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  1. Great event and awesome to see so many Rs in one place! Thanks to all involved for organising, and under some challenging circumstances both personal and pandemic related. (One of the best and most fun convoy runs from Baldock to the venue too!)
  2. Not totally sure but am expecting A507, A600, through Bedford, A6.
  3. Tickets were electronic and pretty much instant in terms of email delivery via eventbrite.
  4. See you guys at Baldock. Going to explore the back roads around the roadworks!
  5. 9:30 at Baldock Svcs seems reasonable. As there is a Macca's there and it is Sunday, and it is morning, it is a must to have a double sausage and egg McMuffin and so I may be there slightly earlier.
  6. Good news people. I popped out this morning to check, and I can confirm that Baldock Services is still there. 6am, 175 miles cross country round trip from the opposite side of Colchester with almost zero traffic - some fantastic roads round them those there parts. Oh, the sacrifices I make. 🤪😜🤪😜🤪
  7. Anyone fancy meeting at Braintree Freeport, making our way cross country to A1 Baldock Services to potentially meet more, followed by a run cross country to the venue ?
  8. Got my tickets a while back and looking forward to it. Roll on Sunday - hopefully the weather will be kind to us.
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