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  1. Seems like the ps4s is now available for 18s according to tire rack USA.
  2. I think I'll be staying with my stock 18 rims and will go with PS4. The comparo by the same site puts the ps4 as better in the wet than my current PS2 which is impt for me. No track for me so o guess the ps4s may be overkill. That said, if the ps4s came in 18s, is go for them. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-PS2.htm http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-4.htm
  3. This detailing house is on my shores. I can try to call them to check with the customer what it is if you want.
  4. For sure hence the wet handling emphasis for me. Ps2 has been good in the rain.
  5. Ok. He's got 305s on the rear.
  6. Thanks for the offer but shipping half way around the globe will be crazy
  7. The ad says 19x8.5 ET56 and 19x11 ET51
  8. Yeah... the turbo 19 rims will fit ok on my 987.2S?
  9. Perhaps... That's what I have now. There's someone selling a used set of 19 inch turbo rims. Maybe I should go with that and just go for the ps4s... reviews rave about it and says it's a big step up over the SS in ride quality and in the wet. The latter is very important for me.
  10. Thanks. Didn't even think about the ss. So again in sizing, Porsche prescribes 235 40 for the front.. SS comes only in 245. This is ok I'm guessing? Happy birthday spannerman!
  11. I just realised that the ps4s starts at 19. I'm still running stock 18s and don't intend to go with 19s. Is the PS4 good? Also, the ps4 doesn't come in 265.. only 255 for the years... a significant loss in grip? I don't track, some spirited driving and some b road drives. Wet handling is important as it pours when it rains here. Thanks in advance to the gurus.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. What about conti or Pirelli? They seem to rank well.
  13. Is Michelin still the go to tire? I'm on pilot sport and due for a change soon. How's the PS4S? Also, what's with the N rating for Porsche tires? The PS4S doesn't have an N rating. Thanks.
  14. Nice. Do feedback on the performance enhancement.
  15. Just curious.. with the move to e steering and turbo, do you guys consider the 987.2 the last "pure" cayman given the NA engine and hydraulic (I think it's hydraulic) steering? Maybe over time it'll develop the "air cooled" cult following? Or no regardless because it's "only" a cayman and not a 911?
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