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  1. Well they’re not even real Porsche’s anyway.... 🤔 cayenne = re-badged & overpriced VW Touareg = re-badged & overpriced Skoda Karoq 😝😉😁🤪
  2. My pedal went very light, and the clutch ‘take up’ became almost binary on/off, rather than with a progressive degree of slip. Id always thought the clutch bite point seemed high, from first buying in 2017, but thought its ‘just a Porsche thing’... Some of The sprung ‘fingers’ on the pressure plate had snapped. And the DMF failed its rotational test. So, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’... 🤪 Now the bite point is ‘immediate’ and feels far more progressive as it takes up the slip. I also think it ‘feels’ like a more ‘effective’ Engine to gearbox transfer of energy - ie, like nowts being wasted via the clutch and DMF - but this is totally subjective, and probably my way of justifying the £1900 bill to myself 😉🤔
  3. Hi Daz, I probably will, it’s only 30-40 minutes drive from me. Ill let let you know if I buy tickets and we could maybe meet up to convoy in? Jason
  4. Give Centre gravity (Warwick) a call and have a chat with them for ideas - they’re Porsche suspension wizards 🧙‍♂️😉👍🏻
  5. That is a great price for both clutch kit and DMF. Just had both mine replaced (see my other post on the 987 forum somewhere), and for a 987.2 S the parts came to ~£1250 (and the ONLY place you can buy a gen 2 S DMF is porsche sadly 😠). As woodhouse states earlier, be prepared for 5-6hrs of labour costa potentially, largely to remove the corroded exhaust fixings.... 🤨 hope the job goes well 748, I was surprised at how much difference a new clutch has made 👍🏻
  6. Hi Braveheart, Its down to something called the ‘ackerman’ effect - something to do with the geometry of the steered wheels once turned and the different ‘rate of rotation’ between the inner and outer tread blocks - causes them to ‘stretch’ between inner and outer contact-patch surfaces. Its only noticeable at very low (ie Parking) speeds, and when on full(ish) lock and more so on certain surfaces than others. Loads of of us on this forum have had that ‘oh crap what’s wrong with my newly acquired money-pit of a porker’ Moment upon first experiencing it 😱😮 welcome to the COC matey - lucky you with a manual 981 GTS 😍👍🏻
  7. Are you selling your R Julian? i can’t open the eBay ad link whilst in Egypt for some reason. Im back in the U.K. on the 28th, I’ll take a looky then. What are you asking for it?
  8. Didn’t realise you still had any ‘voting rights’ Nick since you ‘jumped ship’ and bought ya yellow-peril 🚕😉😛😁
  9. As requested.... I just don’t know why the original buyer didn’t spec my centre console in white too, when he did all the other bits. And yes, the rear parcel shelf surround trim does look good in body colour (AND adds 10BHP.... 😉👍🏻)
  10. I expect a COC Mod’ to be along any moment now to tell you off for ‘other marque’ blasphemy.... 😱🤨😉😁
  11. Sadly I don’t have a 718 S, nor do I live in the USA, but I’ll shamelessly fawn over the fact that one of the co-hosts of one of the best online car ‘video-mags’ is now a member of the COC 😍😁 i love your cayman generations episode from season 2 - very objectively presented, and I like that you and Todd actually drew some (differing 😉) conclusions as to the ‘best’ (obviously a 987R 🤪), where many car-shows would ‘cop-out’ and say ‘they’re all equally great, in their own ways....’. Nice reporting gents, keep the episodes coming and I hope you find a 718S owner stateside soon 👍🏻
  12. I think it looks great 👍🏻 As you say the R has colour-coding, and i found my S with various interior trim pieces (cupholder strip, gear-gaitor surround, rear parcel-shelf cubby holes) exterior paint coded, but strangely not the centre console. Having removed my console a cpuple of weeks back relatively easily I’ve thought I’d like to colour code it over the winter whilst off the road. Ive been quoted £220 for removal, paint and refit. As I’m now comfortable doing the removal and fit myself I wonder how much the painting alone would cost - what have you paid for the colour-coding if you’re willing to say on here? cheers, Jason
  13. Shameless cost cutting exercise by Porsche then, replace a £5metal part with a 50p moulded plastic part between gen1 to gen 2... 🤔 It’s probably made of chocolate on 981s, and marshmallow fluff on 982s.... 🤨😳 🤪
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