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  1. Yes. Looks like a good event from their video.
  2. Anyone going to the Porsche event on the 8th December at Bicester.
  3. I thought it was me having a tough week.
  4. Worn mine a few times and has washed up well. No shrinkage. I have not tried in dryer.
  5. Welcome onboard. The battery sign in the drivers foot well. If you open the cover you will find a link that can be connected to in the event you have a totally flat battery. In this situation you will not be able to open the front bonnet to get to the battery, its electrically operated. I carry a small jumper pack in one of the storage compartments either side of the engine. So if I do get a flat I can then use jumper pack to open bonnet and then jump car or charge battery. There is manual cable in the wheel arch but it meant to be a pain to get to.
  6. Jason Souns good. I think Mrs might come and I'll drop her over at Bicester village.
  7. Anyone going to Bicester scramble on 6th October?
  8. G tech but really expensive for such a little bottle.
  9. Yep quite common. Mine almost stopped when I swapped to Michelins
  10. The on reason for removing bumper is to get a better fit. Once made you can fit them through the grills. I did a trip down to lake como in late June and temp got up to 38c and. Car temp never moved even when screaming around alps.
  11. Get the Porsche stuff from design 911 its £19.24 delivered.
  12. Just a thought could it be a sacrificial part designed to break before a more expensive part breaks when abused.
  13. Glad you got it fixed and no further costs. I had a shim stick when I changed my disc and pads. When you change disc be careful with bolt that hold hydraulic hose to strut. Mine sheared. One of the guys on hear gave me a top tip. Swap bolt for stud and nut. Then nut lock stud in. Apparently quite common for them to snap. I had a cold sweat when I had to take a drill to the strut and tap and rethread. Which I haven't done for 25 years. Ddp not want to do it again.
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