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  1. I’m planning a road trip In September to the P.E.N.I.S. 287 in Scotland (Grand Tour, series 3, episode 7) and want a pair of 2-way radios. Anyone got / used a particular brand and model they can recommend? Amazon is awash with them from £30-£100 for a pair. The main players seem to be: motorola midland revetis baofeng ideally I’d like handsfree transmit (Vox) function and useable on the licence free frequencies. thanks in advance for any pointers.
  2. That’s just like mine sounded before it finally ‘gave up’. Sounds like intermittent vacuum pulling on the actuator diaphragm, which would explain the ‘fluttering’ of the butterfly valve in the muffler which would make that noise. so I think yes, perforated / split diaphragm in the vacuum unit / valve actuator that sits outside the muffler. I called D911 yesterday to ask about the quality of the design tek units (I’m happy to not fit Porsche OE parts if the alternative is equivalent or better quality (eg Meyle, Sebro, textar etc)), and save myself the 50% ‘Porsche Tax’ 🤔. But their Parts guy is in holiday till Wednesday. So I’ll call again on Thursday.
  3. I think if one of the actuators (Vacuum unit) develops a leak (ie its internal diaphragm splits / perforates) then the whole system is unable to draw sufficient vacuum to fully operate either vacuum actuator Unit. The vacuum pump itself (operated off the engine auxiliary belt I think) also operates things like the brake servo and loads of other flaps and valves on the engine. So assuming your brakes are working fine, and your engine is too, then it’s most likely not your pump. typically it’s either the solenoid actuator in the engine compartment (a £25 part) or the vacuum actuator units on the rear muffler. I think I’m heading towards a design tek unit at half the price of Porsche OE. When I get it and fit it I’ll post the result on here. 👍🏻
  4. Long time ago in a previous life - I used to ‘work the spanners’ on helo’s in the RN Fleet Air Arm on the aft end of frigates and destroyers 🛳🚁🙂
  5. Used a mates ramp to get the car up and using his hand-held vacuum pump and by process of elimination (disconnecting each tube / braided hose in turn and applying vacuum to see if it did / didn’t hold) I’ve confirmed it’s actually the LHS (passenger) exhaust valve actuator. on D911 an OE Porsche one is £105+VAT+P&P! 😱 or they do a design tek one for £38+VAT+P&P. clearly I’d rather buy the design tek one on price alone. Anyone used these? Are they as good quality as OE? Anyone used anything else instead - e.g., Helical? also anyone changed one - is it a bumper off job? It looks doable with bumper on with small hands so long as the bolts that hold the actuator on an inverted bracket aren’t seized. 🤔
  6. I had feared that’s where I’d have snags with but no, the 10mm bracket bolts came out easy-peasy thankfully. though I did have one of the pad backing plates ‘plugs’ stick in the caliper piston. But after unscrewing the shim from the plug (it’s an M5/M6 Philips Screw) I liberally squirted GT85 down the centre hole of the plug and left it a while then screwed in a ~40mm M5/M6 bolt and wound it all the way down through the plug until it bottomed out against the bottom of the piston and then it just slowly pushed the plug up and out as I continued to screw down the bolt.
  7. I’ve never heard of this site before but I love the way it’s part catalogue is presented. some very sad looking super/hyper cars in the breaking for spares section - I don’t fancy the chances of some of the occupants at the time of collision looking at the state of some of the cars 😟😔 I added the R springs to a basket and they came to £411. id be very interested to hear your thoughts after teaming up the R springs with the bilstein B8 sport damper. I think this would be a good compromise of road ride comfort and fast road / track handling + a much better slightly lower stance of the car🤔👍🏻
  8. I know this is an old thread but for anyone searching in the future, it is as a T-55 as indicated above. And the torque for refitting is 63ft-lbs.
  9. so I got one disc screw out with a lot of hammering with a large flat ended punch and GT85 to eventually break the rust bonding. The other one I had to drill out with a 4mm bit, before then having to hammer like hell from the rear of the disc to finally get it off the wheel hub. I then gently drilled out the rest of the screws shank with a 5mm bit before retapping the hole to M6 1.0 (the thread diameter and pitch of the screw). It all went back together very well (this time with a LOT of anti-seize ali-grease)! 6.5hrs in total 2hrs left side, 4.5hrs right side 😳 quick 10 min test drive and they felt very sharp and no low temp squealing when braking. Silverstone on the 24th will be the real test. 👍🏻
  10. Not at this rate, cos I won’t be driving anywhere... The joys of DIY maintenance - left side went like a dream. Right side stuck as f**k 🤬 Time for drills and bigger hammers - not the obvious tools of choice to take to your Porsche... 😳😱🥺
  11. New ‘toys’ just arrived to keep me busy this wknd. really looking forward to feeling the difference with the slotted Sebro discs and Brembo sport pads vs drilled sebro discs and textar pads I’ve used the previous 3 years, especially at Silverstone next month 🏎🤪 the Brembo pads look so shiny-silver cool and are so beautifully packaged that I may not fit them at, rather I’ll just display them on the rear passenger shelf instead.... 🤩😁
  12. It’s a sign for sure.... 😉🏎🤪👍🏻
  13. Are you aware of anywhere selling cayman R springs, other than an OPC obviously? Are the R springs the same as the 987 spyder (or thereabouts)? cheers
  14. Looks like a piece of carbon art!😍 id be interested to know how the metal spring clips wear on the holes in the lid when they’re inserted / removed. Having just had to pry them all out of mine recently to access the lid damping weight. Might his damage the carbon fibre? And also, would this necessitate a different lid damping weight (as the lid will be lighter)? 🤔 and how would the weight be fitted to the carbon lid - do you have threaded inserts in its ‘holes’? 🤔
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