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  1. Squeaking can usually be resolved with some spray grease. The same happens with top mounts if the car is left standing for too long.
  2. Correct, the 987.2 has both cats in the exhaust manifold. I've always wondered why Porsche never used inconel fasteners judging by how much these snap. I guess they want their OPCs to have the revenue...
  3. What socket are you using to remove the oxygen sensors? I picked up an offset pair from Screwfix recently and the 1/2" one was a bloody life saver (it paired with my 30cm breaker bar) when all else failed. The 1m bar wouldn't fit. This thread has given me both joy and pain. I cancelled an order for FVD manifolds about this time last year - pretty glad that I did having read this. Keep us updated on your progress! Are these the Topgear manifolds or something else?
  4. Make sure your mechanic friends ensures the connectors "click" after reattaching them to the fuel pump assembly. If they don't click, check the plastic tab inside. If it's loose, remove it and weigh it down a little for a while. It's fiddly to do but they come out.
  5. I suspect the quick connect for your fuel pump feed line is loose. It's a high pressure pump - the slightest looseness on those connectors and the engine's operation goes to s**t. I would bet on the pump connections based on your symptoms - no error codes and it happening suddenly. Injector issues would cause a misfire/poor running. It can only be the pump to completely cease engine operation. This same issue happened to my CR after OPC Cardiff had my fuel level sender out. You'll need a special tool or a lot of wrist strength to get into the fuel tank. There's a lock ring.
  6. Doors, comfort, economy... Can't fault a 5 series. The only car I've ever owned that would do remotely around 50mpg was my old PD 130 Golf! My S2000 will do 28mpg if I'm gentle for the tank...
  7. Just interested in what most people drive as a daily (or whether you daily your Porsche)? I did daily mine for 18 months but bought a dedicated daily when I started driving to work. It was an FN2 Civic but instant regret followed. I now daily an S2000.
  8. Sounds like you need to move. You wouldn't get anything like that in South Wales! I'm often heralded to rev the engine (of course I don't oblige, because I'm a snob in a Porsche).
  9. Pull the code and see what's being generated. It should give a good indication of what the issue is.
  10. Yes. Straight swap. You need Durametric or PIWIS to bleed the ABS pump automatically. The alternative is bleeding the brakes, activating the ABS a few times, and then bleeding again. I also had an FD a few years back - welcome to the refinement!
  11. Are you referring to the pedal travel or the amount of force required to engage the brakes when pressing the pedal? You can reduce the pedal travel, but decreasing the amount of force required is not a possible modification I'm aware of. Increasing the required pressure using the GT3 MC is a solution (if that is indeed the issue).
  12. Inconel fasteners would be best suited to replace the exhaust bolts/nuts. The heat cycling will affect stainless steel just like mild steel.
  13. Well, something happened because it's started working again. There was a little flicker and it sprung back to life. I think it's a bad solder joint. I've decided to wait for it to totally fail or flicker beyond my patience before I do something about it. Problem solved (until it reappears).
  14. I have a CR and can't for the life of me find a set with the right paint colour. I'd also pay between £150-£300 for the clocks then additional for programming. As long as I don't cock up the disassembly/reassembly, it's going to cost me a couple quid for LEDs. It's not a lack of skill on my part; it's more the not being arsed... Ha. Getting them apart wasn't too troublesome, but I have done easier ones.
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