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  1. No worries Dougle. Hope you got them sorted. I had one of the anti-vibe plates stick in a front calliper when I changed my pads last year. i think one of the ali ‘studs’ on the plate has possibly corroded into the piston barrel in the calliper. Couldn’t see how to get it out without taking the caliper off to get it on a bench, and I had no desire to start ‘breaching’ the brake fluid system. so I left that plate in for now. It’s doing it’s job still, but when I next replace the pads I’ll get a garage to do it and they can sort it. 👍🏻 I don’t time myself, I’m not quick and I’m just there for fun 😃 I was doing 40 mile lap stints, which seemed to take 30-35 minutes before I was tired and brakes were softening. At a ~4 mile lap that would be 10 laps in 30-35 minutes so I guess about 3’30 a lap? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Aye, MSV had their photographers around the track. Should receive an email mo day from them with a link to photos 👍🏻 I dont have any of that fancy in car go-pro tech - anyone watching it would think it was in slooooooow-moooooooo anyway 😉😆
  3. Hey 748, it was damp and greasy in places in the morning but a good line dried out throughout the day. with the length of lap, and the long straights (longest is 1km and was hitting 125-135mph on that one) the tyres warmed up quickly. Dropped them by 5-6psi (back down to book pressures) after my first session out and they seemed to stay at F:32 & R:34 all day and maintained grip pretty well 👍🏻
  4. A perfect weather day, and really enjoyed the ~4mile lap length GT circuit, some great fast straights and plenty of bends / curves variety 👍🏻 And unusually runs anti-clockwise.... Some great carnography - Maclaren (not sure which one, they all look the same to me 😳), R8 spyder, Litchfield GTR, elises and exiges etc, handfull of 911s, and only 1 Cayman 😉 car was faultless, handling 200 track miles and returning me home without so much as a murmur 👍🏻
  5. Potentially controversial, but (if I had £65k) I think I’d wait for the PDK to come out 😵 - and I love my manual 987.....😍 But having played with both a 718 cayman GTS (4-pot turbo) and 992 both with PDKs at the PEC I can see the appeal both on track, and in ‘daily’ traffic. I think I’d miss the manual shifting when it came to some engaging twisties in the highlands or an alpine passes type trip 🤔 (now steps back as touch paper lit...) 🤪
  6. Mmmh, I was thinking of this one at Silverstone on Saturday 2nd 🤔 https://www.trackdays.co.uk/book/cartrackday/13432/ saves me taking a day of holiday off for it. just waiting to see how this Saturday at Bedford goes first, and what the long range weather forecast for that wknd in Feb looks like.
  7. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/general/porsche-718-4-0-gts--the-flat-six-is-back/41659 the sound..... music to my ears 😍😍😍
  8. Near the Morrison’s roundabout - we flashed, we waved, it was fleeting, yet thrilling none the less.... 😉🏎👍🏻🤪
  9. I’m gonna buy em all to corner the market, put em all in my ‘private collection’, then drip feed one out for sale every 3-5 years for a 6-figure+ sum..... just like the real ones 😉
  10. Would be great to meet you there Dougle - hope you decide to do this one, am really interested in all your many track performances mods and would love to see your car ‘in the flesh’ 👍🏻
  11. Just booked on, and with a 10% saving promocode 2020SALE10 https://www.msvtrackdays.com/car/calendar/2020/jan/18-ba/ I was too late to get a space for this years Porsche RS day at Oulton Park and need a new year fix ASAP... 😵🥴😉🏎👍🏻🤪
  12. Aye it sure is 748. lego do a whole range called speed champions. Think they’ve done them since 2015, I’ve only just become aware over Xmas. They have some fab Porsche stuff and it’s pretty reasonably priced. this 930 was £13 from Argos, but you try finding one now - they’re already on amazon and eBay for £20+. ive bought 2 - one to build (and play with 😉), the other to leave boxed in the loft for 20 years and then sell it for enough to clear whatever remains on my mortgage.... 🤪
  13. 😉🏎😁👍🏻 Xmas pressie ‘built’ - full resto.....
  14. Marvellous news Craig, thanks for sorting it out so early. think I’ll come and play at this this year. 👍🏻🏎🏎🏎😁
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