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  1. It's the nature of the sport mode. It's kind of self explanatory. Be mindful that the car is essentially in eco mode until you press that or the sport plus button.
  2. I'm working on the car later this evening. Will take a wheel off and post a pic. 👍
  3. You don't need to run the car on V Power. I have run Tesco Momentum for years (not just on the Cayman) and it's a fine fuel. Both meet the BS7800 spec for super unleaded and are 99 octane with 5% ethanol. You can argue additives but I doubt it makes much of a difference and is all marketing; you'd expect the engineers designing the standard to put them in if they were so beneficial... Stop wasting your money! 👍
  4. On the money. The exhaust mods will make much more gains than an intake or IPD plenum. There is always the cost of noise with exhaust mods and that can be a problem for some.
  5. Valid point. I've experience of sandblasting soft metals but not ABS plastic... It could crumble into dust during the process - this is quite likely a possibility!
  6. Wouldn't it have been easier/faster/cheaper to have had it sandblasted rather than keying it down by hand? Does look good though - this is one of my favourite things about the CR.
  7. Check the belt deflection is in tolerance (not sure what that figure is)? Sounds like it's stretched and is causing the whine. Only other options would be the tensioners. I'm not that familiar with the Cayman's belt drive to comment much further, unfortunately...
  8. I've had no problems doing 4-5 hour journeys in my CR. You must be old, GlosRich! 😉
  9. Disconnect your battery for a few mins and then do the window relearn procedure.
  10. The OE caps are made by an Italian company (can't remember their name). A decent wheel refurb place will be able to refurb your hub caps as long as the crest is in good shape.
  11. I have these wheels on my CR in satin platinum. They look delicious in black!
  12. This would be setting alarm bells off for me. It should have been bled properly before it's handed back to you and driven away. Definitely related to the work - sounds like something is amiss. Check over each component that would have been interacted with by the change. You'll need to get the lower covers off to check it bottom to top. It does look like too much coolant in each area to be a weeping pump. You would expect more of an obvious stream as it drips down, not the splashes that you've pictured. I would start with the expansion tank as dougle_turbo suggested. Check the caps are tight, etc., it may be something simple. Fingers crossed it's just a loose hose/clamp.
  13. The CR tests were performed with the car in second gear, which is why the tax is lower. Pretty sure somebody sued Porsche and won about it.
  14. The MAF issues are mostly caused by people over oiling after washing the filter. The oil won't leave a factory prepped filter, but can certainly leave one that's been overdone. I run a BMC one myself but couldn't really tell the difference. The gains are all on the exhaust side, but that's obviously an issue if you dislike excessive exhaust noise (which I do). I would think about your goals and what you could put that money towards instead. The IPD plenum and 82mm TB for me were the real winners. It completely eliminated the flat spot in the mid range. If you're not bothered by exhaust noise, then the manifolds should be the plan of attack on a 987.2, and the cats in the back boxes on a .1.
  15. Did you not read the post that I wrote in the thread? I think that you should. Here's the direct link: I have chrono; I have a CR with an 82mm TB, IPD comp plenum and a Softronic map. I've also mapped standalone ECUs (ME221, Apexi PowerFC), piggyback ECUs (AEM FIC6) and have a sound understanding of overall engine control; as well as intricate knowledge of mapping ignition timing, injection mapping based on VE, cold start metholodogies, amongst others. Regardless, it doesn't mean that what I'm saying is more or less true. A sprint booster is not the same as chrono or a map, and that's exactly what I stated. I'm not saying it's good or bad - simply that it isn't the same as chrono or a map. I think you are being far too dismissive rather than considering there's limits to your knowledge. Perhaps try researching the topic further rather than accusing me of not knowing how a drive-by wire throttle functions. It's important to note that I'm not writing this aggressively or with animosity. It's your choice to be humble or dismissive; it makes no difference to me. Edit: Also, I'll bow out now as I'm clearly derailing the thread. Apologies to the OP.
  16. No, I'm fully aware of the point - it's you that is missing the point. A sprint booster sacrifices control. I'm not writing it all out again.
  17. A sprint booster isn't equivalent to sport chrono. It does not work the same, nor produce the same effect. It sacrifices control.
  18. You unlock the car with the key then press the lock/unlock button on the key. The alarm will disable, then you can open the door without setting it off.
  19. I keep seeing this and facepalming. I'm sorry. Forgive me.
  20. If you're not going to drive the car then don't start it up. Put it on a trickle charger to keep the battery charged and let it stand. It'll be fine. When you're ready to drive, check coolant, tyre pressures then off you go. Check oil once engine is up to temp. There's no need to let the engine idle for 20 minutes wasting fuel, emitting emissions and causing unnecessary engine wear. The longer your engine is cold, the more wear that takes place. The goal is to get the engine up to temp as quickly as possible without labouring the engine. Your 944 turbocharger oil seals failed (causing oil to enter the turbine/compressor outlet rather than pass through the oil passages) and that would have little to do with the car sitting, in my opinion. Sometimes things just fail.
  21. The world isn't black and white; at least we should all recognise and understand the grey we live in. Nothing this complicated can be solved on a car forum. There are disagreements on both sides, but I think we can all agree that this continuing is only going to end up with somebody being offended needlessly and what it will achieve is absolutely nothing. Perhaps this is best left be...
  22. It was sorted by a painless dent removal guy that specialises in it. He did one on my door too - great job and was only £25 per dent.
  23. I wish it was my garage... It's my detailers unit. My garage is nowhere near as clean!
  24. Following on from my 1 year update... I'm now over 3 years in! I eventually sold the S2000 after 18 months and got the CTR to daily in Oct. I got t-boned by a drunk driver in the CTR in Feb. It's been repaired, but COVID-19 has put a stop to the final remediation work to get it looking factory once again. This has been a whole fiasco (guy was disqualified, "stole" his mother's car) and it's behind me now. My Cayman has now become a fun, special car to me since having a daily again. It's like a little treat I give myself every time I drive it. Mechanically, nothing has changed or failed (I've bloody said it now though). I had to replace a rear mud guard which got mauled by a speed bump but £25 for the part, £10 for bolts, 15 minutes to change it over and good as new. Car sailed through its MOT once again. I no longer MOT with Porsche Cardiff as they were always fishing for unnecessary work. The paint had another correction and coating; previous guy stopped trading, didn't do a good job in the long run. Disappointed is the only word applicable. Wheels were also redone at the same time in platinum silver with new centre caps - was definitely what the CR needed to liven the looks back up over the hyper silver. Rear badge was replaced and the entire tailgate was given the thorough going over it needed. Had new wheel bolts all around as the old ones were tired and rusted. Anyone interested in taking them off my hand, please drop me a line. Cried a little inside at the price of replacements (Design 911 were cheapest) but it had to be done. New gas struts fitted to the rear - learnt the rear tailgate has a two stage lift! Three bloody years and I never knew it could go so high! I have captured this for your own initiation into the cult of the two stage lift: Car is in great shape overall and I'm more pleased than I've ever been. Porsche announced the 718 GTS 4.0 and I almost faltered but couldn't get the numbers to make sense in my head. Will wait a few years and redo the numbers. That's about it, really. Car is being driven. I'm smiling about it. There isn't much more to say. The garage that my car sits in is finally getting to where it needs to be, but that's another story entirely. Until the next update!
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