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  1. I would start with the cap as well. The next culprits are the coolant hoses at the front. They run across the front of the car and have joints where the solid pipes join rubber flexible. You can see them if you turn steering wheel get in there with a torch. Here is a video.
  2. Full agree on travel front. Mrs and I like you travel every couple of months and nobody ever comments negatively on that front. Got back from Northern Finland last night and off skiing in 7 weeks. I have come to the conclusion the people who are negative are genuinely ill informed and quite a lot of the time are jealous and do not realise it’s as cheap as running a normal car taking into overall costs. Also I think the colour of mine guards red doesn’t help.
  3. Really agree with your comments. I was quite shocked by peoples reactions. From people making negative comments to neigbours who use to come over for a chat when I was cleaning a car who now ignore. Then there are people who are car people and go out of the way to compliment. Really strange. Also people seem to think you are wasting your money. I can remember my mum making a comment your wasting your money. My comment back which really demonstrated to her that Porsche ownership is cheaper than her new car every 3-4 years. i bought Cayman 2 years ago for £25k 15000 MLS and have spent £2k on tyres and servicing and repairs and have done 15000 MLS. Car now worth £23k ish. So total cost £4K. My mum bought a new car for £25k a month before. No service cost part of package. Car now worth £14k. Total cost across 8000 MLS £11k. Glad to say my Mrs never questions and loves cars.
  4. For me it's Mountain Biking, Skiing and traveling when ever we can get away.
  5. Yes. Looks like a good event from their video.
  6. Anyone going to the Porsche event on the 8th December at Bicester.
  7. I thought it was me having a tough week.
  8. Worn mine a few times and has washed up well. No shrinkage. I have not tried in dryer.
  9. Welcome onboard. The battery sign in the drivers foot well. If you open the cover you will find a link that can be connected to in the event you have a totally flat battery. In this situation you will not be able to open the front bonnet to get to the battery, its electrically operated. I carry a small jumper pack in one of the storage compartments either side of the engine. So if I do get a flat I can then use jumper pack to open bonnet and then jump car or charge battery. There is manual cable in the wheel arch but it meant to be a pain to get to.
  10. Jason Souns good. I think Mrs might come and I'll drop her over at Bicester village.
  11. Anyone going to Bicester scramble on 6th October?
  12. G tech but really expensive for such a little bottle.
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