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  1. Hi i read the other day on piston heads that you can do a PDK reset. A really weird procedure but read it resets box back to factory settings. Apparently box learns driving styles. I also read it's worth doing every now and then. It can make it smoother. Mine is smooth in 2 to 7 but can be clunky in 1st. Anyone reset theirs. Thoughts appreciated.
  2. Dean Glad to hear all sorted and didn't hurt the bank to much.😀
  3. Good choice. They look really good against the body colour.
  4. Daz


    Just a few pictures on one of the last sunny days.
  5. Like the wheel colour combination. Welcome onboard. D
  6. I'd be up for a get together. I cannot do 21st.
  7. Daz

    Euro Tour

    Nick Really enjoyed trip and the tips I picked up from your trip really helped. Thanks. Now keeping my fingers crossed that I do not get any presents in the post.
  8. Daz

    Euro Tour

    Yep car has been fantastic. We we originally planned to come home via France and stay in Nancy. We liked Baden Baden so much we have come that way home. Bellagio to Baden Baden in 5 1/2 hrs. Had a good battle with a SL for about a 100 km. Car really eat the autobahn and was really stable a high speed. Have a a great tour. We have our last leg back to UK tomorrow. ☹️
  9. Daz

    Euro Tour

    Got the ferry across from North coast of lake Como to Bellagio. A really beautiful place. Hired a apartment in villa Trotti. Highly recommend. Great parking and has a swimming pool. Now to relax for a few days before drive back.
  10. Daz

    Euro Tour

    Met a group people on a tour with some beautiful cars all from UK. Got out the ferry across from Cadenabbia to Bellagio
  11. Daz

    Euro Tour

    Drove down from Lake Lucerne to Lake Como. Started with a drive around Lake Lucerne then headed down in to Italy via Furka and then Nufenen pass. Susten was closed still which was a shame. Driving the passes was crazy trying to overtake cyclists with motor bike overtaking is at the same time. Not for the faint hearted.
  12. Hi coolant hoses are quiet common problem. There is a big bundle that run across the front of the car. I believe the end sections are rubber and the middle are metal. If they need to replace the complete bundle it’s £450 for parts and £400 labour. You also have to have a geo check as the sub frame has to be dropped about £180 ish. Hopefully it’s only a single rubber end which are £30 each.
  13. Daz

    Euro Tour

    A quick clip through the Black forest 0FFB9B3C-855C-49FA-BC0A-7987408D6F26.MOV
  14. Well our trip across Europe finally started on Friday. Left uk on Friday 640am Euro tunnel then a 6 hr drive to Baden Baden. Baden was a real surprise. We stayed at Leonardo Royal which had excellent parking and the location was 10 min walk to the centre via a walk through a park along the river. Had a lovely meal and a few glasses of the local wine. Day 2 a drive through the Black Forest then a blast on the autobahn down to lake Lucern. Black Forest amazing roads really recommend. Arrived a hotel in Weggis lake Lucerne. A very special place. A view from our room. Tomorrow onto lake Como. Booked an apartment in Bellagio. FFA547C6-06A1-4CA7-AF3E-B5EFCCD0B992.MOV FFA547C6-06A1-4CA7-AF3E-B5EFCCD0B992.MOV
  15. I was thinking a south based COC meeting. Anyone interested?
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