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  1. This is why I didn't ask to see the dyno print out from Parr and just measured it by how the throttle response felt and the top speed before and after on track. Too little HP I would have been disappointed and said 'more please', too many HP I would of said 'calm down it's a gen1 it will blow up!'
  2. Subscribed! Lucky number 13. Silly question, how do you get your GoPro not to fail? All my footage from Castle Combe is broken up into random 2 min videos and bright white and the latest Oulton Park video has no video just noise. Probably a broken GoPro.
  3. @Beanoir and @Windymiller Discount at Design 911, sign me up! Is that platinum at Cayman OC or Porsche GB. I must have spent more than 10K at Design 911 over the years, so could definitely benefit from that.
  4. I got my Sebro slotted rears from Design 911. Looks like I overpaid by a tenner
  5. I'm around Goodwood area anyway on 14th, so if that meet is happening count me in. It would be the dogs first time in the cayman.
  6. We got a 55.7 last summer or fresh tyres. Looking forward to trying again with the new wing/splitter and new suspension geo. Yep Outlon is 5 ours away, so going up tomorrow night. Leaving the car outside a Premier Inn at the motorway services Donington is my favourite track, so fast, but took me a while to learn it. The craner curves aren't as scary as people say, just fun.
  7. Looks quick, nice one. I don't blame you for respecting paddock after seeing the aftermath of your Clio incident! I'm on track at Oulton Park this Friday for the first time, any advice if you've been there?
  8. Hi @Kai I had a similar issue for a couple of years with my exhaust at track days. First fix was to fit baffles on the tips that direct the sound down into the ground. These are very cheap and easy to fit and don't mark the tips, but don't really take off much noise. My second solution was to fit big exhaust baffles using exhaust foam (wool) wrapped around a pipe and fitted in the mufflers. We used a bolt to stop the pipe/wool coming out, it looked terrible, but shut the thing up and got down to 100db fly by. It sapped some power due to restricting the exhaust flow, but stopped me getting black flagged every time. Another cheat is to find the microphones at the tracks and know when to lift/short shift. Marshals are usually quite helpful here and point out exactly where they are. Now I just used a Miltek exhaust that's ok on all tracks.
  9. Daz Sounds good. I think mid July should be promising weather wise.
  10. Thought I'd open this to the forum, is anyone planning on going to Deutsche Fest in July at Brands Hatch? I went last year and it was pretty good, lots of racing, Porsches of all kinds, good beer and food and spaces for car clubs like the Porsche GB. https://www.deutschefest.co.uk/get-involved/individual-car-displays/ The Porsche GB Championship are racing as well as some BMWs, touring cars etc... I went mainly because it was a sunny day and know Brands Hatch well. Fortunately last time there weren't too many slammed VWs and Audis with more camber then sense littering the place. If anyone is planning on going just let me know, I'll probably put the old Cayman on display.
  11. I had terrible experience with Top Gear, finally got the cat back system off the car and into the tip. The gaskets didn't align properly with the stock manifolds, the brackets snapped in half twice. They didn't offer a replacement or to fix the broken brackets and fobbed me off 5 times by phone and even their managing director gave me a load of grief. Hope you have better luck with them though!
  12. Anyone done their CV joints in before? Parr alerted me to a small leak and I noticed some green oil weeping slowly out of the CV boots covering my KW Clubsport suspension bump stiffness adjuster and breaking it! This is about to get very expensive as I can't adjust the bump stiffness of the suspension anymore. Surely this is a common issue after 76K miles? I have already replaced the right side driveshaft with a used one when changing the suspension last year, so it is strange that both have gone at the same time isn't it? Any advice would be great...cheers
  13. Just booked Brands Hatch for 23rd May day session, can't remember if there was an evening session as well.
  14. @pstarkey I accidentally lost the suspension geo spec sheet which is a pain, but I know camber is around -3.2 front and -3.5 rear. I can check again with the camber gauge and let you know exactly, also rear is spaced 10-15mm. I basically have Parr's stage 2 track focused geo and to iron out understeer the ride height is dropped to 9cm with a 5 degree rake angle.
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