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  1. Take the 25kg sack of spuds out the frunk... 😉😁👍🏻
  2. It does look low at the front, like the wheels actually up in the arch 🤔😮 Thanks for posting the photos. Do you know your new geo settings?
  3. C’mon then @Lennym1984 let’s see a photo or 2 - plenty of time to shuffle cars around at the wknd 😉 I’m also following Beanoirs suspension change (see his thread on the Koni Special Adaptive Dampers) - between yours and his choices (albeit his is on a 996) it’ll be interesting to see & feel the different end results 🤔👍🏻
  4. Manning regular car insurance includes for 10UK trackdays per annum, so long as the trackday / track is operated by an ATDO member (eg MSV, javelin etc). Your XS just increases to 10% of the insured value of the car for the trackday. I presume they’d charge some sort of premium to extend the cover to the Ring, and perhaps only then for a dedicated track day, not an open ‘tourist’ day 🤔🤷‍♂️ I went to the Ring in 2006 in a Mitsubishi FTO GPX and thought I was ‘givin some’ (which of course I wasn’t at all really), until a family of 4 went hurtling past me in a Merc CLS500 with
  5. “...Steadeeeeeee...” 🤣🤣🤣 Lovely drop into and free of traffic line around Karussel - nicely done. 👍🏻
  6. I found these part numbers for specifically CR coil-springs in the 987 parts catalogue: front: 987-343-531-40 (+504 for a pair ‘set’) rear: 987-333-531-1M (+504 pr) or 987-333-531-96 (+504 pr). I can’t tell which one is for manual vs PDK though. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Thanks again Lenny for the pointer on the source for R springs 👍🏻
  8. Sounds perfect and exactly what I’m after Lenny. Yes a trip over to see and ‘feel’ it once set up would be much appreciated. I really noticed the difference in skittishness whilst up in Scotland driving with a mate - we swapped cars at one point and I was quicker in his 20yr old 2.7 Bx on stock original set up than in mine because his suspension just soaked up the road imperfections whereas mine bounced me all over them 🤔🙄🤷‍♂️
  9. How many fingers can you get in now? 😯🤪 ie on my stock I can fit 4 in (with hand vertical) up to 2nd knuckle between arch and wheel - approx 55mm I think 🤔 id like about a 30-35mm gap for aesthetics. where did you spurce the R springs from - OPC?
  10. This is a very interesting thread and I’d love to see how the car sits and how it’s ride feels, and how it handles after a proper full geo set up. id like to address the ‘bouncy’ / skittish nature on typical a Bucks / U.K. roads of my 987 S stock suspension (and lessen the 4x4 vehicle style wheel arch gap), but without compromising road manners. I do trackday it, but I don’t want an outright ‘track-rat’ car. Ohlins R&T seem like the likely route, but at £2.5k + fitting and other components refresh it becomes prohibitively expensive. And I’m not that interested in adjusting settin
  11. I had my clutch replaced last year at a local Indy, £320 for a Sachs OE spec clutch kit (friction plate, pressure plate, thrust bearing) + £550 for labour. They also needed to replace the DMF (I just went for like for like rather than lightened), which was an additional £925 just for the part (it’s a LUK branded item, but could only source direct from OPC 🙁🙄). The labour was no extra as they were already in there doing the clutch. So £2k for supply & fitting of OE spec clutch and non OE LFW seems a little steep - how much is a decent LFW?
  12. A minor update on this as I’ve not been that ‘bothered’ by the fact my PSE is in ‘loud’ constantly 🤭🤫 Contacted design911 today to order one of their (35% the price of an OE part) Design Tek PSE valve actuators to replace my unserviceable one. ‘Sorry sir’ that component is not listed in our system as fitting the 987 cayman’ (but does fit the 996 & 997 🤔🤷‍♂️). Phoned Porsche Silverstone OPC to get price and correct part no. from them... ‘Sorry sir our system shows that part cannot be bought separately. You have to buy the complete silencer. Tha
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