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  1. Trump, if I've learnt one thing this year it's that the world is full of stupid people!
  2. Really nice that area of Kent, i'm sure i've played at a golf course round that way before.
  3. It's time to replace my standard lightbulbs, was just wondering what brands/model others tend to favour in their Cayman? They're not the best headlights in the 987 so may opt for something swanky to try and improve things.
  4. Whereabouts did you manage to source them from in the end Red?
  5. Hi Steve, welcome to the forum! Porsche publish the manuals online, in their own unique way but not to everybody's taste in terms of format. http://www.porscheownersmanuals.com/2014-cayman-owners-manual If you're like me and like reading the new car manual sitting down with a cuppa, then the PDF version is available somewhere i'm sure, leave it with me.
  6. Nowhere near me unfortunately but in case anybody else is interested - I think they are based in Essex/East London area..
  7. It is the weekend David, he's probably not working. Tom has been in touch with him so I'm sure we'll finalise details soon enough.
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