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  1. Hi all I have 16 wheel bolts and 4 locking wheel bolts. They are corroded (bolt head) and rather ugly (why I replaced them), but may assist someone in a time of need. The threads and sleeves are in good shape. They are slightly longer than the standard factory size to accommodate factory fitted spacers (either 5 or 7mm longer than normal). They are genuine Porsche wheel bolts. Pay postage and I will send you whatever you need. Cheers Aaron
  2. The TRW instructions included in mine specifically stated not to bench bleed the MC. No idea why or the justification - just relaying what was written. Judging by all of the prices and labour being quoted, I would do the installs for you all! 😁 You don't need a Porsche specialist to do this kind of job. It doesn't require any specialist skills. I'm with @Mavrik on this front. I do all of my own work (excluding servicing - got to have those stamps...) and have an army of tools to do the work. I had my MC on in 10 minutes and the hoses bled in about 20 - 2
  3. Quite the bargain and it's silly to pass it up at this price! @SarlechS If you're fitting the cylinder yourself (or someone without PIWIS/Durametric is) and bleeding by pedal pressure alone, make sure you activate the ABS and bleed again to ensure there's no air in the lines. Alternatively, bleed with a vacuum pump/pressure bleeder. As for the thread, I run the stock setup with a GT3 MC and RBF600. Never had any issues with brake fade or lack of stopping power. My biggest beef was always the light pedal (which the GT3 MC remediates).
  4. You probably could get yourself close to a 981 GT4 or in a 718 GTS 4.0 for how much all of that would eventually cost (don't forget to factor in labour, even if it's your own). I'm all for the right mods but such a car already exists so there's no need to reinvent the wheel.
  5. I never ask myself which car to take; I always think to myself do I need to take the daily? If the answer is no then I get in the R and drive off! I barely drove my FD. I did less than 3000 miles in 3 years of owning it. The car was always garaged, always clean, but I don't miss the car at all; I never bloody drove it to care about whether I possessed it or not. I only realised that after it was gone and I couldn't have cared less. On the other hand, I put 12k on my S2000 in 18 months and I miss it dearly. I will buy another one, one day...
  6. Sports cars are for driving. You can't appreciate the drive by looking at it every few days. Mine has admittedly been collecting dust but that's been COVID, crappy weather and demand from work due to COVID; absolutely not because I don't want to drive it. I can't say I've been tracking prices recently but I do find satisfaction that most CRs are near enough what mine cost me nearly 4 years ago. I was originally between an M2 and the CR - my pocket is very glad I got the CR (and so am I!).
  7. It's the nature of the sport mode. It's kind of self explanatory. Be mindful that the car is essentially in eco mode until you press that or the sport plus button.
  8. I'm working on the car later this evening. Will take a wheel off and post a pic. 👍
  9. You don't need to run the car on V Power. I have run Tesco Momentum for years (not just on the Cayman) and it's a fine fuel. Both meet the BS7800 spec for super unleaded and are 99 octane with 5% ethanol. You can argue additives but I doubt it makes much of a difference and is all marketing; you'd expect the engineers designing the standard to put them in if they were so beneficial... Stop wasting your money! 👍
  10. On the money. The exhaust mods will make much more gains than an intake or IPD plenum. There is always the cost of noise with exhaust mods and that can be a problem for some.
  11. Valid point. I've experience of sandblasting soft metals but not ABS plastic... It could crumble into dust during the process - this is quite likely a possibility!
  12. Wouldn't it have been easier/faster/cheaper to have had it sandblasted rather than keying it down by hand? Does look good though - this is one of my favourite things about the CR.
  13. Check the belt deflection is in tolerance (not sure what that figure is)? Sounds like it's stretched and is causing the whine. Only other options would be the tensioners. I'm not that familiar with the Cayman's belt drive to comment much further, unfortunately...
  14. I've had no problems doing 4-5 hour journeys in my CR. You must be old, GlosRich! 😉
  15. Disconnect your battery for a few mins and then do the window relearn procedure.
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