t-shirt which cannot be purchased separately in the store A CaymanOC sticker pack containing 2 window stickers 2 standard stickers 2 round club stickers 6 mini club stickers As a Platinum Member you will also benefit from enhanced forum access rights and benefits: Access to All Areas Free Classified Ads Access to all Club Events Annual Newsletter by email No image upload limit Total image storage of 0.5Gb Forum signature Can create polls Private browsing Create Gallery Albums Create Public and Private Groups No advertising apart from site sponsor banners (e.g. Carnewal)'
  8. Platinum members get a discount at Design911 and Porscheshop!
  9. Still no response from Shuttleworth. I wont promote this on social media, but if there is a small group of people up for coming along then I’m game
  10. I’m waiting to hear back from Shuttleworth on the 21st. Hoping it will be ok. Apologies for the short notice on this one, I’ve just not had the time on my hands the last few months but that’s changing now so will get back to organising a few more things 👍🏻
  11. Ok, let me have a think - will depend on venue availability too. Might try for the 28th Goodwood event sounds great, I’d come along along but I’m camping the night before and won’t be local. good luck @twopointnine 👍🏻
  12. Beanoir

    Euro Tour

    Ah man, this brings back some good memories! Nothing like a good road trip. Ive booked to go to Le Mans Classic next year so something in the pipeline at least. Looks like you had had a great trip Daz! 👍🏻
  13. Thinking we need another breakfast meet before the school holidays kick in, although that might be a bit short notice. Who'd be up for Shuttleworth in a few weeks time? Sunday morning per usual? If so, i'll let the museum know.
  14. We can take a group shot at the gates before we enter surely?? Good news is I won't be arriving in a Scooby now...
  15. I’m alive!!!! 🤗 Sorry for radio silence everybody - new job is mega demanding. I’m definitely attending, will call Jo and sort out the loose ends tomorrow.
  16. Ok, so I can arrange the right size area for the club, can those who are attending and wanting a space with us please put your name down 1. beanoir 2. Daz 3. Adrian Turner 4.
  17. This year Bedford is hosting its inaugural Festival of Motoring event on the weekend of the 1st & 2nd of June. Steve (Bushman) has been doing a grand job of representing the OC in discussions with the organisers to secure a club dedicated area for up to 15 cars, on both days of the festival. It would be great if we could get a good turnout for this. The plan will be a proper club stand with a gazebo, club banners up etc. The event promises to be fairly impressive and would be great for the OC to be part of the event's premier. More info is below and on the official event website here: https://www.bedfordfestivalofmotoring.com Bedford Festival of Motoring Located on the beautiful Embankment in the heart of Bedford, this festival to be held on 1st and 2nd of June this year embraces all things motoring. Staged in partnership with Bedford Borough Council, this exciting new Festival will sit alongside the ever-popular Bedford International Kite Festival taking place on Russell Park. Offering something for everyone, whether you're a motoring enthusiast or simply looking for a fun-filled family day out, this site will keep you up to date with all the attractions that will be on offer and details of how you can get involved. If you are interested in attending with the club and would like to secure a space on the stand, then please register your interest below stating which days (Sat, Sun or Both). First come first served given the limited spaces for this guys! Any questions on the event, then feel free to contact Steve( @Bushman) or me directly or post below. 👍
  18. I read an interesting article today about Porsche's view on using ceramics for track. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1122279_carbon-ceramic-brakes-best-for-track-use-think-again-says-porsche?fbclid=IwAR0aJZWrGJnvZ6SIRBcjQrdNXMGs_Qz1S3cVyjVYkaVygbpXmb_-40LwYWw
  19. Welcome to the OC! 👍 We'd love to see photos of the new car when you pick it up! Bet you can't wait.
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