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  1. The dial cluster is easy to remove. Replicate the resistance using a resistor. I wouldn't rely on grounding it. I'm not sure if the analogue signal is passed directly to the cluster, or if it's passed through a digital interface of some sorts.
  2. Four! Love/hate relationship? I've only driven two (2001 AP1 and my 2004 facelift) and they were surprisingly different for what's supposedly the same car. The facelift feels like it has so much more certainty, especially the rear end. It's just a better car than the AP1. I now work from home so the S2000 is kind of moot but it's such a good car that I refuse to part with it... I'm in the Valleys (born and bred) at the moment but will be moving closer to Cardiff/Newport once the boss lady and I can agree on where. Where are you relocating?
  3. You lose the "audio" section of the OBC and the option of the radio station displaying on the OBC. That's it.
  4. There are certain faults that can occur and automatically clear. There are some, however, that won't. This is all preconfigured within the DME. Looks like you've found one of the faults that clears automatically - good to know.
  5. Forget the smoke: how does the car drive, how does it feel? If you're not using oil since and it feels fine, then there's nothing worth worrying about. I sometimes get a little smoke when warm starting which clears after 1-2 seconds or so... Then I just drive off
  6. It depends what your interpretation of chuckable is, really. It's not exactly a term best used to describe a car - one does not chuck a car into a corner. The Cayman is much stiffer and flatter than an S2K. You would immediately notice this driving them back to back (and I do - quite often). The steering on an S2K also has much less feedback than the Cayman. It is also much easier to drive a Cayman enthusiastically rather than an S2K. An S2K requires concentration and excellent throttle usage. The Cayman less so. However, it will still twist its back out in the wet if you're pushing it. The S2K, on the other hand, does this on command irrespective of the weather and road conditions.
  7. Welcome! Basalt black is the best colour. Not that I'm biased or anything like that... I daily an S2K and the Cayman is a different beast - you'll see. Also, PDK is better than manual IMO for two simple reasons: Left foot braking and no heel & toe required. You can concentrate on actually driving (like a go kart, for example) versus trying to do tap dancing whilst driving a car.
  8. Buy a car based on condition and servicing, not a number on the dash. Mismatching tyres usually means a skimpy owner; so do things like servicing weeks/months later than the specified intervals. Then there's the impression from the seller - are they knowledgeable about the vehicle, etc. Buying from an enthusiast is better than any main dealer or specialist. The enthusiast is never in it to make money. Mileage is just a number. There are far more important factors to consider and review in your decision.
  9. Squeaking can usually be resolved with some spray grease. The same happens with top mounts if the car is left standing for too long.
  10. Correct, the 987.2 has both cats in the exhaust manifold. I've always wondered why Porsche never used inconel fasteners judging by how much these snap. I guess they want their OPCs to have the revenue...
  11. What socket are you using to remove the oxygen sensors? I picked up an offset pair from Screwfix recently and the 1/2" one was a bloody life saver (it paired with my 30cm breaker bar) when all else failed. The 1m bar wouldn't fit. This thread has given me both joy and pain. I cancelled an order for FVD manifolds about this time last year - pretty glad that I did having read this. Keep us updated on your progress! Are these the Topgear manifolds or something else?
  12. Make sure your mechanic friends ensures the connectors "click" after reattaching them to the fuel pump assembly. If they don't click, check the plastic tab inside. If it's loose, remove it and weigh it down a little for a while. It's fiddly to do but they come out.
  13. I suspect the quick connect for your fuel pump feed line is loose. It's a high pressure pump - the slightest looseness on those connectors and the engine's operation goes to s**t. I would bet on the pump connections based on your symptoms - no error codes and it happening suddenly. Injector issues would cause a misfire/poor running. It can only be the pump to completely cease engine operation. This same issue happened to my CR after OPC Cardiff had my fuel level sender out. You'll need a special tool or a lot of wrist strength to get into the fuel tank. There's a lock ring.
  14. Doors, comfort, economy... Can't fault a 5 series. The only car I've ever owned that would do remotely around 50mpg was my old PD 130 Golf! My S2000 will do 28mpg if I'm gentle for the tank...
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