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  1. open a box of brembo pads and they are stamped textar with the same part number.....
  2. in my 2006 S it was horsheshoe. brembo pads are texstar in a brembo box and fractionally cheaper last time i looked. sebro discs for the factory look or brembo if you like the discs with black paint.
  3. hi,ive got my eye in that 981 as its nearly what im looking for but be aware that the advert is not accurate,the car does not have sports seats or bi xenons as stated. re suspension,the 981 feels perfect to me without pasm,the 987 can feel harsh at times but this could be down to the fact mine was 10 years old on original shocks.
  4. thanks guys..........i have a feeling it could take some time.
  5. so i said goodbye this morning to the cayman,sold it to ashgood cars. sad to see it go tbh as it was such a nice car and i did grow a bit to liking the pdk. just gotta find a 981 S now with a manual box.
  6. as others have stated a 0w is just not needed unless you live in a very cold climate and 5w is best choice. the best oils have "100% synthetic" marked on the bottle, a lot of the so called fully synthetic oils arnt actually fully synthetic.
  7. 981 S........with a manual box......already seen the car id like to buy but its at other end of country and i dont have the extra cash either at the moment.
  8. after a few weeks and several hundred miles the car is up for sale. i keep thinking i will get used to the pdk but i dont and pretty livid with myself after spending soo long trying to find the right car. its on ebay if anyones interested
  9. my last car was a 987 S manual but i much prefer the looks of the 981 so will be sticking with that. a GT4 is "more my thing"
  10. i tried a 981 S with flappy paddles and liked it but the budget wouldnt stretch so ive got a base model with the steering wheel buttons.
  11. i think pdk is just too modern for me and im just an analogue guy.
  12. hi yes have used the sport button and its better. think i will give it a month and if im still not convinced will sell and get a manual.
  13. thanks,all good advice. i test drove a 981 S pdk with sport plus and liked that but the bugdet wouldnt stretch to an S.
  14. so after a long search i finally bought a 981. its a mint low mileage car with sports seats,bose,20" wheels and pdk. the car looks and drives superb however after only a few hundred miles im thinking that i made a mistake getting the pdk. i just dont get it...i thought i would like it but i dont,it just feels like a very good automatic..but thats all it is,already i want to change it to a manual. anyone thought the same but learnt to like it over time? thanks
  15. a 2 year old car with that mileage would be due or had done its 1st (minor) service if you follow porsches(daft) 2 year schedule and due its 2nd (major) services after 4 years or 40k miles. if a car with that low mileage had already gone through a set of tyres i would be worried as it would indicate some hard usage. the tyres are date stamped if you want to know how old they are.
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