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  1. If you've never tried a PDK I think you could be very pleasantly surprised. It's a fantastic box. I came from a manual 996T to my 981CS, having tried 3 with PDK to make sure I was happy with it. I use it in manual a lot, and one of the things I really like is the ability to keep two hands on the wheel. I'd have another manual (may add a 986/7 Boxster to the Cayman in the future), but PDK has a lot going for it, particularly for those of us who due to ailments at times are unable to drive a manual.
  2. I've no idea and it's not mentioned on the website.
  3. There's a PCGB Cayman meet at Duxford 10am tomorrow if anyone can make it. Paul.
  4. Yes, thinking of going but not booked yet.
  5. My 981CS has 20's and PASM and the ride is excellent for a car of this type. It's better than my previous 996T on 18's and our Audi A3 sport on 16's. The ride on that is awful.
  6. We're of in 2 weeks to France, Germany, Austria, Italy (Dolomites, Como), Switzerland and back. Caymans are a great tourer (5th year on the trot in our 981CS). Can't agree about the Black Forest. Too many trees! Susten is showing as open now.
  7. https://rpmtechnik.co.uk/servicing/fixed-price/porsche-981-3-4-s/ I replaced my front discs/pads at over 20k miles but only because the pads didn't appear to be getting full contact with the discs. The rears are the same as when I bought the car and now 6 years/30k miles with plenty left on them. I don't like quoting tyre useage as there are too many variables like brand, geometry condition, driving style, age, etc.
  8. A 981 isn't going to cost anywhere near £4-5kpa. Servicing is every 2 years. Check the RPM Technic website for indy costs (clutch £880, front pads £204).Tyres (on 20's) will be £700-800. How long they last is down to you. You may be able to find a car with an extended warranty which would ease your mind and potentially wallet. The brakes are a bit over servoed (ie too sensitive) compared to earlier Porsches. Gearing on pdk's is a bit shorter, and recommend PASM, as ride is excellent. You can 30+mpg when mway cruising, mid 20's or a bit lower when pressing on. Engines/electronics are
  9. It's a nice venue. Know it well as our company use some of the aircraft for testing of our equipment, and used to (may still) sponsor the Blades aerobactic team based there.
  10. We've been to Italy the past 3 years in our 981 CS, which doesn't come with a spare, and never heard of that regulation before. I f you haven't booked accommodation yet I can recommend a place at Como.
  11. On my 2013 CS you pull back to flash the main beam and push forward to acivate main beam permanently until you pull it back again. That seems ridiculous to have to hold it forward.
  12. I have that too, along with some others from the same authors. They are wonderful, and inspire many of my routes.
  13. I have lots of routes on Powerpoint slides, along with gpx/itn files if any help. Have done our own trip planning the past four summers, including a group of four this year. I may try to get to Old Warden if I can as not been to any meets yet. Paul.
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