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  1. Your engine sounds perfectly normal. Not a problem.
  2. 30k for a car with totally different panel colours? Oh dear. The colour difference between the skirt/quarter and rest of the original car is beyond: One should always paint the whole car or leave it well alone. I would pity the poor soul that drops strong money on this.
  3. As Lenny says, buying oil and filters from Design 911 is asking for a gouging. I would recommend your local motor factors rather than ECP.
  4. Most bodyshops probably won't do this kind of work (it's too small a job). Your local detailer will likely be up for it, however.
  5. Aftermarket warranties are usually a waste of time. They sell "peace of mind" but rarely deliver when the need arises. You usually pay for diagnostics Then have to pay for disassembly and for them to validate the failure If the failure is covered, they absorb that disassembly cost But, if they remove something that needs replacing and it isn't covered by the warranty, you will have to pay to replace it Labour rates are usually limited and wouldn't cover most specialist rates If the warranty leaves you dry, you've paid more money for the warranty and will also pay outrageous parts costs from their approved garages. You can become alluded into the state of mind that "I have a warranty that covers xyz and it will get fixed for free if xyz fails" when the reality is quite different. Unless it's an OPC warranty (which you can buy, BTW) then I would be knocking that off the sale price of the vehicle instead.
  6. Buy these: https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod143988/Exhaust-Sport-Headers-Porsche-9872-Boxster---Cayman/ Get an exhaust specialist to weld good quality 200 cell cats in for you. Be happy. Fabspeed, Cargraphic, etc., are all ludicrously overpriced. 3k+ for manifolds and cats is just laughable.
  7. Better off posting it here: https://www.caymanoc.com/forums/forum/17-for-sale/
  8. What's the goal? Is this replacing a failing/failed exhaust or for extra noise?
  9. The Porsche dampers are probably Bilstein manufactured. You won't go wrong.
  10. My experience with OPC Cardiff is that they do indeed pamper you. But once you weigh up the cost difference, you could have pampered yourself and still saved some cash. The most irritating thing about an OPC, in my experience, is the constant fishing for work - be it MOTs or services. The second most irritating thing is the ridiculous pricing. My rear mudguard had broken and, as the car was in for a service, I figured I would quote them fitting it for an all-in-one visit (thinking it would be £30-50). They wanted £175 to fit it! The mudguard was £19 and I changed it a week or so later in 5 minutes... It took longer to get the tools out and pack them away than undo/redo the 4 bolts or whatever. Cannot fault the customer service itself, however. It is flawless.
  11. It's the "stance" look that became popular a few years back: wider rims, obscene amounts of negative camber, and ultra low ride height. You would usually see a hatchback VW or Audi sporting the look. This car didn't quite make it all of the way, it would appear.
  12. It doesn't move when it's that low. It's on air (it can adjust ride height up and down). Putting air suspension on a Porsche is just sinful.
  13. You do it through the OBC, under "Chrono".
  14. I've never used it. It's just a stopwatch/timer.
  15. Throttle response, traction dialled back, and PDK behaviour (if present). It's a totally different driving experience with the sport and sport plus buttons - especially with PDK as the gear changes are significantly faster with each mode.
  16. Any R without at least buckets or chrono isn't worth entertaining, IMO. One without both isn't worth a glance at all.
  17. Either try to obtain the stock parts (will have to be used if no longer produced) or take your car to a real ICE professional that can fit things correctly. Alternatively for DIY: Get stock speakers and make some harnesses using quick disconnect crimps. It's speaker wiring; I wouldn't be fussed about the harness/plugs at all as long as there's adequate cable length.
  18. You don't need a template. You use the back of the bumper skin and cut them to size.
  19. Total drive is calculated using the tyres. By increasing the tyre circumference, you are decreasing your total drive ratio which means your car will accelerate more slowly than it would with 40 profile tyres. You will, however, increase your potential top speed (at least from a gearing standpoint). TL;DR: Larger tyres mean all gears will be longer and your acceleration will be slightly slower. My advice would be to find an alternative to your front lip scraping rather than increase your tyre profile. You can buy "armour" or "shielding" (some plastic with adhesive, really) that sticks onto the front bumper/lip to save it from scraping but that does, of course, make the lip/bumper even lower than before. A low car comes with these challenges and I've always found adjusting my driving/approach to be more effective than anything else.
  20. Got some time to upload the extra pictures I took. This is the bracket held in the vice to be torqued: You could use a spanner to hold the same surfaces as the vice, but that would be more difficult as far as I can tell. 987.2 PDK bracket up close: This looked nothing like the other brackets I saw online so it threw me a little. I searched for the part number but no results turned up. Factory mount: As for the original issue I tried to tackle: the fourth gear judder. The judder has significantly improved but it's still very much there. This leaves the engine mount as the next probable cause (the engine itself runs smooth, but you can feel the car shaking/juddering). That's going to be a coolant drain, hose removal, swap mount, and refill job. Should be fun.
  21. Your speedo will read 4% faster as you've increased the circumference of the tyre. This would be my primary concern.
  22. I got a die, removed the new mount, disassembled, cut the thread, reassembled and then repeated. There is a lot less room on the offside, just to forewarn anyone. I used a 19mm and impact wrench on the security bolt again - made easy work of it. There are NVH changes, but only on the N and they are all good noises. Engine is a bit noisier at low RPM (no change at mid/high). Can't comment on gear selection as I have PDK. I took it for a smooth cruise, bumps, twisties, cattle grid... Didn't experience anything usual in the vibration or harshness departments. Turn in was markedly improved but it was too wet to truly test that - verdict is still out there. Overall, good upgrade if your mounts are knackered but I wouldn't go changing perfectly good stock mounts.
  23. Solid point. I have dies kicking around but they stop at M8. Maybe it's time for an upgrade.
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