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  1. Fantastic meeting up, thanks for organising Only downside is I really want a white Cayman R now
  2. Quick question, are we supposed to have bought our own tickets for this ? I've held off doing anything until we had a bit more idea of what was being planned.
  3. Goodwood Breakfast Club (Full Throttle) is also that day, probably a bit much to try and organise a meet down there although depending on time I might nip down there first. Happy to just go along with any time and meeting place, we're local so can fit in with others. Twopointnine - Was up your way a week or so back, went to The Mill Arms at Dunbridge, fantastic burger meal there, will be going back soon as we can!
  4. Bluedot


    Daughter wanted to practice her photography so got the Cayman cleaned and went down to the local industrial estate....
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