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  1. Finally got the bonnet open. So using a DC power supply, I first had to cut the lead from my tyre inflator to use as a cable connected to the Variable voltage / current supply and set the volts to 12.2 and starting current to 0.5 A and plugged the makeshift lead into the cigarette lighter socket. I then slowly over the next ten minutes wound the current up to 5A. After some time I was able to use a 3S model flight battery on connected to ground and the emergency bonnet release turret in the fuse box and the bonnet finally opened. I then connected a trickle charger to the battery but this would not work displaying error as the volts were to low. Next step was to connect the dc supply set to 12.2V and 2A to the cigarette lighter socket and a 3S model flight battery across the battery terminals in parallel with the trickle charger and the trickle charger is charging properly. I will remove the flight battery in an hour and then remove the power supply from the cigarette lighter when the trickle charger can manage to charge on its own.
  2. Does anyone know how to open the bonnet on a 987.2 if the battery is flat. I have tried placing 12 Volts to the post in the fuse box which has worked in the past but this time I just get a click of a relay and nothing else. All it allows me to do is release the key from the ignition.
  3. Why not come to Simply Porsche at Beaulieu, we normally have a good turn out of the club there.
  4. The Country cooks cafe is only a few miles from the Evo triangle so a good place to meet. In fact it was the Lady that owns the cafe that pointed us in the right direction, her and her husband are into cars. Hope to see you there.
  5. Just remember to push it out of the circuit before you call the AA.
  6. Anyone interested in going to Porsches on the Prom Llandudno 19th May 2019. Will be stopping on route for breakfast at COUNTRY COOKS TYNANT (LL21 0PT) and possibly a large Crepe with Ice cream there on the way home if last year is anything to go by.
  7. Good to know, If I had not changed my insurance for business use and had to start NCB from scratch, I would have had 40 years NCB on the car and 38 on the Bike
  8. No dinner for you for the next 12 months then .....
  9. So, just got my renewal quote from Adrian Flux for my Cayman S with 2 years NCB for 564.48 and thought I would try Compare the Market which brought up Admiral for 406.56 and whilst talking to Maddie at Admiral I enquired to find out how much more it would cost to add my Girlfriend to the policy. To my amazement it brought the fully comp cover down even more to 365.12 Just thought I would share this with you as you might save a few quid by adding a second driver.
  10. I think Dunc has put the GT4 to bed for the winter, however the owner of Caffeine and Machine has a GT4 so there should be one there. Also best to get there early as the car park tends to be full by 10am. Not bad for a bar thats only been open for a month.
  11. Nick, how many of us do you think will be going to this ? I think Mr Nailit might be going as well.
  12. IOM must be at least 250 miles from the meet if you include the steampacket ferry over to Liverpool. Must be great having the mountain section of the TT on your doorstep, Did 6 laps on my bike (KZ750 back then) during mad sunday some decades ago. Look forward to Seeing you there,

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