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  1. Hi Bushman, are you still looking to arrange a meet for September at syrwell as would be interested.
  2. Sorry can't make the 28th, Silverstone Classic with Dunc.
  3. We chatted to the few people that were at last years area but we had parked our 3 Caymans in the main area.
  4. Well that was a bit crap, 3 of us Cayman OC members turn up to find out there is no Cayman OC area been booked. All it would have taken was a call to myself or Duncan and we would have arranged it. A lot of people travelled long distances to meet up as a club. What's happening, even the monthly meets seem to have stopped. If youre not running the club any more Nick please let us know.
  5. Myself and Duncan had already said we would be coming at the beginning of this thread.
  6. Just realised this is on at the same time as Simply Porsche with a lot of us attend.
  7. So we cannot turn up on the day and pay. If so I'm affraid I'm going to have to give it a miss.
  8. Put me down for this please. Meeting for breakfast, sounds good to me....
  9. Myself and Nailit meeting at the Weedon bp station on the A5 at 8.30 in case you would like to join us.
  10. No, can't say I did. Seeing more vids of this guy he seems a bit of a plonker and clueless on mechanical sympathy. Maybe all of the other failures GT4 and GT3 are relations of his ...
  11. Yes I have seen more videos on this and see he has not treated the car well, I still think the turret failure should not happen to so many cars. I have driven all sorts of cars for over 40 years and never had a turret failure (suspension failure yes) and i,m talking cars I have bought for £10-£30 in my younger days. I hit a deep pothole at 70ish in my Mondeo on the M11 and no damage (Ford Mondeo is better build quality than Porsche granted and done over 250000 miles) so bottom line beef up the failing part.
  12. The response doesn't surprise me at all from Porsche. I put mu 987 S in for a satnav update and after driving for 20 minutes it died meaning according to Porsche that I had to buy a new Satnav, phone, radio system. I ended up paying around 25% of the original price at Wolverhampton OPC but should not have had to pay anything. People should be made aware that your on your own if if anything goes wrong.
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