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  1. You jumped from 245 to 373?! Even with stage 3 turbo back and software, I didn't get that much of an increase out my Audi. What other hardware mods did you add?
  2. Nice! Great returns on a NA. I didn't think so much was left on the table. With the increase, still within the boundaries of the engine and gearbox? I'm thinking of remapping my CS PDK as well.
  3. Thanks. Really nice. I have the embossed head rest but not the arm rest.
  4. That's a very nice colour. I may respray. What colour is that? Also, can you post a pic of the embossed armrests?
  5. I've switched to PIAA silicon blades. A bit of judder in light rain. Uses the original housing.
  6. Anyone here has or had one of these? How's the impact on cabin noise noise and heat? http://www.strutking.com/categories/Porsche-Cayman/ http://www.hip-designllc.com/index_product1.html
  7. Welcome. If they accepted me with my novice questions from half way across the globe, you'll be a shoo in. Enjoy your cayman.
  8. Nice job. Are yours some kind of metal mesh? I used plastic ones. Looks ok from afar but not too good close up.
  9. Just called my local Michelin.. 18s ain't here yet and they don't know when it'll come in.. ah well.. o have some time. By the way, apart from the tread wear indicator, how often age wise do you guys change tires? I put on only 8000 to 9000 km per year and I'm no wear close to the tread wear markers but my tires are coming 3 years old. Rubbers harden over time so just wondering apart from tread wear, what's the number of years recommended for a tite change.. 2/3/4 years?
  10. Indeed... it's not available on my shores yet per the local Michelin website. Will buzz them tomorrow to inquire eta.
  11. Seems like the ps4s is now available for 18s according to tire rack USA.
  12. I think I'll be staying with my stock 18 rims and will go with PS4. The comparo by the same site puts the ps4 as better in the wet than my current PS2 which is impt for me. No track for me so o guess the ps4s may be overkill. That said, if the ps4s came in 18s, is go for them. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-PS2.htm http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Michelin/Pilot-Sport-4.htm
  13. This detailing house is on my shores. I can try to call them to check with the customer what it is if you want.
  14. For sure hence the wet handling emphasis for me. Ps2 has been good in the rain.
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