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  1. Cheers for your replies. It shows that the horror stores are unfounded and may be lowering the value of our cars. The only reason I brought the topic up is that I've been watching a lot of so called bloggers on YouTube and the majority of them say what a great car they are but mention bore scoring and IMS failure. New people joining the forum are subsequently having worries that they maybe don't need to have. Dean
  2. Hi All, As it seems we are getting new members and people interested in buying Caymans, the same questions keep arising. I don't know how to put a poll on, but as we probably own the majority of Caymans in the UK, how many of us have actually had problems with bore scoring or IMS failing and not the dreaded internet horror stories. I for one, until putting this post on, have not had any issues in that department. I've had a new water pump, window mechanisms, new brakes all round, exhaust studs snap, issues with rear window wiper and corroded coolant pipes. The car has done 54k miles and I've owned it for 3 years this week. It is serviced at Jasmine Porsche, all oil levels are frequently checked and premium Mobil 1 fully synthetic is used (although it doesn't use it). The car is warmed up each time it is started. I just thought it would be good to clear up some of what, I think, are myths that this is a regular occurrence which can put people off. Bloggers have this as one of the first things they mention. At the end of the day it is a 15 year old sports car. Dean
  3. Hi Last one of the year at Jasmine 8/9/19 at 09.00-1100 then a drive out,have been to a few of these now and always a good turn out and great bacon butties. Have open work shop and technicians on had to answer question's and so little jobs, if your about and fancy a look at some great cars pop down. https://jasmine-porschalink.co.uk/ Dean
  4. Hi all Jasmine are having another get together this Sunday, same as before with workshop advice and shop open. There was a good turn out last time of all Porsche models new to old if your about come and say hi. Dean https://jasmine-porschalink.co.uk/
  5. Hi, Ye all is fine the car lost about 1lt of water and was close to home when it failed and Jasmine Porsche said it had no leaks or drips from the hoses but if they do need changing need to budget about £1000, but lets hope that does not become an issue. Dean
  6. Hi all, Sorry for the late update but had a lot on, well as thought it was the water pump that failed!!! They checked all the hoses and although they showed singes of corrosion there were no leaks or drips. They said to budget £1000 for the job or replacing all the pipes? Dean
  7. Thanks for the reply, will let you know how I get on think I will hear from them tomoz. Dean
  8. Hi all, just sat waiting for the car to be recovered to Jasmine Porsche!!!! the other day my Mrs was using the car and was close by and rang to say the coolant water light had come on, I said as long as the temp stays the same should be ok. 5 mins later she rand to say there was a rubbing/ tapping noise but it had stopped when she stopped but she said temp was still on normal. I said should be ok and your only 2 miles from home so keep coming............ When she got her it sounded like 2tonne of hardcore in a washing machine on full spin, water was dripping from under the middle of the car but not a great deal. I did a quick google search and it sounds like the water pump noise. But the water leak Jasmine have said that could be the coolant hoses that run from front to back, has anyone had any issues with these and replacement costs? I Will keep you in formed, the cost of the water pump is £135 https://jasmine-porschalink.co.uk/?s=water+pump&post_type=product&dgwt_wcas=1 Thanks for looking and let me know if you have any input. Cheer's Dean
  9. Hi, Came home today to find that both my fogs have cracked so need to replace them, does anyone know of any led upgrades or replacements ? Dean
  10. Hi All, Is anybody else going to the meet on Sunday morning at Jasmine Porsche at Brierfield Lancs BB96RY. It starts at 0900-1100 with free brew and bacon butty Going to get there for 0900 so hope to see a few forum members. Dean
  11. Ye they are car parts just cheaper but again will price match and usually beat, the link I put on usually has brembo's on and where I got mine from
  12. Hi I Get all my consumable items from car parts for less after being pointed towards it by another forum member I even supply the parts when I have the car serviced, has saved me a fortune as like you my first encounter with even a Porsche independent cost me a small country's GDP!!!! But pays to shop around local Porsche deal charges £90 all in for brake fluid change independent £81 so for £9 you get a Porsche stamp not inde, tyres I played all the locals and net of against each other then went to ATS and they beat the lot as have have a price match thing, Pirellis from them I think its buy3 get on free but they don't tell you, you have to ask Dean https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/brake-discs
  13. Hi all sorted, Coil pack on cylinder No3, car was collected and returned by Jasmine Porsche at Nelson today so all back to normal, they also did the by annual brake fluid change and checked rear whipper!! Dean
  14. HI all, Well spoke with Jasmine Porsche at Nelson and they are coming to collect tomoz and take it in for me, after a chat on the phone they said the chance of bore score are minute but will give it a good look for me but said it will more likely be a coil pack, fingers crossed!!! They are also going to change the brake fluid and check the intermittent rear wiper fault, if my engine is not fucked lol So sorry Gert it will be next month by the looks of things that I order an GT exhaust of you Dean
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