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  1. Sounds great. I would be up for it if the date works. I am located near Reading, but all three of your suggested locations would be good. Other possibilities might be Brooklands or Boxengasse.
  2. Very valid questions. The answer is "embarrassingly low mileage" - probably about 1500-2000 miles a year. No track and usage is mainly solo drives in the lanes where I live and as many PCGB and TIPEC driveouts as I can manage. Not really worried about road noise - the top priority by far is handling and safety. My blue 987.1 base also has a mix of tyres - Bridgestone front and P Zero rear. I have never noticed any negativity in terms of handling or steering.
  3. I know the question of tyre preference will be constantly doing the rounds. So I have read a bunch of posts to help me finalise an opinion. But a few questions remain. I have a Cayman R with very healthy P Zeros on the front (fitted new in 2018 when I bought the car), but elderly P Zeros on the back that really need changing pretty soon. I have a Porsche warranty that will soon expire, so I am not that bothered about N ratings. My inclination is to move away from Pirelli, and I like the look (and price) of the new Goodyear Supersports. But I have no need to change the
  4. Sorry I'm a year late, Dougle. I am now looking for some new rears for my Cayman R to replace elderly P Zeros. Would you still recommend the GY Supersports a year into ownership?
  5. PCGB and TIPEC members get discount. I have had these on both my Caymans. They are dead easy to fit and look great.
  6. I would be keen to be there on Saturday 1st. I would be bringing a Cayman R.
  7. Us oldies could make any day, but it has to be Saturday or Sunday to work for the largest number of people. Sunday will work best. Monthly is easiest, but attendance will vary greatly. Hi or tri-monthly will concentrate attendance better.
  8. Welcome, Dr Derek. Glad you took my advice from earlier today.
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