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  1. Hi @Robpatte I was about to put the wiper motor on eBay. I think £50 including shipping should cover it.
  2. Yes its a Parr remap, around £600-700 and includes a new air filter.
  3. Great modification, well worth it. Although without the remap I couldn't tell any difference in throttle response or power. After the remap and throttle body it was 10mph faster on the pit straight at Brands Hatch.
  4. Cayman just received fresh suspension geometry set up from Parr and feels amazing, even more aggressive with the camber. But had to cancel track day plans due to a cracked exhaust manifold and broken cats, with completely eroded bolts replacing them is going to be a mission. Has anyone changed their headers and found issues with the bolts?
  5. Wing on. Finally got to take the Cayman out of hibernation for a sunny drive. One thing I've learned when arriving at a quiet old village pub in a big winged, stripey, loud and obnoxious track car is - old people hate you
  6. OK mate, here is a picture of the rear wiper motor in case you wanted to know.
  7. I just removed my rear wiper motor as I removed the wiper completely. I no longer need it, so if you want a replacement one just let me know. Maybe best to get it properly checked before deciding to replace the motor though, I can tell you it is not a 5 minute job to remove it!
  8. Yes the ducktail/wing base is bolted onto the rear deck and the main wing uprights bolt onto the side of the duck tail. I have a few more close up pics I can send you if that helps? It isn't painted and finished yet as I'm still in the process of installing. I won't be able to do Caffeine & Machine this Saturday, but thanks. I'll have it all fitted by next club meet though.
  9. @Andrea Frasky Ducktail deign looks great! If it helps I have an installation template from Getty Design for my ducktail/wing base. I don't need it anymore so if you think it could help you just let me know.
  10. @pstarkey Thanks. Yes I have resisters that stops the airbag lights from coming on. If you get the bos kit that fits lots of VW group cars it has the connectors inside and its a simple solder. It only took around 20 minutes to do.
  11. No I don't left foot brake, but after some brief driver tuition from an instructor I tried trail braking into bends like Druids. Seems to do the trick and feels fun
  12. @Dougle_turbo At Brands hatch with no baffles it was over 104db, with baffles and shifting at 6.5K its 98db. Will do Bedford one day as it isn't too far. I think I met that guy at the Cayman meet at Caffeine and Machine, going to give the video a watch I remember his car sounded good. Tyres - I fitted 245 Toyo R888 on mine and because the car is quite low it was rubbing the wheel arches at the bottom of Paddock hill bend at Brands Hatch. Even with > 2.7 degrees of negative camber it was a bit of an issue rubbing. I loved the sharp turn in and front end grip and never experienced lift off oversteer. Maybe that was because I don't turn in to a fast bend lifting off as it unsettles the balance of the car. I went down to 235 Too R888R and they feel better. So going to a slightly narrower front tyre was probably the best for my setup with 275 rears.
  13. @pstarkey I have the deep sump kit from Design 911 fitted to by Cayman and works a treat, I haven't seen the one from Porsche shop before so can't comment. So far its done 20+ track days on semi-sicks/high Gs and all is good. Just keep changing the oil regularly. The sump is a piece of cake to fit and only took a hour or so.
  14. @Dougle_turbo I can't do Bedford due to the noise limit, even with the extra baffles I will just get black flagged instantly.
  15. @Mavrik I'm afraid so yes its sold.
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