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  1. Agreed, there’s many different experience levels of forum members, what may seem obvious to some ‘veterans’ of driving and car ownership may not be so obvious to others. I see all advice and experience offered as a potential opportunity to learn something else - even if it might only be a confirmation of what I thought I already knew, or an alternative perspective on a common matter....
  2. I agree, I think the R sits just right 👍🏻 Have you got a price for R springs anywhere in the U.K.? They all seem POA. Would R springs be ok with standard (S) factory shocks? Or are R shocks different to S? I see Carnewal do the full spyder suspension for €1995 (£1780), is that the same as the R set up? Thats about 40% more than say B6/B8s with the H&R springs.
  3. Great stuff Nick and the others - ordered mine, no. 178. Cheers 👍🏻
  4. Don’t know if you’re on here but noticed you parked on the ground floor level of the multi-storey. Its like an OPC under there with so many Porkers parked up, sadly I station commute in the family diesel bus so you won’t see mine there often.... 😕
  5. You do need to be a member of the PCGB to go on its specific track days. I think i paid £69 last year for joint (me & Mrs) - mainly so she can get the club discount on my Xmas present list items 😉 They are Porsche only and tend to attract a more ‘repsectful’ crowd than some of the open pit lane days I’ve been to. I think PCGB membership is worth while if you want to engage socially with other owners at managed meets. Eg the Bicester heritage Xmas fayre was great as was the brands hatch festival of Porsche. Membership also opens up the opportunity for days on the test tracks at Silverstone at reduced rates with a Porsche driving instructor etc. You also get a monthly magazine which is well written, although quite orientated around marketing the brand, but it often has good articles about classic porkers and independent dealers (eg RPM have featured twice in the past 12 months). There are a few stuffy types in the PCGB (eg silver surfer brigade in brand new models who think they’re the best thing since sliced bread) but you just ignore them and gravitate to your ‘own kind’. Ive also used the club membership for discounts or upgrades on some hotel stays that the club have arrangements with (eg Montcalm in London). I use the COC for more online chit chat and research etc, but I like the PCGB for the events and community - I’ve met some great people through both forums. For general track rack days I can also recommend MSV (they own and operate many of the big tracks - brands, Oulton, Cadwell, snetterton, Bedford ...). Many years ago I used javelin, they were good, but focussed more on airfield track days. I doubt id have got a passenger ride up the Kop Hill climb last year in a 1972 911e if I wasn’t a PCGB member. Now that’s an experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my days and was worth the membership fee alone 😁👍🏻
  6. Great news and welcome. If you’ve bought one of Woodhouse’s former Caymans you’ve bagged a good un there 👍🏻
  7. Thanks Ian 👍🏻 I visited their new place in Brakfield last Friday 4th and met Matt, I got a real sense of his knowledge and passion for the cars, so I booked mine in for late February with him. Its a hassle for me to get to/from without he car (ie leave it there for work), but hopefully his workmanship is worth it. Ill report back after
  8. I agree, and that’s the spring set in my original post, which brings us back to the question of whether anyone has actually fitted these specific ‘M030’ springs to a 987. i didnt think there was an M030 option for the 987. If these were originally made for the 986 (boxster), then are they suitable for the 987 cayman? no reply yet received from H&R to the email enquiry I sent them.
  9. You’d think so... 🤔 and clearly somehow thenissie issue has been resolved in mr ceislicks cayman as the 2nd part of the video link above shows the issue absent on the data logger. But in all the searches I’ve been doing on the issue I’ve not found any mention of a remap fix. Does anyone else experience the rev hesitation? has anyone had a remap done that ‘smooths out’ the hesitation / flat spot?
  10. I’ve previously had some diagnostics done by RPM Technik of what I can best describe as a ‘hesitation’ in the throttle variously within the range of circa 1500-3000rpm at lower speeds in 3rd / 4th gear. It’s almost like it’s misfiring (but no misfires recorded in the ECU). RPM found no issues (they spent >2hrs using PIWIS plugged in on test drives etc). In May last year there was an article in several motoring journals about a Cayman R owner (John Ceislick) who won ~£30k from Porsche in a claim against them in respect of a safety case arising from a throttle hesitation. Here: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/porsche-accused-manipulating-cayman-r-uk-emissions-test And here’s a link to some relevant court documentation relating to the case: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5ae970eeed915d42f42b60bb/GIA_0224_2016-00.pdf articles 2, 4, 39, 45, 46 & 57 make for interesting reading... EDIT: found this very interesting video: anybody know this guy? Now, any lawyers amongst us that want to bring a class action of COC members against Porsche GB viz the ‘infamous’ Cayman flat spot to get us all some compo.... 🤔😉👍🏻
  11. Et voila: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5ae970eeed915d42f42b60bb/GIA_0224_2016-00.pdf articles 2, 4, 39, 45, 46 & 57 make for interesting reading... now, any lawyers amongst us that want to bring a class action against Porsche GB viz the ‘infamous’ Cayman flat spot to get us all some compo.... 🤔😉👍🏻
  12. For anyone looking for one there’s one currently available on eBay for £150: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=292899686631 being sold by a 997 owner called Danny. He bought 2 a month ago as they were so cheap. I’d have had it but the house boiler has gone kaput yesterday so need to wait to see what the British Gas engineer diagnosis tomorrow before I do any Porker parts shopping... 😳
  13. That does look good JD, not as ‘slammed’ as the 997 on H&Rs that I saw at the ACE cafe this week - but I do think it’s a little lower than I want to go...🤔 The R and Sport models sit just right for me. I wonder if R springs can be used with S shocks?
  14. From my reading around the subject, depending on which springs and how low you drop you may need a shortened piston length damper (shock absorber) to accommodate the shorter spring (ie to prevent spring becoming unseated when damper at full extension), and you may need to change / modify the ‘bumpstops’. Best to seek pro advice on this would be my recommendation unless you’re buying a ‘matched’ set of springs and dampers.
  15. Thanks, still think that would be too low, and I’m not seeking cosmetic lowering effects, but a better ‘fast road’ handling and ride, with some associated improvement on track. I actually really like the ‘stance’ of the R and the 987.1 sport on their sports suspensions. Anyone know if the 987.1 sport and the 987.2 R have the same suspension?🤔

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