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  1. I had terrible experience with Top Gear, finally got the cat back system off the car and into the tip. The gaskets didn't align properly with the stock manifolds, the brackets snapped in half twice. They didn't offer a replacement or to fix the broken brackets and fobbed me off 5 times by phone and even their managing director gave me a load of grief. Hope you have better luck with them though!
  2. Anyone done their CV joints in before? Parr alerted me to a small leak and I noticed some green oil weeping slowly out of the CV boots covering my KW Clubsport suspension bump stiffness adjuster and breaking it! This is about to get very expensive as I can't adjust the bump stiffness of the suspension anymore. Surely this is a common issue after 76K miles? I have already replaced the right side driveshaft with a used one when changing the suspension last year, so it is strange that both have gone at the same time isn't it? Any advice would be great...cheers
  3. Just booked Brands Hatch for 23rd May day session, can't remember if there was an evening session as well.
  4. @pstarkey I accidentally lost the suspension geo spec sheet which is a pain, but I know camber is around -3.2 front and -3.5 rear. I can check again with the camber gauge and let you know exactly, also rear is spaced 10-15mm. I basically have Parr's stage 2 track focused geo and to iron out understeer the ride height is dropped to 9cm with a 5 degree rake angle.
  5. @Dougle_turbo Just booked Brands Hatch on 23 May and Castle Combe on 7 June. If you're interested I have a garage booked.
  6. Cheers, love the dairy milk purple! Yeah its a Getty cup car wing, ducktail with tall uprights. Ordering was easy, Mark was very helpful with dimensions, instructions and international shipping prices.
  7. Update time: A lot of parts got tested at Brands Hatch yesterday in perfect sunny weather. The long list: New wing & splitter (bigger is better) Race battery (little beast - no issues in stop start traffic on the way or on track) Headers, Miltek Exhaust (Finally track day friendly) Suspension geo (nice) Stickers (Vanity) Add it all up and.... 0.2 sec faster. This sounds like nothing, but we weren't trying to go fast, just play around with settings to see what felt best. There is a lot of potential to go faster and the 987 continues to impress. Hopefully many action shots to follow.
  8. Sounds like a good setup, this is why I need a man cave in my house! I did one at Brands Hatch yesterday, a perfect sunny day to test all the new parts. Next one probably June or maybe sneak one in mid May at Brands Hatch or Castle Combe. When are you next on track?
  9. Great driving!. Think it will take me years to remember all the corners. The ring has been on my to do list for a long time.
  10. BMW 520D M sport. Perfect support vehicle for carrying the Caymans track wheels.
  11. On Toyo R888s: 26psi front and 32psi at the rear usually at Brands Hatch, gives good turn in.
  12. I can't comment on road driving, but on the track I run both 235/40 and 245/40 fronts and 275/40 rears and it works well. No issues with understeer going oversize at the rear with spacers. However with more than 3 degrees negative camber at the rear that is definitely a contributing factor.
  13. @GlosRich For Castle Combe I've got to agree with @Dougle_turbo it might not be the best track for a first track day, especially if its wet. I've done 9-10 track days at Castle Combe, 3 of them raining and because of the higher average speed it can get a bit hairy. The last corner catches most people out as there isn't much run off. - its bloody fun though and one of my favourite tracks. Castle Combe had good free tuition to teach you the safe lines, because unlike most circuits there are no sighting laps.
  14. @crafty1 The battery is a Extreme racing PC950 with the bracket from Merlin Motorsports. It requires some altering to get it to fit.
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