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  1. Emissions results from the MOT last week. No struggles to pass at all.
  2. I've had the car over 4 years now, so you're clear. It took 7 months to find the right one for me, but this is when they were more regularly up for sale. You do see a lot less ads for them now. I suspect that most have done what I have and are holding onto them...
  3. My R has the extended leather dash... and is black.
  4. It's a MC, it's not rocket science. Any competent mechanic can fit one correctly. Just advise them that they will need to bleed twice (once during install, then secondly after activating the ABS a few times) and it'll be fine. I'm all for a specialist when required, but this isn't one of those occasions. Your average experienced mech has probably fitted more MCs than a specialist ever will. That said, it's really easy to DIY. You only need two spanners (13mm for the lines, 10mm for the nipple off my head) and a socket (mighty be 17/18mm) for the mounting bolts.
  5. With the year having just struck 2021, I would argue that not having cats is a little unjustifiable with what we know as a species to be true... we can each do our part. I don't want to derail my thread into a conversation about climate change and I would appreciate a separate thread for decats and its moralisation.
  6. Yes, it passed rather easily. Nothing was touch or go. The exhaust is OEM besides the manifolds.
  7. Emissions test performed today and cats are working perfectly. Job done.
  8. Also, more pictures! There's a few pictures showing ground clearance too.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/icG7M79 A quick clip that was taken. I need to do a proper drive by or something. I only took the car up to 2k in that clip.
  10. The job is done! No sound changes from inside the cabin but it has more of a howl from the outside. Very happy with the results. I hate drone so this has been a perfect upgrade for me. All bolts except one came out cleanly. Flange on the aftermarket manifold was thicker so longer bolts were used in their place. My guy said it was a labour of love and is glad that he doesn't work on these too often. A pair of Cargraphics manifolds with cats are £2800 by themselves, so I'm over the moon with this for £1500.
  11. Care to elaborate on the fusion? There's only some form of adhesive and plastic welding that could chemically join two pieces of plastic together (at least that I'm aware of). Unless, of course, they are one piece?
  12. As with all sealed lights, heat gun and prying to remove. To reseal, there's two options: 1) Heat up the sealant and put the headlight back together (provided there is enough sealant left). 2) Clean up the mating surfaces and apply fresh silicone sealant.
  13. The DFI engine is just quieter. It's like asking a cat to start barking; it's simply not going to happen. Better to accept it than try chasing the dragon. I would recommend getting your desired theatrics from the exhaust instead.
  14. Cats Custom fabrication and welding cats to manifolds Fixing corroded exhaust flange Reconditioning exhaust system + hangers Fit manifolds Restore stock manifolds to OE condition as the flanges are corroded (for ability to return to stock) Renewing all bolts and gaskets Removing and refitting tip clamps Doesn't sound expensive to me... It's not a simple remove and fit job; I would have done it myself if that were the case. 200 cell cats from Carnewal are £1100 - and that's just for Gert to install the cats into your stock manifolds. A
  15. Car went in, they have lined the manifolds up and all that business. Price is £1k but this also includes tidying up the whole system (replacing the corroded clamps on the tips, for example). I'm sure they'll do a great job as always. They reopen on the 4th Jan so I'll post an update once the job is done. I'm excited to hear what it will sound like!
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