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  1. there are two types of sensor, a pin and horseshoe, both plug in the same just the mounting to the pads. Dean
  2. He agreed £6000 with a fella that's coming tomoz, I had a drive of it last night and apart from a creek from the front when you set of and on full lock at low speed, and sound stopped coming out of radio but it alllooks like its working I would say it drives and goes just the same as mine Dean
  3. That's great Andrea, liking the front bumper. Would it be possible to run the cooling ducts for the brakes from behind a mesh in the middle. There as not many that have the 3rd rad just a cheap looking bit of plastic and also how about some GT4 style air scoops? Dean
  4. Hi Dean. I tried them but they told me they did not do one, so I went and ordered a oem from Porsche Kendal at £200!!! Dean
  5. Hi all Fella across the road has got hold of a 987 CS in black with 19" turbo wheels, body kit and gt4 spoiler don't think there is any history with the car and has 84,000mls. I told him to break it but does not have time or sell as a track car. Thought I would ask the Forum what you thought and what you think its worth Dean
  6. If it was a Ford Focus maybe
  7. Hi need a new rear wiper motor and cant find a pattern part replacement Valeo or Bosch and wondered if we get a discount at any main dealers before I buy one? I have two which work ok there is just play in the shaft and the wiper blade moves of the glass. I have opened the one not on the car up and looks like its full of water and rusted the teeth on the metal gears causing slack. Dean
  8. Hope this helps. Dean https://www.design911shop.com/Replacement-switches-for-A-C-control-panel-Porsche-987-Boxster---987-Cayman---997/prod138284/
  9. Well if there is a 2nd run of grills put my name down, and all so maybe in some air scoops. Dean
  10. Maybe its cause I live in the wet North West!!!! Don't do facebook as have to many skeletons. Marcos can you make 3D style GT4 air scoops for 987.1? Dean
  11. I understand all the airflow stuff but did not know the plate was for debris not water, maybe I should of ordered a grill my sell. Dean
  12. Am I missing something here but is the black plastic cover not there to stop water going down the air intake, and all the mesh does is stop rocks which the filter already does? Dean
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