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  1. Very nice. I'm amazed you can get into your car in the garage.
  2. Fully agree. I changed to the 718 style led lights on my 987.2 . Its really given the car a botox lift and in a good way imo. Can't load pics due to some restrictions here.
  3. Has anyone gone ahead with this for a 987.2? Euro car parts indicates its a match? Most writeups seems to indicate its a fit for 986 with only some hits of compatility to 987 and even then not clear if 987.1 or 987.2. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/h-r-spring-kit-981339871
  4. If you put on the 200 cell cats and go back to stock muffler, you will still be over the decibel limit?
  5. This looks a good bump! Im not sure I have good custom mappers here so I'm going with FVD. Still wondering if I should add the Carnewal 200 cel cat before I do...
  6. OK.. which means it'll shrink in a dryer.
  7. Doesn;t tuning add a little bit of HP and torque along the entire curve? I'm looking at an FVD tune for my CS. @Craiglm68 Still reading up on filters etc and a local workshop that sells BMC as an example, says it really does nothing over the stock filters. They are recommending lower cell cats as the one hardware mod that can add power and a tad more when coupled with a tune. Rather confusing for this novice..
  8. Thanks Dougle. WRT to "too loud on track", why not go 200 cel CATS and stock exhaust? This may help you control the sound levels? Someone on another forum has the 200 cell CATS and stock exhaust and he finds the sound has improved as well just from the 200 cell cats. Benefit I guess is the additional 5 to 10 bhp that the 200 cell cats are supposed to bring? Im still on the fence with the 200 cel cats. What's holding me back is FVD has advised that with their tune, the 200 cel cats and the muffler mod I have, given the 30 to 40 hp increase (they say) at crank from the 3 mods combined, its advisable to get the PDK tune as well which means more moolah... then again, a tuner would suggest that I guess...
  9. Well, that's partly why I'm holding onto my 987.2 in that its the last NA and non-electric steering cayman.... but mainly its a great ride and daily driver and touch wood.. has been good to me for the past 3.5 years.
  10. Don't know how fluids came out as clouds. We can't edit?
  11. All my clouds have been changed. I'll need a change to pads and discs soon as well as suspension mounts and bushings which probably need immediate replacement. Will also need new ps2s. I was thinking about going to 19s for the new ps4s but have now decided against that. I'll definitely be adding the fvd tune. Just deciding now if I should add carnewal 200 cell sports cats for a bit more power and sound but am reading the small increase in power from cars is only at the high end of the range and I don't track.
  12. Just plenum and a remap with no other hardware change? I've asked around and several parties, one of which sells the plenum has advised that plenum being the only hardware change won't make any power. Right now, I'm leaning towards 200 cell cats and fvd tune for a bit more power and sound. May likely just end up with a tune though as what I'm reading about cats is the power is at the really high end of the range and I don't track. I'm not past 5500 for daily use.
  13. Just bumping this thread for feedback on the Carnewal 200 cel cat.
  14. Thanks for chiming in. I'm leaning now towards the 200 cel cats and tune first. I understand this will give the small power bump I;m looking for. Sound wise, cats are supposed to increase sound as well. If the local mod and 200 cell cats don;t do enough sound wise, then I can go Carnewal GT exhaust. This also won;t affect the tune which already caters for the 200 cel cats. I'm told by FVD that a plus stage tune is not required for just the GT exhaust as the muffler on its own won't bring any power increase.
  15. Another thought I have is to have a straight through done with my stock muffler (don't know how but am told it can be done), get the Carnewal 200 cell cat and the FVD tune. I believe power wise, it should be the same as if I used the Carnewal GT exhaust as the muffler doesn;t add much power only sound (from what I read)? Or I am reading going to a 200 cell cat while staying with stick muffler will, apart from some bhp and torque gains, also result in a louder exhaust note? This novice needs your experience. Thanks.
  16. My CS will be 10 years next April and I'm toying around with keeping her for quite a while more. I've done a major service with PDK oil change included last year. To give her a makeover, Im thinking of the following: 1. Carnewal GT Exhaust 2. Carnewal 200 cel cats 3. FVD tune after the carnewal hard ware is in. 4. Some stripes Any suggestions for what else to do? The car is basically stock and I don't fancy lowering her as she's a great daily driver and getting in and out at existing height is already getting more challenging 🙂 Also, with the tune, cat and exhaust, what can I really expect in terms of bhp and torque gain. Won;t be bothered to dyno her. Lastly, anything I should look out for maintenance wise for a 2010 CS? Coming to 65000km. Thanks.
  17. Good to hear. Anyone else dumped his in the dryer yet?
  18. Just got my Tee today. Great packaging and great quality. Well done chaps. Question: do these shrink? Dryer ok?
  19. Thanks guys but I got a friend in Sheffield to order it for me. Damn PayPal with its forex really had a good one done on me. Hope to receive it soon though.
  20. Thanks. For the reply. Must admit, I'm not really a diy guy and have the shop change the filter annually. Am thinking now about the controversial ipd plenum as well. I've decided to hold on to the car for quite a few years more and would like to "freshen" her up hence all the questions on filter, plenum and tuning. Won't be changing any exhaust components though due to very strict local regulation and regular mandatory inspections.
  21. I just tried placing an order for a t shirt and was declined at paypal stage citing some international restrictions with the online store. Any way around?
  22. I just tried placing an order for a t shirt and was declined at paypal stage citing some international restrictions with the online store. Any way around?
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