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  1. Aye a very good point Rich, I also overinflated all 4 tyres to 45psi whilst winter ‘cocooned’ - will obviously adjust back down before driving anywhere. 👍🏻
  2. Just bought a set of 4 from these guys: https://www.qualitycarcovers.co.uk/ currently on sale with 15% off - so cost was £170 incl P&P. theyre made from a composite of rubber chippings with a grippy backing on the underside so they don’t slip on the garage floor as you drive on to them. They’re much better than the cheap plastic fiamma caravan tyre ones that just slide along the floor. I think theyre expensive for what they are (recycled rubber bits bonded together in a moulded shape) , but if it saves £800 worth of tyres from flat-spotting over ~4 months of relatively little use through the winter I think they’re worth it. Also got my amazon special cosmos car cover on (thanks again @sevenfourate for the recommendation) 👍🏻
  3. Yep, booked in. Am also at Silverstone the night before for a PCGB R10 Xmas knees up and grub 🍾🥂🎉👍🏻 (So might be a little jaded at Bicester🥴)
  4. So I’ve wanted the fancy-pants (shiny metal 3-spoke) sports design steering wheel for my manual 987 since buying the car in 2017, but always thought it was a nice to have rather than ‘need to have’, and therefore set about some good old fashioned saving for it via a rather nice personalised ‘piggy bank’ pot my kids got me one Xmas, into which £2 & £1 coins go. I reckon it might hold £800-£1000 once full. When I started saving the sports design wheel from design911 was £650 + 20% VAT. 2018 it was on at ~£750 +VAT. Earlier this year it was up around £900 +VAT. Now my pots almost full I go online to buy it and it’s at £1065 +VAT!!!!! 😮 Holy fushizzle 😱 i really want the wheel, but nearly £1300 for a steering wheel (not including the airbag module) is ridiculous. Especially when I believe it was just a £150 option box ‘back in the day’ (why oh why didn’t everyone just tick it....?). As id also like a suspension upgrade next year I’m suddenly thinking - would it be ‘cheaper’ to buy a 987 R that already has the sports design wheel and the sportier suspension especially as autotrader had a stunning grey manual one with 36k miles on this week for ‘only’ £38k (queue blokenomics man-maths moment to justify such an upgrade to myself and SWMBO) 🤔 Discuss.... 😉😁
  5. Oh I have to do a euro trip to some alpine passes next summer/autumn and take in Spa enroute, or on way back, it just looks sublime. 🤩👍🏻
  6. Thanks again Steve - so much knowledge on this stuff 👍🏻
  7. That does look EPIC! love the whole ‘squirmy’ moment right at the end of the video as you come out of the corner at the end of the paddock straight - conveniently the video ends then... 🤪😉😁 (Hope you recovered it though 🥺👍🏻)
  8. I bought Meyle rear coffin arms previously from: https://www.frazerpart.com/ i found them to be cheaper than design911 (but then most places are incl. OPCs... 🤨). as a brand, Meyle are very good quality aftermarket parts (I.e., manufactured in Europe, not cheap Chinese copies) - eg their coffin arms bushes have the same shore (stiffness) rating as the OEM, and in fact the centre bushing is slightly harder than OEM, which should provide greater component longevity. I replaced my coffin arms around April 2017, have done ~10 track days since and no signs/symptoms of bushing wear/deformation. There is Meyle app too that you can ID the part numbers from. I will certainly use Meyle parts again for ‘stock’ suspension/steering component replacements as and when they need doing.
  9. @Bushman - I knew you’d know the engineering behind it 😉. Cheers Steve. 👍🏻 Re ‘bolt-stretch’ - Whats your thoughts on whether bolts should be replaced periodically? i.e., do they ‘over stretch’ after multiple removals and re-torques and therefore new bolts might be advisable after ‘x’ number of torque applications? 🤔 Cheers, Jason
  10. Hi Rich, Starting with the obvious ‘diagnostic Qs’ (apologies in advance if this is all teaching your granny how to suck eggs - no patronising intended) : have you checked all bulbs are serviceable and correctly seated? (Have you recently fitted aftermarket LED bulbs?) have you checked relevant fuses for the headlamps? are there any lighting circuit relays that operate the main / dipped bulbs (check your owners manual) - might these have failed / become loose? i suspect the cayman runs on some sort of canbus system that operates the lights rather than relays, that being the case there will be an electronic control unit (ECU) for the lighting subsystem somewhere in the car - perhaps it has developed a fault, which might mean a replacement unit. Have you got any fault messages showing in the multifunction display in the speedo? possibly an earth fault somewhere in the lighting circuit - ie the supply that would power the main/dipped bulbs is shorted straight to earth somewhere. If none of the obvious ‘shine a light’ on the problem (sorry, couldn’t resist an awful pun 🙄😁) then have you got a local Porsche Indy specialist or good auto electrician that could diagnose for you? good luck tracking the problem down matey, hope you find and sort it soon 👍🏻
  11. On greasing the bolts - the owners manual specifies aluminium grease, and only on the threads - not the actual ‘sheath’ (cap) surface that contacts the wheel. I dont know what effects lithium / other greases might have on achieving the correct (130NM on a 987) torque on the bolts. And possibly grease between the sheath part of the bolt and the wheel surface might prevent the wheel from being ‘firmly gripped’ once torqued? 🤔 maybe a proper engineer like @Bushman can offer some insight?
  12. Welcome ‘back’ Nick, will sign up this week whilst away with work. The Piston Works sounds like a mighty fine plan ambition - best of luck and hoping it’s a rip-roaring success for you 😁 👍🏻
  13. She’s a looker for sure 😍 - great colour combo, lucky man 👍🏻 welcome to the COC matey (unfortunate but affectionately used acronym... 😉)
  14. I’m actually looking forward to the 987 models approaching / entering a near ‘classic’ status - though I guess that won’t even start to be the case for another 5-10 years really 🤔 i think the 987 / 997 present such a contradiction, ie at ~10yo they still feel highly capable and ‘undated’ compared to most other modern cars. Yet, compared to 981/991, and 982/992, they feel positively simplistic and ‘unsynthesised’ / analogue in a sense that older classics seem to evoke. Such is the pace of development of Stuttgart’s finest ponies... 😉 Just one (of many) reason(s) I love the cayman 😍😁👍🏻
  15. Presumably your supplying dealer will be able to advise you, as I expect you’re under OPC warranty still (2019 car) you’ll need to stick with OEM fit wheels and N-rated tyres🤔. But for what it’s worth I’ve used Nokian (a Finnish brand) winter tyres on our family SUV the past 6 years and they’ve been great.
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