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  1. Cheers Dougle. I found a 996 wiring diagram (obviously different to 997/987, but have some similarities...) and it shows he seat belt warning system being linked with airbags via the SRS control unit - so that makes sense that the airbag light is now on. It it also shows the belt buckle has 400ohm resistance in it, which corroborates with the measurement I took. I do now think it’s the buckle microswtich that’s at fault. A new buckle is £140 from design 911, but I bet the switch is pence 🤨 doesn’t look like the buckle comes apart (without breaking it). So so think I’ll need to order one, fit it, and then have an excuse to drive out (like I ever need an excuse to drive her) to you for an airbag light reset. Can also have a good look round your mods then too 👍🏻
  2. I’m about 30miles / 1hr away in Bucks. Where will you be travelling in from?
  3. My whole yellow connector is different to yours in the photo. Mines 2halves that clip together, and has 3 other cables going into it on one side (I presume seat load sensor, heating element supply and seat adjustment control/supply) - the other half has a combined electrical loom plugged in that disappears into the floor. For now I’ve disconnected the seat belt buckle cable out of the yellow connector, which appears to kill the seat belt warning light and bing-bong chime. But now I have an airbag warning light oh FFS... 😤 pah...
  4. Thanks both Steve and Dougle, this is very helpful intel. so - I’ve unshipped the yellow connections housing from under the seat and then disconnected it. Mines a little different to yours dougle - it’s got additional cables for the electric seat adjustment. But i identified the seat seat belt receptacle cable in the loom, and which 2 pins the blue and yellow cables go to. Ive continuity checked between the pins both with the seat belt clipped in, and out, of the receptacle. In both instances it reads 400ohms. So there’s resistance there whether the belts clipped in or not. I’d have expected there to be nil resistance (ie total continuity) with the belt clipped in. Interestingly, I’ve started the car without sitting in the seat, with the belt clipped in and it still gives me the warning. And, with the yellow connector disconnected I get no seat belt warning, but I also lose electric seat adjustment. Which makes me think: 1) the seat ‘thinks’ someone’s sat in it even when not 2) the belt receptacle is not registering when it’s clipped in Strange / low probability that both functions would ‘fail’ simultaneously... could you do me a favour please and check on yours, if you start without sitting in the seat, does the seat belt warning light illuminate or not, before clipping the belt in? i can’t see anything under the seat that is the actual ‘load sensor’ for someone sitting in it 🧐🤔 thanks gents.
  5. Got in car to return from Porches on the Prom and the seatbelt warning dash light and ‘bing-bong’ chime are on - thankfully the chime stops after 2 minutes, or it would have driven me mad for 4hrs driving back. But it every time I switch off, get out, and then get back in and turn the ignition and drive off over 10mph it starts again. Ive clipped in both belts, it makes no difference. I think its he drivers side as there’s obviously the weight of me on the seat upon starting up (and seat belt clipped in). The seat belt ‘receiver’ attached to the seat has a wire connected to it. So, I’m assuming either this wire is damaged (resulting in an open circuit that causes the chime), or the receiver itself is damaged. Anyone experienced similar? Is it possible to replace the wire / receiver alone? Is it a seat out job?
  6. I’m not techno-‘bovvered’ enough to have owt fancy like a GoPro (+ don’t think my driving’s sufficiently competent to warrant filming it 😉). God no, having seen the difference between PSM on and off at the PEC I’m a firmly ‘leave it on’ kinda guy 😲😁👍🏻
  7. You still coming to this Keith? i didn’t break my car at Anglesey yesterday so have made it in one piece to Llandudno 👍🏻 Ill get to the prom for around 09:00ish I think. Mines the very dirty looking one 🤭
  8. Heard about this at Anglesey track day yesterday, and found this link: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.automobilemag.com/news/porsche-718-cayman-boxster-flat-six-cylinder-engine-gts/amp/ seems like ‘old’ news, but not heard it previously. Anyone on here aware? If its true / accurate then perhaps Porsche have considered the flat-4 turbos not to have been a commercial success? 🤔
  9. Hey PE, aye it was grand, brilliant range of ~70-80 cars, well run, only 1 pleb out though the day driving like he stole it. I did around 200 track miles, car was faultless, just wish I was a better driver, perhaps I wouldn’t have melted my tyres then.. 😱😁👍🏻
  10. Anybody on here going next saturday? ill be there on track.
  11. Anybody’s on here? lovely looking car - but I feel your pain with the likely repair bill (hopefully all insurance covered). Amazing that its all ‘under the skin’ and not a single bit of panel damage 😱
  12. Just been back to Matt at Porschacare near Stevenage (same company as Porschacare Bramfield), he moved back into his smaller original unit at Todds Green a monthish ago as it wasn’t working out with the business partner in Bramfield. Just had new rear pads (textar) and discs (sebro drilled) fitted with new sensors. Job was done in 45 minutes, and that’s all he was going to charge me, but I don’t know how he can be making any money so I paid him for an hours labour, as he inspected a few other bits whilst up on the ramp. Id previously bought the pads from CP4L on a sale for about £40, Matt supplied the discs and sensors - his parts and labour bill inc. VAT was £270. There were also 2x 996 GT3RS (loved the Gulf colours one) and a 997 Carrera in for works. And a very sorry looking 987.1 aqua blue CS needing £6k of repairs after spinning off the road and going sideways into the road edge. Anybody’s on here? i really like Matt and his ‘homegrown’ business Porschacare - it suits me, my needs and my pocket perfectly. I throughly recommend him (again). 👍🏻
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