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  1. Nick Thanks for update. Darren
  2. Nice colour Paul. Welcome onboard.
  3. Thanks gents didnt originally set out to get a red car. The red with the turbo 2 alloys really works.
  4. 5 hours washing polishing and waxing outside. Then complete clean inside including treating the leather. Really happy with results.😄
  5. I was going to hibernate mine but have decided not to. I plan to continue driving the Cayman on dry days when there is no salt around. I had to bump the insurance mileage up from 6000 mls to 10,000mls as using more than I thought I would. Mileage on on the car shouldn't be a problem as car only had 15000 MLS when I bought.
  6. Hi hopefully everyone has had a a great xmas. We have spent 3 days eating and drinking to much. Now looking at weather forecast tomorrow and looking forward to an whole day cleaning then polishing and then waxing the Cayman. Sounds like a great day to me after 3 days indoors. Am I sad.
  7. Daz

    Merry Christmas

    Cheers Nick Merry Christmas and enjoy your day.
  8. Doesn't sound unusual. I have only noticed mine kick in when its much warmer outside or at least mild and I have driven the card hard. I would just keep an eye on temp gauge. Mine once up to temp sits at 80c and does deviate.
  9. Nick Thanks for update. Appreciate how much hassle it is to organise. So thank you and no need to rush. Merry Christmas Darren
  10. Mine has only used 1/3 litre in 7000 MLS . When I spoke to mechanic at Ashgood he told me that they only really use oil if you track them hard. I have read the cap can fail on coolant top up and also if you over fill you will get coolant smell in cabin.
  11. It's a real tree for us . Mrs is Finnish and doesn't really get artificial trees. When she moved over had to throw mine away. Buy it next week , involves looking at dozens of trees, chop 30cm off bottom to unplug trunk. Leave outside for week in water, then it will last 3-4 weeks in side. My mrs is fantical about Christmas so house will be decorated from top to bottom.
  12. Hi Count me in for this. If anyone is thinking of booking a hotel I would book sooner rather than later. I've just booked me and mrs into The white Buck about 5 miles away on Saturday evening. Everything closer was fully booked.

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