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  1. Thanks Jo, I will call next week to pay my reservation fee. Cheers Jason
  2. @Beanoir - I’m a definite yes. This will be a great day out with some fellow caymanites 🏎😁👍🏻 Just let me know what you need paying and when to where.
  3. @Mavrik - 23rd too, during the day. Doing a charity passenger laps thing with a few other guys in various cars in aid of muscular dystrophy. Did it last year too 👍🏻 Of course assumig i havent binned the car at anglesey the wknd before 😱😲🤪😁😉
  4. Hey Dougle, The ‘high carbon’ sebro fronts - are they the performance slotted ones? And what pads did you for in the end? ive completely cancelled the CP4L order of the slotted rears now, and design911 no longer have them listed either. So I’m assuming they might be completely discontinued 🤔😲☹️
  5. Did 5 track days last year and plan to do 6-8 this year. Oulton Park RS day - March PCGB Anglesey - May Brands open pit - May CAT DT @ Millbrook - July PCGB Donnington - Aug Cadwell - TBC Bedford Autodrome ‘How Fast’ - TBC total annual miles ~5000, of which on track ~150 per day/event. The rest is ‘spirited’ early Sunday morning drives (March - first signs of frosts / snow) and maybe 1 longish annual ‘cruise’ up north / Scotland to visit friends / family.
  6. I completely agree and have tuition at every track day that I do; I’ve also been to the PEC twice for tuition and have used a guy called Neil Furber who runs a business called 7/10ths driving tuition. Also just ‘signed up’ for the CAT DT session with some of the other guys on here. All that said, and returning to my original question (whilst appreciating the various opinions of esteemed fellow caymanites), anyone recently bought sebro slotted rear discs? Where from that had them in stock?
  7. Pads are currently just standard (textar) on standard drilled discs fr & rr. Stainless braided hoses and ATE TYP200 ‘race fluid’ just recently fitted. No idea of times, dare not time myself in case I start trying to ‘beat the clock’ and end up falling off the track in a fit of over enthusiasm (had a minor detour off the tarmac at Oulton Park RS day week before last... 😲😱🤪). But I did ‘feel’ quicker this year than last - increased confidence in car, hopefully slightly better driving by me (had some track & PEC tuition last year), and improved braking consistency and ‘stamina’ presumably from hoses and fluid change. Ie this year I did 10-12 lap sessions between ‘pitting’, as opposed to 5-6 last year.
  8. Thanks Aaron, for the reasons I’ve expressed above I had set my mind on the slotted sebros, just a case of finding some...
  9. Thanks mate - after much trawling the wonderweb and reading articles, opinion etc I had set my mind on sebro slotted, so that’s what I wanted and ordered. May need to reconsider if they’re no longer available elsewhere... 🤔🙄 Also, I’d ordered textar pads at the same time, which have been delivered. So I’m a little reluctant to order the ‘bundle’ you’ve linked to as I’d have wasted money on the textars. The eBay ad doesn’t state which Mintex pads are supplied - do you know?
  10. Hey Trickle - as per Mavricks comment, and based on some other articles I’ve read, drilled look nice and are fine for road, but can incur stress cracks from heat cycling on track. A number of articles ive read (not just forum opinion) suggest grooved (or even solid!) are better for track.
  11. Ordered some of the sebro slotted ‘performance’ rear discs from CP4L back in early Feb, still not received them and been informed they can no longer obtain them (presumably from sebro). These (987.2 S): https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Porsche_Cayman_3.4_2010/p/car-parts/brake-friction/car-brakes/brake-discs/?104337652&1&0c9107aa39dd523a6e8aba19ab15f8c990d10cde&000027 Anyone bought any of these recently? From where?
  12. A bit late in posting my thanks, but thanks to Nick (Beanoir) and Steve (Bushman) for arranging the meet at shuttleworth again. Its a perfect venue with ample parking, decent grub and good road access 👍🏻
  13. Count me in Nick for the 19th - I need all the training I can get... 🤨😉 🏎🏎🏎🤪👍🏻
  14. Hey Nick, I’m a ‘defo’ now, confirmed with SWMBO 👍🏻 Im also bringing 2 local cayman owners not on this forum (met them last year via the PCGB) - one has a 718 GTS, the other a 987 S in viper green. Hope that’s ok.
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