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  1. That mesh size looks very similar to the zunsport grilles mesh ‘grade’. With that size I’ve had no temperature issues even on track.
  2. I second Lenny - the clank sounds like a drop link, or control arm (front or rear). i had a similar noise in mine earlier this year and it was the rear right control (aka ‘coffin’) arm. get a mate to stand outside the car whilst you drive at slow speeds in forward and reverse over some sort of ‘sharp’ speedramp - they might hear the metallic ‘clank’ and at least pin point if it’s occuring when you’re front or rear axle travels over the bump / ramp. happy motoring 👍🏻
  3. Good for you and well done in making that dream a reality. I’m sure you’ll love your new Porker 🤩👍🏻
  4. You can indeed get a map update that also gives you full 6-digit postcode input ability too. when I enquired a couple of years ago at OPC Silverstone it was about £200 / £250 I think. + I needed the PCM firmware updating first (I think mines at 1.3?), which was another £200ish. i can’t remember what the latest maps version is, but it might be as old as 2016 (unless there’s a newer update now available). you can find update discs on eBay, but I believe you need a Porsche provided code inputted via PIWIS to ‘unlock’ the update. some Folks on here have just replaced the head unit with one with Apple / android car play, again for £00s I bought a £10 phone cradle and use Google maps on my phone instead 😉😁
  5. No worries Cliff - unfortunately my mates brother no longer has any contact details for the buyer of his car. 🙁 I’ve asked him to ask his brother if he can remember which number it was, will report back if he can remember.
  6. I’d also suggest your spongy brakes may simply need fresh brake fluid, and a proper PIWIS activated brake bleed. what’s the mileage and how well documented is the service history? i had a dealer warranty for 12 months from Cridfords - nothing broke in that time. since then I’ve had all the usual stuff need changing on a 10+ year old 987; ie: cross over coolant pipes, coffin arms, battery, condensers, PSE actuator valves. None of it hugely expensive (if you use Indy’s) and some of it DIYable if youre capable with spanners and have time and space for the car to be off the road. it’s very unlikely you’ll have a major failure (engine / gearbox / main electronic control unit). I’d suggest budget for some replacements/repairs over the next 2-3 years and save that away as your contingency pot rather than spend out on a ‘mechanical breakdown insurance policy’ (it’s not really a warranty). If you don’t have any repair bills then you still have the pot of money at the end to put into your next car 😉👍🏻
  7. A Porker owning friend of mines brother owned a viper green sport edition a couple of years ago. He sold it onto a guy called Daniel Pitchford in Cardiff. my friend was contacted by Tom from 911Virgin about his brothers car just this week, so I’m guessing all paths of enquiry are now converging (towards Mr Pitchford in Cardiff 😉) - good luck with your search 👍🏻
  8. And it’s even kept ‘under ground for best condition’ - it must live in a James Bond villain’s lair…. 🤔🤨🤣
  9. Wait till May next year, buy mine for £25.5k. learn to love white (it is the best colour anyway 😉) and realise that a manual 987 is the most connected drivers car you could ever wish for… 😁
  10. Because I need it for an already booked (earlier this year) Porsche only road tour to the champagne region in April ‘22, after which I will then sell the car in May. 👍🏻
  11. That car needs some black PORSCHE decals down the side… (like mine 😉) My car will be for sale in May next year 👍🏻
  12. Brembo HP2000 sport pad - for a 987. 2 S they’re about £120 from design 911. I’ve done ~7000k miles including ~6 trackdays (150-200 lap-miles on each track day) on a set of fronts (with sebro slotted discs) and they still have about 4/5mm on them. they’re not a true track/race pad - but I think they’re a good blend of sufficient cold bite for safe (and squeal free) road driving and seem to stand up well on track, but I’m not a heavy breaker. I’ve never used ds2500 or mintex so can’t comment on a comparison to them.
  13. I’m blown away with how quick you both are and how quick the car is! well driven both - PDK with sport chrono clearly enhancing the car. 👍🏻
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