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  1. Who did the front end respray? How much? Were you recommend to them?
  2. You make a good point, and I agree the OEM PZeros on my 981 were dire, hard, slippery things. BUT... after a short while they started cracking and a Pirelli engineer came to my home ad decreed the rubber compound was faulty and paid for the Goodyears I'd already fitted as replacements. I wonder if Pirelli had a large number of faulty PZeros, which were also the ones so often complained about in respect of their performance? It would make sense of a Porsche marked and supposedly superior tyre being utter crap.
  3. Jamie McWhir - technical manager at Michelin and prior FI tyre technician for them - explained to me how "N" marked tyres differ from the generic tyre. You could have a generic PS4S and "N0" PS4S but they aren't the same. The Porsche marked tyre has been developed for and with Porsche to their specific requirements and tested to ensure it meets their requirements. Or... he's telling me a load of old bull? But then Dave Mullin at Goodyear and Sam Taylor at Pirelli have explained exactly the same to me, including the difference in physical dimensions, i.e. a 235 wide generic tyre may be wider (or narrower) than a 235 "N" marked tyre as the latter is made to a more precise spec whereas generic tyres are allowed to be within wider tolerances. I spoke to Dave years ago when I had my Audi TTS... He told me all tyres are made in accordance with the ETRTO rules: http://www.etrto.org/page.asp?id=1690&langue=EN This means a generic non-AO 255 35 19 tyre is allowed to be up to around 270mm wide, and is also the reason he receives dozens of calls from Audi owners about wheel arch rubbing on some models, as owners have bought generic tyres and not AO marked ones. AO tyres are manufactured to Audi's own spec to meet their performance, noise, and comfort criteria and also so as to fit within the wheel arches! So a 255 wide tyre can be up to 4% narrower to accommodate this AND still be within the ETRTO rules. With AO tyres he doesn't get calls about wheel arch rubbing. So, apart from warranty considerations, there are some other real reasons to stick with "N" marked tyres perhaps?
  4. DJMC

    new 981

    Put it in Sport, push the gear level to the left, to manual, then use the gear lever. Just like a manual but better! Try not to wiggle your left foot about.
  5. Tell us you didn't really buy any of it? I couldn't bring myself to wear anything Porsche branded, real or fake.
  6. NFU? I'm with them now. No.1 insurer. Was with SAGA and LV previously.
  7. See: http://www.birdautomotive.com/Bike Rack Boxster 981.htm https://seasuckerblog.com/2017/07/30/porsche-cayman-s-981-bike-rack-part-1/ Might be of help if you contact them?
  8. Is that for a 987? How will it attach to a 981?
  9. Looking forward to a well organised club outing with lots of advance notice and the venue/date/time all sorted up front. I think this is what went wrong with the 1st July thread but, hey ho, we're all learning the best way to tackle this kind of thing. ? I'm sure you, Keith and Nick can sort something? By the way... what is ECT you often refer to? ? Usually it stands for electroconvulsive therapy but I can't see the relevance here?
  10. I read that as Yorkshire Pudding Festival! Specsavers I think... ?
  11. I passed a lumber truck on the motorway a while back. A piece of timber fell and rattled under the car. When I got home there was a wooden spike, around 5" long, stuck, point in, in my Zunsport grille. No damage to the grille, but imagine if it had stuck in the rad!
  12. You mean Porsche CLUB GB, which is 20 minutes? You haven't mentioned this in your "1st July" thread. Is it a non-starter at that location? Or was that just you and Dunc meeting up there? ?
  13. Is that when just you three meet again?
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