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  1. @Dougle_turbo At Brands hatch with no baffles it was over 104db, with baffles and shifting at 6.5K its 98db. Will do Bedford one day as it isn't too far. I think I met that guy at the Cayman meet at Caffeine and Machine, going to give the video a watch I remember his car sounded good. Tyres - I fitted 245 Toyo R888 on mine and because the car is quite low it was rubbing the wheel arches at the bottom of Paddock hill bend at Brands Hatch. Even with > 2.7 degrees of negative camber it was a bit of an issue rubbing. I loved the sharp turn in and front end grip and never experienced lift off oversteer. Maybe that was because I don't turn in to a fast bend lifting off as it unsettles the balance of the car. I went down to 235 Too R888R and they feel better. So going to a slightly narrower front tyre was probably the best for my setup with 275 rears.
  2. @pstarkey I have the deep sump kit from Design 911 fitted to by Cayman and works a treat, I haven't seen the one from Porsche shop before so can't comment. So far its done 20+ track days on semi-sicks/high Gs and all is good. Just keep changing the oil regularly. The sump is a piece of cake to fit and only took a hour or so.
  3. @Dougle_turbo I can't do Bedford due to the noise limit, even with the extra baffles I will just get black flagged instantly.
  4. @Mavrik I'm afraid so yes its sold.
  5. @Dougle_turbo Probably going to be early March at either Castle Combe or Brands Hatch. Too much travelling for work means limited time to play. Still need to fit new brake pads, oil change, splitter, fire extinguisher and get a fresh track geometry/alignment from Parr.
  6. Test fit complete, now time for paint and wrapping. To save weight and because they're no longer needed, the rear wiper and rear wing motor have been removed along with all the rear deck trim. All together they weigh around 25kg, so some pretty big savings.
  7. Hello @Kris O'neill Yes the GT4 wing will fit, I have one fitted to my Cayman. In fact I am taking off the wing as I have a larger Cup Car wing that I'm about to install. So if you want my GT4 wing just let me know, I can talk you through the installation process as well if that helps? The Wing is in good condition and currently wrapped silver, but I can remove the wrap if necessary.
  8. Evening ladies and gents, I was going to wait until it was installed and painted etc... But here is my Christmas, New Years, Birthday and any other celebration day present (to myself). Winging its way over from the US. This is the race wing from a GT3 Cup Car, adjustable uprights and inter series ducktail base. Basically the wing that started my Cayman obsession. I will upload pictures when finished, but this will be paired with a new front splitter (currently in the workshop) for some real aero. Any suggestions on the Martini stripes, do they keep going over the wing or just the ducktail?
  9. Hello mate. Cayman looks great, love those wheels!! I'm toying with changing to lighter OZ Superlegetta or some split BBS wheels. Do those wheels come in 18"? Pic of mine attached, I've done a few things, list too long to mention...
  10. Count me in if there is still space left! Just got the Cayman out the garage and could do with stretching its legs.
  11. @Mavrik That GT3 master cylinder will be a revelation on track. I've never done Brands GP so no idea on lap times. On the Indy layout we can do 56:00. With no exhaust baffles and actually hitting the red line, probably could go quicker. Noise limit stops us giving it the full send.
  12. @Mavrik Sounds like time to modify the Cayman some more...
  13. @Dougle_turboSounds good, let me know how you find the new Sebro discs on track. I just tested the new brake upgrades at Castle Combe yesterday and we clearly didn't bed them in enough. Maybe it was the PFC discs not the Sebro, but it took a while for them to come alive. Also new discs on old pads wasn't ideal.
  14. @Sam@IoM Thanks. Thats good to know, were they good at dealing with extreme heat on your car? I use the PFC 08 compound pads. The cage is by Heigo sourced from FVD Brombacher in Germany. www.fvd.net
  15. BRAKING NEWS!.....Sorry couldn't resist. Finally got round to upgrading all the discs and brake lines. After cracking the standard discs again we realised that we need proper performance grooved discs. Because the PFC brake pads are so amazing and PFC also make brakes for the Cayman GT4 MR and GT3 Cup car, we figured the PFC front discs will be worth it. The rears are Sebro and seem to be pretty good value and popular with other Cayman owners. The brake lines were eroded and seized together and took more than a week to properly replace with Goodrich braided lines. It looked like 10+ years of dirt and grime had taken its toll. This was also the reason for missing the breakfast meet yesterday. Now we need to get the car on track to see how much stopping power we really have.

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