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  1. @jamesfunge I've been out in this Cayman that has PASM with Bilstein B16 suspension, it keeps the PASM working as well so no need to code it out apparently. Not sure if this helps, but here is the article. https://www.regalautosport.com/blog/customer-cayman-s-987-project-bilstein-b16-damptronic-install/
  2. I also had a pretty unpleasant experience with Regal Autosport with a simple exhaust replacement. I won't criticise them too much, because the staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, so maybe just an off day or one individual being sloppy. But when an exhaust bolt falls out within 20 miles that isn't a good start! End result a blowing exhaust, but a simple fix I did on the drive way.
  3. Ah good shout, definitely something to look at, cheers. I used a small bit of hard cardboard originally, It's probably fallen loose by now.
  4. I've been reading this thread with interest as I've recently changed my engine / gearbox mounts to the RSS ones, but hadn't heard of Function First, they seem to be good value. The RSS make a noticeable difference on track and on the road especially over the bumps at Castle Combe, however there is a strange vibration occasionally off throttle that wasn't there on the old clapped out mounts... Any ideas? Also on the roll bar / harness debate: I'm strange and have both the RSS harness bar and a half cage. The harness bar alone definitely can be felt, but adding the cage as well makes the whole car feel more tight. It's difficult to describe it, but you basically know its there doing something. I just hope it won't be required.
  5. Back from a soaking wet, yet amazing day at Brands Hatch. Thanks to Michelin Pilot sport 4 tyres the snappy Cayman is tames, I now can't wait for wet track days. Also Driver 61, Scott Mansell driver tutorial on driving the wet line was so useful (and free). The tyres are incredible, comfortably the fastest car all day even lapping race cars to the point 3 people asked for passenger laps. I'm probably late to the party with the pilot sport 4 tyres, but Im just amazed at how good they are. The original purpose was to test the new front splitter we made, but torrential rain made that difficult. Although the car now makes a nice rooster tail at high speed, so clearly it works. Also when the track dried out and I put the semi slicks on, all understeer is gone and I accidentally set one of my fastest times. It may be home made earo, but now the cup car wing is balanced. Next to make a diffuser from scratch... how hard can it be?
  6. @BenH Cheers. Interesting you're looking to replace the M235i, I was very tempted by one because of the BMW VLN 235i cup cars and that engine.
  7. Hi @Kai Sounds interesting and a good question to ask. Likewise I have a track kitted out 987.1 and spent way more on upgrades that I paid for the car, however selling is going to be difficult. I spoke to an independent Porsche garage in Guildford about it when looking for a 981 S manual as a replacement and he said, he couldn't sell a highly modified car through his dealership because it would take too long to find the right customers and would have too many tire kickers with questions. The Porsche Centre Portsmouth told me they would take my car in part ex on a used 981 S, however offered me a very very low price and advised private sale or an independent Porsche garage with racing heritage like Parr, Strasse, Paragon etc...They have the contacts and expertise to answer questions. Hope this helps, there are options out there. My advice is invite a potential buyer to a track day, overtake everything on track, embarrass GT3 owners and the sale is done
  8. Splitter finally done. I planned this a year ago, but finally got round to it today. Still a few bits to modify, but I'm happy with how it turned out. And yes, it will take the weight of a human standing on it, so it should be functional and help balance the massive cup car wing. Side note: We discovered the car was crashed head on by the previous owner Slightly cracked front impact bar, dented chassis and a bumper with date codes 3 years after the car was manufactured. The good news is the air con radiators, coolant pipes were changed only 3.5 years ago, so maybe it was a good thing?
  9. @sevenfourate Yeah not too pricey compared to last year. No I'm on 18s, 8.5 and 10J. The tyre setup is perfect for the track, but I use the stock wheels on the road.
  10. @Dougle_turbo Cheers that was Castle Combe, the photographers there are really good. MSV need to take note and stop taking 20 pics of the same corner on a sighting lap. Let me know how the LSD goes if you get started before me. We were planning on doing it when the clutch needed changing seeing as it will take some time.
  11. Back into the garage she goes for some work, after doing 2,000 miles and 5 track days in a couple of months, she's faster than ever, but needs a rest. Also I forgot I started this thread. Prior to track season we replaced the rear engine mount, added side sills, fresh oil, enlarged brake cooling ducts and added the H&R rear anti-roll bar again. Oh and new R888R tyres, 245 front and 275 rear. Finally tried new suspension settings, softer and lower at the front, and stiffer at the rear. This took some adjusting to, but much better. Craner curbs at Donington is now comfortably 100+mph The winter job list: RSS engine mounts Gearbox mounts More oil De-gunk and clean radiators Cylinder compression check Front splitter build (will take some time) Paint the rear deck properly with the correct paint and wrap Make the handbrake work New PFC brake pads (£££££££££) Future jobs: Limited Slip Diff. Wavetrac or Quafe? I hear pros and cons of both.
  12. Sorry mate I just saw your post. I have a MOMO wheel and the trusty dremel was required. The next time I read instructions that say 'just fits' or 'attaches no problem' I know to get the power tools out and the swear jar.
  13. This is why I didn't ask to see the dyno print out from Parr and just measured it by how the throttle response felt and the top speed before and after on track. Too little HP I would have been disappointed and said 'more please', too many HP I would of said 'calm down it's a gen1 it will blow up!'
  14. Subscribed! Lucky number 13. Silly question, how do you get your GoPro not to fail? All my footage from Castle Combe is broken up into random 2 min videos and bright white and the latest Oulton Park video has no video just noise. Probably a broken GoPro.
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