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  1. Easier to find one without the tapping, or negotiate it down to the bargain price of repairing it if the time comes provided everything else checks out, of course. Unless it's definitely the one you want and there is nothing else on the market like it, I would find another, personally.
  2. All in. It was going to be around £700 but I had to pay for some extra harnesses due to the amp.
  3. I had an Android Auto unit fitted in my CR with a reversing camera (already had OEM sensors) by B&B Audio Concepts in Cardiff. £800 for the full install and they're a good bunch. Waz is the owner there and has been doing ICE since the 90s.
  4. Water to air intercooler? There's probably nowhere to install an ordinary intercooler, and imagine how long those charge pipes would need to be... The throttle response would be awful.
  5. White smoke is just condensation in the exhaust. Nothing to worry about at all.
  6. Inspect the oil/coolant and see if they are mixing. A compression test will also give a good indication. The sweet smell will be burning coolant. It does sound like HGF to me, based on your symptoms.
  7. That's the opposite of my experience... I found that the 4S is pretty decent in the wet and that the AD08R is awful. Maybe we have more rain in Wales.
  8. Goodyear Eagle F1 if you want a good all around tyre Pilot Sport 4/4S if you want better than the Eagle F1 and are fine with paying the extra premium AD08R if you're going to track it but not drive in the wet (damp is OK, but I wouldn't dare drive in a torrential downpour). N rating is a load of tosh, in my opinion. The original 987 N rated tyres have been superseded by more modern compounds and tyres available today (the Pilot Sport 4S, as an example).
  9. Pete, I'm in Cardiff Monday to Friday. Do you want to get a second opinion on the car? Happy to take you out in my CR (PDK) so that you can compare, too. Things like rattles and hesitation/judder can be subjective and open to interpretation when explained in text. Being in the two cars back to back will remove any doubt.
  10. I will echo this to some degree. What's the goal? Just doing the plenum and throttle body won't net you too much unless your exhaust is free flowing enough (I'm rather uninitiated on 987.1 mods, unfortunately). Isn't removing the secondary cats considered the best bang for buck on a .1?
  11. Get them to return the parts and refund you. Buy an IPD plenum, fit it yourself and profit.
  12. Do you have any pics of what exactly you have, meaning parts and the misalignment? As far as I'm aware, only the X51 intake manifold and plenum has been retrofitted to a 987.1 3.4. Your unofficial options are IPD for the 987.1 (the later IPD 987.2 is near enough identical to the X51 plenum).
  13. You need the IPD plenum to retrofit the 82mm TB to the 987 3.4. The 981 3.4/3.8 are different. I understand that the X51 is the only "official" upgrade that will fit from Porsche.
  14. We all know the Cayman is the superior car in their lineup... Enjoy it!
  15. If it's a stronger plastic then it will be able to take more heat. There will likely be markings in the plastic to signify what it's actually made of. Don't take my word for it being ABS. I much prefer a heat gun to an oven as you can target specific areas rather than heat up the whole thing. Given that tin solder starts to melt at 190c or so, I wouldn't be comfortable with putting a headlight in an oven at 250c. I would much rather blast the edge with a heat gun. You can try a hairdryer if you don't have a heat gun but it probably won't get hot enough to soften the adhesive. For drying out the cluster/lens, an oven at 80-90c or an air conditioned area will remove all of the moisture inside.

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