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  1. I completely ‘second’ your message Nick. A fantastic, informative and educational day, and a whole lot of fun too. Colin and Paul are excellently patient and hugely knowledgable instructors and Jo did a great job with the planning and prep, which ensured the day ran like clockwork. Great group of COC members (couldn’t resist the pun there... 😉) to do the day with too, plus welcomed ‘guest’ cars from Lotus (@beanoir - nice new ride fella 😉) and Jaguar. Really did enjoy the opportunity to floor it across the grip apron in the 5ltr supercharged XKR 🤪.@Chateauneuf - please thank your pal Mike for me 👍🏻 I will definitely be back to CAT DT for more tuition.
  2. Gutted for you Nick, that your car wasn’t back on the road in time to join us for this. 😕 im sure ‘she’ll’ look fab once all back together and it’ll be worth the wait. No doubt we’ll be back here again i suspect for more ‘skill honing’ (I just need to find some first, then I can start ‘honing’ it 🤔🤪). Keep well fella
  3. I’m planning to be at the Moretain shall garage just off the A421 by 0800 for fuel and a coffee if anyone wants to meet there. White 987CS. 👍🏻 Jason.
  4. I’m planning to be at the Moretain shall garage just off the A421 by 0800 for fuel and a coffee if anyone wants to meet there. White 987CS. 👍🏻 Jason.
  5. I’ve informed my local pal (718 C GTS) that Nicks space is open again. I’ll let you know if he’s interested as soon as he gets back to me. 👍🏻
  6. I think I get a discount via PCGB membership too 🤔 its the VAT (~£40) and P&P (~£20) that loads up the design 911 pricing. CP4L don’t charge postage, and their advertised prices are incl VAT. +CP4L are always offering discount codes. Just a shame they dont sell the Sebro slotted anymore 😕 they had the rear slotted sebros on a back order for me for weeks earlier in the year, and eventually had to cancel it as they could no longer obtain them. 😯
  7. I’m trying to source a pair of sebro slotted ‘performance’ front brake discs for 2010 CS, just wondering where folk have bought them from recently. CP4L - not stocked ECP - only one side stocked (I believe they’re handed) Design 911 - £250pr (incl. VAT + P&P) Type911shop - £240pr (incl. VAT + P&P) Thanks in advance. Jason
  8. No need to apologise Nick, this isn’t your day job, and we all appreciate that you and the other founders do this in your spare time. Sad to say I’ve now committed to the PCGB R21 ‘rally’ from Turweston airfield on the 21st.
  9. I can do the 21st, as I’m now home alone that wknd 😉 and my car returned from cadwell Park unscathed 🤪🏎👍🏻
  10. Did you get your 911 from ashgood? And Is that at Porschacare with Matt? im sure I saw that there back June 🤔 gutted for you if you can’t make it 😕
  11. If I still have a roadworthy car after cadwell tomorrow I might be available depending which wknd you pick Nick. 👍🏻
  12. Bought from Slims detailing on line. Used on wheels inner surfaces to (finally) remove 9years worth of previous wheel weights sticky-pads remnants, worked a treat. All stickies now gone 👍🏻 Just spray on, leave for a minute, then rub off using a ‘coarse’ micro fibre cloth. Repeat as necessary till all gone. For the caked-on stubborn bits I gently scraped them with a piece of plastic. Wish id done this 2 years ago when I bought the car 😁 sadly, can now see how much the wheels need refurbs 🙄😕
  13. Hi Rich, ive not driven it, but know some guys who have (my wife’s boss and 2 fellas from his company - in track prepped clio, mx5, TT 3.2V6). They enjoyed it, but it’s flat as a pancake (as airfields are), and the course is marked out by small cones. I did a few airfield track days many years ago in an FTO and they were good fun. If you’re new to track days and want the comfort of endless run off space then I think it would be a good first sip of your toe fella 👍🏻 Enjoy 🏎😁 Jason
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