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  1. Not heard of Autofarm - what can you tell us? RPM are super though. I've given up with OPCs after Leicester "made an error" and applied an extended warranty to my 981 which was later declared void due to Zunsport grilles. Another OPC didn't know what temp the oil gauge should show, were closed when I went to collect the car at the arranged time (10am Saturday), damaged my paint when eventually returning the car (driven to me), thought you needed to open the boot to check the oil level, put Tesco fuel in it. Indies care, OPCs don't give a flying fig!
  2. Conti SportContact 2 & 3 were great on my various BMWs. Newer versions just as good but wear in half the time. My original 981 PZero fronts were faulty and Pirelli paid for GY F1 A2 to replace them. The Goodyear fronts developed splits on the inside all the way around 5mm from the rims. Goodyear have declared them faulty and refunded the appropriate amount less wear. Now of PS4S all round - hopefully better luck this time!
  3. So, how are you getting on with the S manual? Have you got used to... washing it often (being black)?
  4. I'm guessing it's this?: https://www.porscheclubgb.com/events/2019/december/a-porsche-christmas
  5. My 2.7 981C PDK has been with me for three and a half years, 35k miles. Bought used, the private seller filled me with confidence of no abuse. I had an OPC check it over before purchase, no issues noted. It's never used a drop of oil. Only issue was the heater fan stopping (well documented) on one occasion 16 months ago but not since. Like any car, the way it's driven will affect how it withstands wear. I think the engine is strong, as is the PDK box. Suspension components will wear over time. My brakes and pads are all original at 48k miles total and were c
  6. I get to try different BMWs when my wife's goes in for service... We've had ten BMWs since 1986. Our last "driving machine" was the E46 3 series (three, 1999-2014). Tried a few later ones in 2015 (3 & 4 series) and they were dull barges. Had 2 series coupe and convertible loan cars in recent memory and not impressed by ride or handling, although BMW Sport seats are hard to beat for comfort (unlike their comfort seats - anything but). I keep an eye on new BMWs, like the new 8 series and Z4, and look at what even the base 2 litre can do. Impressive 0-60s. But I do won
  7. Hi Dougie, is the wear rate witchcraft as you'd perhaps have worn out other tyres after 4 track days? Im on GY F1 A2s so will keep a look out for the GYSS when it's time to change. Oh... are they Porsche N marked by the way, as the F1 A2s are?
  8. Where was he going on the 14th? Was it to our meet if it was going to be on the 14th? If he's now free on the 14th, does that mean he's no longer coming to our meet if it's on the 14th, or does it mean he's free to come to our meet if it's on the 14th as his previous arrangements to go somewhere other than our meet, if on the 14th, have fallen through so he's now free to come to our meet, if on the 14th? Craig?
  9. Count you in to what... the PCGB meet at Goodwood (not this club's proposed meet) or our meet Beanoir is proposing, maybe on the 28th? If it's the PCGB meet you want to go to I'd suggest posting on their forum. If it's ours, wait for the date to be confirmed. If it's both, do both.
  10. Who did the front end respray? How much? Were you recommend to them?
  11. You make a good point, and I agree the OEM PZeros on my 981 were dire, hard, slippery things. BUT... after a short while they started cracking and a Pirelli engineer came to my home ad decreed the rubber compound was faulty and paid for the Goodyears I'd already fitted as replacements. I wonder if Pirelli had a large number of faulty PZeros, which were also the ones so often complained about in respect of their performance? It would make sense of a Porsche marked and supposedly superior tyre being utter crap.
  12. Jamie McWhir - technical manager at Michelin and prior FI tyre technician for them - explained to me how "N" marked tyres differ from the generic tyre. You could have a generic PS4S and "N0" PS4S but they aren't the same. The Porsche marked tyre has been developed for and with Porsche to their specific requirements and tested to ensure it meets their requirements. Or... he's telling me a load of old bull? But then Dave Mullin at Goodyear and Sam Taylor at Pirelli have explained exactly the same to me, including the difference in physical dimensions, i.e. a 235 wide gene
  13. Put it in Sport, push the gear level to the left, to manual, then use the gear lever. Just like a manual but better! Try not to wiggle your left foot about.
  14. Tell us you didn't really buy any of it? I couldn't bring myself to wear anything Porsche branded, real or fake.
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