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  1. I'm in (again), pretty sure we've nothing else on around that time. Maybe find somewhere different to meet up beforehand ? The MaccyD car park got a bit tight and busy.
  2. Could well be up for that. Depends on where I'm working though so will know nearer the time.
  3. Only just seen this mentioned over on PH. Anyone going at all ? http://www.clubcarrerauk.com/
  4. Don't rearrange on my behalf but I'm probably out for that date, booked a couple of nights in Paris although after yesterdays events it's not 100% we'll go, only the flights booked so far.
  5. Yes, I'd certainly be interested, obviously subject to cost and date, would it be a weekend do you know ?
  6. After my visit yesterday this is pretty much a copy and paste from a post I made over on PistonHeads: My thoughts on both the experience and the current TG state of play: If you go, be prepared for lots of queueing, well organised but takes almost 2 hours from the moment you get out of your car till you walk in the studio. Then standing all afternoon for another few hours, no bad thing, just one of those things. Eat something when you park (decent burger van parked up), there is no opportunity to get food after that. They were giving out free bottles of water which in
  7. So that's your real reason isn't it ?
  8. Much better last night although Evans still grates. Think Button would be a great presenter on there, maybe one for the future ? Such a natural behind the wheel and can effortlessly talk and drive at the same time. Thought Jordan was a good sport, despite obviously being setup as the 'buffoon' of the bunch. The star in a rallycross car bit though was awful and needs canning or totally revamping sharpish. Not sure if I'm lucky or not but I'm off to see TG being filmed on Wednesday, should be interesting anyway!
  9. Fantastic meeting up, thanks for organising Only downside is I really want a white Cayman R now
  10. Quick question, are we supposed to have bought our own tickets for this ? I've held off doing anything until we had a bit more idea of what was being planned.
  11. Goodwood Breakfast Club (Full Throttle) is also that day, probably a bit much to try and organise a meet down there although depending on time I might nip down there first. Happy to just go along with any time and meeting place, we're local so can fit in with others. Twopointnine - Was up your way a week or so back, went to The Mill Arms at Dunbridge, fantastic burger meal there, will be going back soon as we can!
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