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  1. The Wavetrac diff is a torque biasing diff and won't give any understeer issues as under deceleration they are not really locking. Certainly after fitting mine there was no difference in this respect. The factory diff being plated clutch type has a degree of lock hence car wanting to go straight on and inducing some understeer. More on the difference here: https://www.planet-9.com/threads/lsd-vs-tbd.15040/ The only other difference on the Wavetrac is it has an ability to lock when one wheel is off the ground unlike other TBD, not sure how relevant this rea
  2. I can't speak for the factory fit LSD but most of the online opinion on it is less than complimentary. https://www.planet-9.com/threads/the-cayman-factory-lsd-dissected.44005/ I had a Wavetrac TBD fitted to my car and I am pleased with it, not that the car ever really struggled for traction with it's open diff but it does help on track, the other byproduct seems to be some of the slack removed from the drivetrain, throttle response feels better too.
  3. In case your car is close on the noise limit I have found mine is quieter when: a) fully warmed up b) clutch engaged c) A/C switched off
  4. 1. 917 2. 962 3. 911 3.0 RSR 4. 993 GT2 RS 5. Carrera GT
  5. Great effort. This cannot have been easy to make, if you are thinking of making more and selling them please let me know. Would love to hear more about the doors too...
  6. When do you hope to be able to sell the final products under development? Sorry if you put earlier and I missed.
  7. Yes cost is always the biggest issue sadly... There are a number of lightweight rear hatch possibilities for not crazy money, and certainly a lot of sound deadening that could go. Lightweight batteries are getting cheaper too, but ive been pricing up titanium exhaust and inconel headers which save a lot but these are getting on for £5k. I reckon the factory door cards must weigh a lot too.. Anyway would love a render of my car with your ducktail and your ducted front bumper and splitter at some stage if you have a chance? Both of these I have a serious interest in when I have the f
  8. Good luck with this Andrea often thought the UK lacked someone doing this kind of stuff! I an ideal world I'd like to try and get my car down to 1200 kilos, I think the Cayman platform is great but just too heavy, power is more or less good enough but what I would like to build is a 300 bhp/tonne Cayman. I am a big fan of Gordon Murray as a designer so if you have any ideas where and how we can ditch the fat, give it a rawer edge then I am all ears. Styling wise I like your vision too and interested to develop my car in this direction.
  9. Just circling back on this topic as my discs also need replacing as now have small cracks appearing between the holes, these were Brembo OE discs which I replaced these about 3 years ago and have done about 12,000 miles and this includes I think 6 track days. Each time I have swapped in and out Pagid RS29 with titanium heat shields for the track and then back to Textar for the road, so they have had quite a hard life and the rears are now blue.. Annoyingly there is plenty of meat left on the discs but are cracked so must go. After much searching around I've gone back to the Brembo
  10. Good summary Doug, PFC do a floating set up also but it's not cheap https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod134886/PFC-Two-Piece-Floating--Direct-Drive-V3--Front-SLOTTED-Brake-Discs-for-Porsche_3_2/ Also found them a lot cheaper but cross drilled for £600 a pair https://www.porscheshop.co.uk/porsche-performance-parts/porsche-997-gen-1-performance-parts-2004-to-2009/porsche-997-gen-1-performance-brake-kits-2004-to-2009/performance-friction-front-discs-996-carrera-2-4-boxster-s-cayman-s-3-2-3.html
  11. I'd change both fronts and rears looking at those. When I was looking at upgrading disks I saw Tarox do a slotted gront disc for the 987/997. I've never used their products so no idea what they are like. I also noticed EBC are now making an aftermarket 'floating' set up for various cars so like the Girodisc, but so far I have not seen an option for our cars I did send them an email to see if they would be doing so but sadly no reply. That said I am not a huge fan of their pads so im not sure what to expect if they did. For now I will just stick with Brembos from design9
  12. In case anyone fancies joining have booked Silverstone GP - Fri 7th Feb at a very reasonable (for Silverstone GP!) £199 through Opentrack
  13. Honestly can't say but on other cars people have been impressed (as per OP on his M3) and some positive comments on other forums from those who have fitted to 996/997 etc. The Ohlins I have are great but I am not sure they are worth 3 times BC's! If I were doing mine again I'd be tempted to try them for sure.
  14. https://www.driftworks.com/bc-coilovers-for-porsche-987-cayman-boxster-05-12.html
  15. Standard Caymans ride to high even on pasm, so do it I say. No experience of BC but heard good things and look good value. I'd go for Cayman R spring rates if you can.
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