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  1. Welcome Adam, some great newbie advice from all above, and yay ! another Guards Red Cayman, enjoy.
  2. Damm, that's a shame . Did you try and wind buffers out a tad more until their nearly fully out ? there is a "how to" out there somewhere think it was on plant 9 too which I used to remove trunk trim, think all I needed was a good selection of trim removal tools ( plenty on ebay ).
  3. No probs @Windymiller, keeping fingers crossed as it’s such a simple fix
  4. I had a similar problem with clunking rear trunk lid some time ago and stumbled upon the Planet 9 thread. Ripped out all the trim to get access to counter weight, this all appeared ok so gave up for a while. Later on I had a play with the rubber bump stops screwed into to the trunk. Didn’t realise they were adjustable so wound them out a quarter turn went for a drive. Clunking rear trunk now not clunking, problem solved. Bought a new set and noticed the old ones were slightly shorter than new ones so assumed they had become compressed/deformed over the years.
  5. Recip saw don’t have, small grinder don’t have, a good selection of ball joint separators don’t have . Think I’ll be biting off more than I can chew with this job, now having second thoughts, yep deffo gonna leave this job for local Indy. Thanks for info guys
  6. 1) Windymiller (Jason) 2) Ben 3) Edmundo2 4) sevenfourate / Syer - (Black grille to fit 987.1 please) 5) Maxheadroom (red)
  7. Hi, been replacing discs,pads and repainting callipers and today had quick poke about rear suspension roll bars etc and noticed some( rather a lot really ) of the rubber bushing missing so guessing replacement is in order). Are these an easy diy fix ? And do you need to do both sides at the same time ? Never really messed with suspension components before so it’s new ground for me. Any pointers much appreciated, cheers. Unfortunately can’t seem to add pics at present as I’ve reached my limit, will try to free up some space. Just realised my subscription has expired Ooops. 1st pic shows so
  8. Glad to hear you’re all sorted now @David Falconer, looks a nice tidy install
  9. The OEM look and very simple install was the reason I went for the Dynavin, yes it’s not cheap and if your pretty switched on and tech savvy then you could as you said upgrade your entire system for the same cost etc.
  10. https://dynavindirect.co.uk/select-your-car/dynavin-n7-ps-porsche-boxster-2009-2011-silver/?v=79cba1185463&cn-reloaded=1 I installed this beginning of this year, it’s compatible with CD-R 24 and Bose as it comes with a MOST adapter and all wiring looms to suit. It’s just plug and play, sat nav is spot on as is Bluetooth tele prep etc and the facia matches original silver or black finish. The only problem is its price, at £899 it’s not cheap :(
  11. Worth doing @Ben, simple mod and saves yer rads big time. Just remember to clean out as much debris as possible before fitting etc, mine were stuffed with leaves road grit and conkers, took ages to clean out :)
  12. Thanks @Ben for your feedback, glad to hear all went well. Think this could be something to do over winter me thinks.
  13. Thanks Severnfourate, just mist the door panel and back of decal. There’s a “how too” on their website but they make it look a lot more easier than it is especially if you’ve never done it before.
  14. Same again from same company about a couple of months ago. Slightly cocked it up a bit so need to be done again some time. Decided not to fold decal around edge of door as couldn’t get it to adhere at all, so on the remaining decal decided to cut it short of the door by a few mm.
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