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  1. Depends on size and whether you want the Porsche recommended N rating ? Regards where to purchase, I go with those that I know will fit the tyres without damaging them / the rims. A few online suppliers ... Oponeo / Mytyres / Blackcircles / Tyreleader From experience of Michelin PS2, Pirelli PZero and Michelin PS4S ... I would recommend the PS4S, available in a minimum of 19" though ... https://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4-s If 18" ... consider the Micheln PS4, I run them on a non Porsche and find them excellent https://www.michelin.co.uk/tyres/michelin-pilot-sport-4
  2. I use Marsh Premier Solutions who broker from Aviva - £330 for the 981 CS (late 2013 model). I am a mature (in numbers only 😀) driver, have full no claims, protected NCD and includes two trackdays. Social & Domestic cover only.They will also `mirror` your NCD to a second car. Marsh - Aviva used to operate the Porsche Club GB scheme hence the trackdays may only be those PCGB operated, I`d need to check. They are a superb company to deal with, as a broker they charge a small admin fee (£20) for any policy changes during the term. Marsh Premier Solutions - 0345 600 6419
  3. Ran my manual CR on your ... `Option 1` set up for road (Michelin PS2 N rated) plus one track day (Anglesey on Cup 2`s). I was happy with that but being my first Porsche I had nothing to compare to. Ran the Cup 2`s on the road for a while, no issues at all. Not used CG but they do come highly recommended. Have you considered using OEM wheel spacers, a friend used them on his CR and spoke well of their benefit - including max OEM front -ve camber with parallel front toe., not sure on the rear set up but would assume max OEM -ve camber with slight toe in. I assume that you`d be driving to the track events, ultimately ... the limiting factor ?
  4. Jack up the offside rear, at the jacking point ... put a small block of wood between the jack and the jacking point. This may take the weight off the `stuck` jack and maintain a level of stability. Have an assistant with you to monitor the stability as the weight transfers etc...
  5. Paul, I did not drive on the N0`s. The set that I purchased were mixed, front N rated / rears non N rated. I replaced the fronts given that I was taking them on track plus one of the N0 fronts had a (correct) puncture repair. The set of non N rated performed superbly on the Anglesey (PCGB) track day trip last year.
  6. 235/35 x 19 91Y XL Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2`s ... Non N rated vs. N0 rated Non N rated = on CR wheel Non N rated has rim protection inside & outside (dated 4415) N0 has no rim protection (dated 2915) = a more uniform sidewall curvature
  7. Agree, it would be good to know the complete technicalities behind the N process. As a visual comparison ... I have both N and non N versions of the same size Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ... there is a definite physical difference in one of the sidewalls. I`ll get some photos later.
  8. Mk1

    new 981

    To me ... bonding with a car can only be achieved with decent seat time. The past two years have seen 8k in a manual CR and 9k in the 981 CS. Most journeys are at least two hours, many are four ... most without exiting the car ... with not a dual carriageway / motorway in sight. As regards the PDK ... one of my favourite modes is ... when in Sport, using the brakes to induce dropping down the gears and then recovering the initial speed with those super smooth upshifts. After several miles the `systems` have `learned` what you want ... superb ! In comparison ... heel and toe in the CR whilst extremely satisfying (if / when I got it right) was rather laborious and hence less safe ... for this driver.
  9. Mk1

    new 981

    It appears that you have not fully explored the PDK`s functions and capabilities ... ? Why not visit the Silverstone Porsche Experience Centre with it ... ? I moved from a manual Cayman R to a PDK 981 Cayman S ... no regrets at all.
  10. Excellent news ? Maybe similar to those run at Pikes Peak recently ...
  11. Re. profiles / dimensions .... consider asking http://www.centregravity.co.uk/contact/
  12. ... it`s not, Porsche changed providers (from Marsh) last year. However, Marsh will (via Aviva in my case) still provide the same cover for the same cost !
  13. No, not shared ... duplicated. Upon proof of existing NCB they will give you the same on a second car. I did this with Marsh (Premier Solutions) 0345 600 6419, they are a broker and have my policies with Aviva. Marsh used to be linked with a Porsche UK / PCGB scheme but lost the contract last year. I stayed with them and had a better deal than that offered by the replacement company !
  14. Some companies will offer / transfer your NCB to a second policy ... have you spoken with Mannings ?
  15. Yes, 987`s use 35 profile on 235 / 265 x 19`s ... PS4S available - non N Rated Road legal 19`s on track ... Yokohama AD08R are very good https://www.yokohama.co.uk/Tyres/Car-Tyres/Summer-Tyres/(product)/AD08R

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