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  1. A little surprised PCGB are marketing their track days already given current uncertainties, but they’re refundable in the event of COVID cancellation 🤷‍♂️ I want something petrolheady to look forward to and I loved Silverstone last year so didn’t want to miss out this year before it fills up. 🏎🤪👍🏻
  2. Everdays a school day 😁 I never knew that, yet it makes complete sense - very interesting. 😯 now we just need to employ a bunch of Nanas to knit us all seat covers🪡🪡 😉👍🏻
  3. Aye, I try to come away with some sort of sign from each Project😉
  4. Oh, and a selection of Porker ‘goodies’ to fit in a couple of weeks time when I take the bumpers off for Feb’s respraying.
  5. I like your doors Nick - that’s what id like to change to in our place. 👍🏻 I’ve been getting into vegan cooking - I’m not vegan / veggie, but I just want to eat less meat for both health and sustainability reasons. So I tend to spend some time at the wknds making something out of a great book I got for Xmas called Dirty Vegan. 🤪 This weeks ‘serving’ - chickpea and spinach ‘kickshaws’ (like a samosa-pasty) - I’ve scoffed 5 of them already since lunchtime 😁
  6. Millers nano drive race oil 5W 40 👍🏻
  7. Im most impressed by the fact that you have a cocktail bar in your garage... 🍸🍹🧉🥃🍾🥂 🤪
  8. Looking at current prices of both B6 & B8 (non damptonic) on the bilsteinsuspensionstore.co.uk they are ~£1100 and £1120 respectively for a full set of 4 (prices seem to have increased since Brexit 🙄🤨), the R dampers (with PCGB discount) are ‘only’ ~£1200, so barely any cost difference between them currently. And I presume better to have the matched set than ‘mixed’? 🤔
  9. Not sure - the cars getting a detail with paint correction and ceramic coat in March, so I’ve asked the Detailer if he’d consider fitting them between the paint correction and the ceramic coating. If he won’t then I’ll fit before it goes to him and he’ll have to work (carefully) around the decals. 🤔
  10. I received 3 samples from John at design stuff online. gloss black - too shiny IMO. anodised black - different, slight metallic fleck in it, looked kind of like very dark grey / anthracite under my poor garage lights. matte black - slight satin sheen to it. ive ordered the matte ones. thanks for pointers to design stuff online Syer and Nick. 👍🏻
  11. @Lennym1984 - agree with your point above re trackdayed cars as ‘pariahs’. I service mine religiously every year with typically 6k miles in the year, using the best oil and fluids etc and ensure that brakes, suspension etc are checked regularly and replaced immediately if/when worn. And whilst it gets driven hard for about 1000 track miles in a year, the other 5k are merely spirited with a lot of mechanical sympathy for the car. I suspect many 2-3yr PCP cars that never see a track get ragged senseless with barely a minor service change in their first 3 years of life before
  12. Found this thread on Rennlist from a 987.2 owner who installed B6s with R springs (+ other component refreshes). https://rennlist.com/forums/987-981-forum/1127502-from-981-cs-to-base-987-2-the-story-continues-6.html#post15928497 Raises another possible option that a number of us are interested in / are pursuing / have pursued - ie, achieve an improved ‘look’ and / or ride & handling and refreshed suspension on our now ageing 987 models (can’t believe my ‘old gal’ is 11 yo this March - and yes I am referring to my Cayman there, not SWMBO 😉😱). Though he doe
  13. John wrote that the matte does have a slight sheen to it, so that’s probably the route to go. your points re swirls and scratches showing up more on gloss decals are good ones that I’d not considered. So I think I’ll most likely go with the the matte. 👍🏻
  14. Have corresponded with John at designstuffonline today and he informed me that he doesn’t do a satin finish - just gloss, matte and a slightly metallic finish. He’s offered to send me some samples, which I’ve accepted. will let you know my thoughts once they’ve arrived.
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