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  1. I have a 987.2 S, when I was buying it I tried both the 2.9 and 3.4, and went for the more powerful S because I wanted the extra power and (more so) torque as I intended to track it. When I’m out on the road the 3.4 feels more than quick enough, until I’m sat behind a 3.8 911, and then I feel very slow. 🤨🤷‍♂️ On track, no matter what you have, there is always someone quicker - either quicker car, or better driving. 🙄😳 As a counter perspective, I recently picked up a 2000 plate 986 2.7 boxster 5spd for a friend and brought it home for a week and absolutely loved it!🤩 Why? Because it was so much easier and safer to ‘wring out’ the 2.7 to hear the flat-6 wail, yet still be going at reasonable speeds. And the 5spd meant you could hold onto the revs more before shifting up (longer ratios perhaps?). Whereas my 6spd 3.4 is doing 80 by 4500rpm in 3rd before I’ve even got into the ‘fun zone’ of the Rev range and exhaust noise. And it still returned 32mpg at 70mph pulling 2600rpm in 5th. Not bad for a 20 yr old 147k porker 😉👍🏻 Drive as many examples of both types as you can and see which is most comfortable and fun for you? Could you stretch to a gen 2 PDK 2.9? Id suggest, other than a straight line ‘drag race’, its possibly as quick as a 987.1S with the rapid shifts of the PDK box... 🤔
  2. Manning Insurance policies include 10UK trackdays per year, so long as the event is organised and managed by a member of the ATDO (eg MSV, Javelin, etc). http://www.atdo.co.uk/atdo.php?pg=members&ls=all With Manning your excess increases to 10% of vehicle value on a trackday. https://manninguk.com/automotive-insurance/automotive-porsche-car-insurance.php
  3. Just booked as it’s the nearest, and earliest, non-week day session that isn’t already fully booked 😳 am on reserve list for Bedford GT Cct all-dayer for Sat 6th too 🤞🤞🤞
  4. Thanks for letting me know Lee 👍🏻 Hope fitting goes without issue, and enjoy the ‘free-er’ engine aspiration 😉
  5. Thanks Gert, will do - I presume I’ll have to get under the car again to get to the Y-splitter 🤔
  6. Bit of an update on this: Both valve actuators (the moving-thingy on each rear silencer just up behind the bumper) have full free range of movement by hand - they have a tendency to stick in one position or other. The ‘push-rods’ from the actuators to the silencers are undamaged and appear connected - these can sometimes snap. The vacuum pump is assumed to be working as it provides vacuum to other systems (eg brakes servo), and these work, so.... 🤷‍♂️ I replaced the Vacuum solenoid switch in the engine compartment with a brand new one from Porsche. During fitting I checked the vacuum draw to/from the 2 pipes connecting to the solenoid and they seem fine (so assuming no holes/leaks in these pipes). so I’m at a bit of a loss now. The only other ‘component’ in the PSE system is one of the electronic control units through which the PSE operation signals pass (under passenger seat I think). ok, so it’s not the worst problem in the world to have that I can’t switch off my sports exhaust, but it bugs me that I have a switchable exhaust that isn’t working 🤨 any thoughts 🤔
  7. Got the car back on Tuesday with a new OE Porsche supplied pump fitted - no leaks / drips, problem solved 👍🏻 Supplied and fitted by DS Automotive in Aylesbury, Bucks (used previously for my clutch replacement last year), a former privateer Porsche race team mechanic, always has unique cars up on his ramps and lots of porkers. http://www.dsautomotives.co.uk/ £560 (incl VAT) comprised of: pump £320 coolant £60 2.2hrs labour £180
  8. All posted gents, see photo for your Royal Mail track and trace Code highlighted to your Respective post codes. use this link: https://www.royalmail.com/business/track-your-item#/ hope they arrive safely for you all before the wknd. Jason
  9. I think my inbox must be full, I’ll empty it now. All grilles will be in the post tomorrow. Jason
  10. Desnorked (baffle ‘plate’ only removed, snorkel tube retained in place), and 3D grille fitted - jobs a good ‘un 👍🏻 I used this ‘how to’ for side vent removal: Now to test drive tonight 🏎😀
  11. Good news Gents, the grilles have arrived with me today and all in perfect order. They were incredibly well wrapped and protected from Marcos @cadporsche 👍🏻 I will try to get them posted Thursday or Friday so you hopefully Receive them for the wknd. can you please each PM me with your address (I think I have 2 already via PayPal, but easier if you just all message me via here), please include: COC ‘name’ real name full address grille colour saves me having to trawl through this message thread thanks. Jason
  12. Ah-ha, I knew there would be an obvious explanation, thanks Andrea 👍🏻
  13. To ask an obvious question - what is the benefit of a bigger disc, if your caliper and thus pads remain the same size? arent you just still applying The same Amount of friction material (ie, pad) surface area to the same contact surface area on the disc? 🤔 is the bigger disc benefit from simply having more material for heat transfer from The braking? if I could only remember my mech’ engineering learnings from 30 years ago I’d be able to work out if applying a clamping force to a rotating mass further out on the radius from its centre afforded greater stopping force.... 🤔 what have You decided to go for in the end? have you upgraded the master cylinder too Doug?
  14. They’ve landed in the U.K. already 😮👍🏻😁🇬🇧
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