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  1. Sold in 1 day deposit paid picking up next week. Young guy came and viewed this morning. Had 2 offers from trader £24500 and £24750. Really crazy times. Now to decided on next move.
  2. Hi all decided to put my Cayman up for sale. It’s not getting used a lot so time to sell. Just spent £1700 on a service in April. The car has been a dream and never let me down.
  3. Thought the mileage might be a decimal place error and should have been 19000mls. Checked MOT history and it done 500 mls in 6 years
  4. Dont really understand what drives WBAC calculation. I put my 2011 2.9 with 35k miles and got a valuation of 21,495mls this week.
  5. I’ll meet you there at Cobham service I’ll be there before 8.
  6. Have you thought about using a good indie. I’m sure someone on coc could recommend one in your area.
  7. Very wise word windymiller agree with your view. Especially the PDK which I have an now love. If you go this route you need the sports steering wheel and paddles.
  8. Pete Sorry to hear your news. Really tough times. Please let me know if I can help on the day. Also if anything needs taking up I only live down in Bearsted. Take care and looking forward to the event.
  9. Just bought my ticket. See you there. Anyone traveling up from Kent?
  10. 3 years ago I went out to buy and S. Went to Ashgood to look at grey S and after speaking with them on my intended use which was Sunday blast and occasional road trips, ended up buying a 2.9 In guards red they had. I believe the 2.9 lacks a bit of torque but when used as intended is fast enough for the road and allows you to ring its neck. I have had cars with a lot more power 400bhp TVR’s but always found you could only put your foot down for a few seconds and you are into getting banned territory. A really great car that I have really enjoyed including 2000 mls euro tours full of luggage and never felt it lacking. I would recommend but I am bias. Happy hunting.
  11. I did something similar and managed to feed them through the current bars and then using cable ties pull them in behind the existing bars. That way you can hardly see them.
  12. Sound like I nightmare. I bought one of those small jumper packs about 150mm x 80mm x 15 mm its meant to be able to jump start a car but I bought and keep in one of the compartment either side of the engine just in case I need to power to open frunk. Never used yet.
  13. Looks really good. I bet your pleased. Hopefully we can get out and use them this year.
  14. Hi Nick I fancy attending but will wait and see if hotels are open. A bit to far there and back in a day. Stay safe all and hopefully we get a few meetings this year
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