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  1. Nick Merry Christmas. I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021. Hopefully we can have a few club meetings. Stay safe Darren
  2. I can confirm Indys can change the pdk oil. I had my changed last service by project 9 in Kent. Gearbox was getting sluggish when cold and once when stuck in a traffic jam for a couple of hours it wouldn’t change up. Project 9 changed oil and recalibrated box and I have done 10k miles and not missed a beat since😀
  3. Enjoy the road trip. I wanted to do nc 500 this year. But after doing France, Germany Switzerland a bit of alps ending in lake como last year. I didn’t get clearance this year from the control tower. Maybe next year. Hope to see loads of photos Enjoy and stay safe
  4. MG midget was my first car. That was red as well. Really tiny car for a 6ft 2 guy. Bought it when I was 15 and rebuilt with my dad. Really got the hang of filler and taught myself to spray.
  5. Not an expert but I own a gen2 2.9. with PDK. I believe gen 2 pdk is similar performance as gen 1 S. The S has greater torque but the 2.9 with PDK changes gear quick and makes up for lower torque value.
  6. I think that colours called “ awful” or it could be “ bloody awful”
  7. I had that with a shim. Very ingenious idea. There’s an old school engineer in there Mr windymiller 😀
  8. I had the same. One side took 1.5 hrs the second 4 hrs. I snapped the bolt that held clamp where the fixed hydraulic hose joins the flexible. Ended up drilling out where it bolted to bottom of strut and re tapping. One of the guys on hear came with an excellent idea apparently quite common problem. His suggestion was to thread lock stud in place of bolt and then use a nut.
  9. Wellcome to COC. Great colour choice. But I am bias.
  10. Only legal on pre 1975 cars. I had them on my my first car car 1970 MG midget.
  11. Great video. I’m not taking the credit. I got the idea from Keith who I met at a COC meet last year.
  12. Hi I did this last year after seeing Keith’s who is a forum member. I managed feed them through the original grills and sit them behind. I used almost identical products. See pictures.
  13. Guys thanks for the advice. I think I’ll wait until after the lockdown and get a local detailer in.
  14. Hi after some advise. My car is slow starting pick up small stone chips across bonnet and wings. Can these be touched in by a professional or do I need to have bonnet and wings resprayed.
  15. Now you have cut a slot. How about a good old fashioned mechanical impact driver. Amazon have them with various screw bit from £12.
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