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  1. Are these the same? I understand the acoustic package is without the switch and is "always in sports mode and does not need the PSE flaps"? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Will have a rethink.
  3. Appreciate it if you can explain more. I don't know what this means.
  4. Thanks. This is a risk for the many speed cams here but manageable.
  5. That will stand me approx 1 inch taller? I could use that to help front lip scraping. I'm slightly lower on R springs (don;t fancy going back to stock springs to raise the height or to remove my front lip) and have 7mm front spacers and 15mm on the rear. Any concerns with tires rubbing the wheel well? Apart from riding taller, any major handling changes for road use (doubt it but thought I'd check), fast cornering and for spirited occasion B-road drives. No tracking. Thanks all.
  6. If you do decide to return it back to stock, I'll be interested in the Carnewal GT exhaust assuming its for a 987.2S I may be interested in the IPD competition plenum and GT3 air intake as well.
  7. I'm next to totally useless mechanically but I thank you for your offer. I'll ask my mech to try this.
  8. LOL. is there any way to test if the part is defective?
  9. Thanks. I did and forwarded it to my mech. He still couldn't get it to work lol
  10. Thanks again. I've screenshot this post of yours to share with my mech when it comes time. Hopefully he can get the MC to work next time.
  11. Holy crap... over 3000 quid for Brembo BBKs!
  12. LOL. Noted on the weakest link being my foot pressure. Will also try the GT3 MC again. Also noted on the bigger discs. Never knew that. Your comment on ditching the PS2. Please share your thoughts behind this. I'm due for a change soon and unfortunately, on my shores getting the PS4S in 18s in 265/40 is still a challenge. They do bring in the 235 or 245/40/18s for the front.
  13. No locking of brakes. Haven;t had that yet fortunately but have had a few incidents where I had to brake hard and fast. I'm on PSS front and PS2 rears. GT3 MC is as per my comment above. Man... LOL. Appreciate your chiming in.
  14. Thanks for this. I have the GT3 MC... my mech can't get it to work LOL. I'm gonna have him try again. On braking, I'm finding it doesn't stop as quickly as I like and the pedal travel is more than I like. Not extremely bad by any measure. I've been on a BBK before on a much larger, heavier jazzed up A6 and it braked a lot better (feel wise) and pedal travel was a lot less IIRC. I was involved in a bad accident a long while back in my 997 and I haven't quite gotten over that experience so I just want more confidence with my brake setup. Im on Brembo discs and LowMet pads. I'm reading up on the Girodisc. I'm thinking only front but apart from looking weird, should the rears be changed accordingly as well from a balanced braking perspective?
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