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  1. @Dougle_turbo Nice one, traffic at Brands Indy is always an issue. I just got back from my Brands track day today, it was busy, but a lot of fun. Most people were using their mirrors and social distancing, apart from a group on young Chinese kids in supercars, oh dear is all I can say...
  2. I forgot about the 90dB limit! No way I'm going to be under it. Hopefully with some short shifting I can sneak under.
  3. My first time at Thruxton as well, but I have Brands Hatch this Thursday and Castle Combe the following Friday. So assuming the car survives, I might have to take it easy at Thruxton. My Dad used to race at Thruxton and had a big off, so I'm sure his advice will be take It easy and don't lift off mid corner.
  4. @GlosRich Only £159 seems very cheap. I just paid more than £300 for Brands Hatch with garage + additional driver. Seeing as Thruxton is my local circuit I might have to book this as well. Also it's Father's Day on the 21st, so I could pretend the track day is a present. Just booked it!
  5. Nice one. I have just enough for one track day left on my MSC voucher so weighing up Snetterton or Donnington. Shame each one is 4+ hours away.
  6. The last couple of weeks I received some of the best news for ages, track days are reopening this month! Specifically MSV and Castle Combe are opening under strict social distancing conditions that should make for an interesting day. I got a bit carried away and immediately booked Brands Hatch 4 June, Castle Combe 12 June followed by Snetterton. However the prices have sky rocketed. Starting at £259 for a mid week Brands Indy track day!
  7. @Dougle_turbo I would personally change those rear disks before the next track day. Just from experience my stock rear discs looked like that for a while, not technically finished or too bad for road use or standard pads. But as soon as I put race pads on, they cracked through immediately. Also I run AP Racing brake temp sensor strips and get nerdy with the infra red temp gun and those rear discs get really hot. Often hotter than the front due to reduced cooling and PSM/PASM occasionally applying some pressure.
  8. You're right. I spoke to Design 911 and they said they won't get any more Sebro rears. Mine has done 13 track days so will need replacing soon as well. Would love the Giro discs, but they're so much. I spoke to someone who races with standard 987 front discs / callipers on the rear, but uses 997 carbon ceramic callipers up front with 997 GT3 discs. I thought this would be impossible due to the handbrake and diameters not matching? Maybe because it's a race car the hubs and calliper mounts were changed. Seems like a lot of effort and strange combo.
  9. I don't think I have pictures of the fitting process, just these ones of the diff comparison. I'll check my work computer if there are any more. Have you ordered one? I can't wait to try it on the track. My old man was the master mechanic doing most of the work on this. I was basically the tea boy!
  10. It was one of the first mods I made, in fact before I even went on track I think. The PS4's are amazing tyres, you will probably notice a big difference.
  11. I noticed a much nicer intake noise with the BMC filter over stock. Then again, I remove the carpet engine cover when on track, so get a lot more induction/mechanical noise anyway.
  12. Hi @peteslag Thanks. No I have a deeper baffled sump similar to this one that replaces the existing one. https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/pt856_859_2371_-cma81-cmo121/Porsche/Cayman-987C---981C/Oil-Sump/ The actual one I bought is from FVD Brombacher, but can't find it one their website anymore.
  13. @Bushman I had a similar problem about a year ago after leaving the car for months without driving. Car started misfiring, most noticeable at low revs. The solution was a replacement solenoid and thorough cleaning. Fortunately I already had the car booked into a Porsche Indy for something else and they fixed it in a day. If I remember correctly, parts were £250 plus labour etc...
  14. First drive after hibernation done! Total work included: Quaife LSD, new clutch, PFC brake pads, oil, suspension geometry, RSS semi-solid engine and gearbox mounts, SOLO 2 lap timer, thorough underside clean and of course the CaymanOC stickers. Diff and engine mounts make the car feel so much better in every way, it's actually difficult to describe. Obviously all track days are off, so won't be able to put to the test for a long time. I'm right behind the non-essential travel at the moment due to Covid 19 and will not just go for a drive, but that has presented an issue. My daily Fiesta ST is broken, so I need to occasionally drive to work (otherwise working at home). So far two Police cars slowed down and pointed at me on my way to work, perhaps assuming I'm out for a hoon, but didn't pull me over. I removed the giant wing in an effort to go under the radar, as you can see in now blends in! On a serious note, hope everyone is keeping safe and well.
  15. @Joe Spicer I've just replaced my engine and transmission mounts for RSS track spec ones so now have some knowledge of the process. My mounts looked quite similar to your picture and had similar levels of play. I couldn't tell exactly what was causing the brown marks, I assumed just usual corrosion. They didn't look too bad when removed, however they were clearly passed their best.
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