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  1. That's really great news. I think the car looks fabulous. The 20mm drop makes total sense as the PASM cars are 10mil lower already I believe? Perhaps you have 5mil of settling to go? Good luck with the car. Matt
  2. Ok thanks guys. I was only thinking of the H and R springs to start with. MiloD I will be really interested to hear how you get on. I hope the car works out for you. I was really tempted to go and look at your red one.
  3. Reviving and old thread here. When I find myself a Gen2 I will definitely be lowering the car. Is there any issue doing this with Pasm equipped cars?? Cheers Matt
  4. That's very handy to know, thankyou for the info. That should help with the search. I see Quaife do a ATB as well.
  5. Hi Mate I'm based in Langdon Hills Essex near Billericay. That's useful information thanks. I'm surprised about the relatively short life of the clutches, but the cost of a replacement while not cheap doesn't seem too outrageous. I'm only interested in Manual cars, and I have been looking on auto trader and the usual places. The car will be used all year round so heated seats are a must and an LSD is right up there on my list. I'm not over fussed about PASM, Nav etc. My current M3 is grey so I fancy something a bit brighter this time, although am still undecided. I've been chopping and changing cars for a few years now, but I have a feeling the Cayman will be a longer term car. I had a MK1 Mr2 years ago. I loved the handling of that car and the Cayman feels like a more groan up version of it. I'll keep searching cheers
  6. Thanks for the reply's guys. I'm glad the heavy clutch is not typical of the 987. The car I looked at was very scruffy, and had lots of dents and scratches all over it. Also the interior had been cleaned in a hurry and you could still see the dirt and marks everywhere. looking at the brake discs they were all totally shot. Clearly the car had lived a very hard life. I didn't even bother to look at the paperwork. Matt
  7. Hi Rich Many thanks for the advise. The car in question was a 2011 with an indicated mileage of 59k. The overall condition of the car was poor so I walked away. I’m happy to pay the going rate for a good example, my search will continue. Thanks again for the information, much appreciated. Matt..
  8. Hi Guys New to the forum. Having recently driven a mates Boxster I'm now totally smitten with the 987 and cant wait to sell my M3 V8. I'm in the market for a Gen 2 Cayman S and recently went to test drive one at a dealers. I enjoyed the test drive but I noticed that the clutch was really heavy. This isn't the case in my mates 987 Boxster although his is a 2.7 not an S. Is a heavy clutch the norm on an S or could it be just that car? The one I drove at the dealers was not a good example and hadn't been looked after. Cheers Matt
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