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  1. Likewise my car has been into OPC recently with similar symptoms, nearside lower suspension arm was replaced but interestingly they tracked the noise down to air-con pipes that had come out of clips and were banging on the underside of the car, which ever it was its cured it and I am now driving free to enjoy the sound of the engine uninterrupted by annoying knocking :-)
  2. I've just bought and fitted side decals from Design Stuff Online, really nice quality and great service, I had ordered a center Stripe too but I'm not brave enough to fit it. I can highly recommend their products.
  3. Which reminds me to get out and get some pictures now I have it back.
  4. Cracking day out, good too meet up and even better to have stumbled upon a few hundred Porsche’s at the services and convoy from there, nice spot to park so thanks for sorting that. Really enjoyed it.? Nik (Crayon 718 S)
  5. Thanks for the map & I’ll see you all there, despite mine still not being back from repair (a month now) and me still being in a hire car, the kind people at OPC Cambridge have sorted a Cayman to put me in for the weekend ?? See you Sunday
  6. My car went in yesterday for some warranty work, following a phone call this morning It may not be back for Beaulieu!! I really hope it is and if its not I'll do everything I can to be there in an alternative car.......Cayman if I can swing it of course.... I'll keep you posted and hopefully I'll get there and hopefully in mine.......fixed.
  7. Luckily (or not) my drivers window regulator went on the way to the dealership yesterday morning, literally 0.6m from the dealership! the good news for me is that it appears to be covered under warranty, the bad news it seems the parts are hard to get hold of and the dealership has had some on back order for a few months. Really hoping it will be fixed before Simply Porsche at Beaulieu. It does mean though having to return the courtesy car and be put into a hire car :-( at least I'll be mobile but...... ?
  8. Happy to upload some pictures later when I'm with my car but not sure it will help as each car will be different and adjusted to suit the boot / body interface, mine were cracked when I bought the car and after experiencing some 'drumming' they were replaced but at the same time adjusted correctly, which alleviated the drumming. Yours do look to be wound out pretty far though. I'll add pictures later.
  9. So hovering over buying some Cayman OC stickers to both support the club and advertise it discreetly on my car, question is white or black, my thoughts are either one in the rear window or if they'll fit one in each rear side window. (Car is 987.2 Meteor Grey) Anyone got any pictures of them 'installed' to help me decide on colour and position? Thanks
  10. So if I have this clear in my head, a PASM equipped S sits 10mm lower than non PASM and the CR sits 20mm lower that an S (my assumption being a PASM S) so in theory fitting 35mm drop springs should only put it 5mm lower than a CR. I think that’s the answer for me on my budget at the moment. I’ve taken heed of the advice ref spacers too. I’ll seek further advice but I’m assuming the suspension geometry should be settable somewhere close to original apart from perhaps a little more negative camber at the back?
  11. Thanks all for the replies, lots of good advice, I’ll let you know what I go for in the end & of course post pictures etc once it’s done.
  12. @UKtom Do you know what drop that is or which H&R springs they are, exactly the height / look I’d like to achieve.
  13. Good choice of picture to show the ride height / arch gap ??
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