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  1. Nick Looks like I am out of date. Data protection that old chestnut😁
  2. I believe PCGB offer vehicle authenticity certification as part of membership.
  3. Good to meet you all today. Some great cars and lovely people. Bought some grill mesh when I got home going to try making some grill meshes similar to Keith's. If it works as well as his I'll be pleased.
  4. Great customer service. Very rare in today's world. Please for you.
  5. The weathers looking good for Sunday. Hopefully the sun comes out to play.
  6. Agree on the engineering front. Really clever design.
  7. What should I change the main beams to?
  8. Just fitted Nighteyes. Easy job. Mind you I hate that crack when you unlock the head lights.😅
  9. If I remember correctly its a T55. If you have a look on utube there are a few video that walk you throug.
  10. 7.45 at Village hotel sounds perfect. See you there. Anyone else fancy a trip please join. Darren
  11. Sounds like a plan. What time you thinking of leaving.
  12. Daz

    Car service

    Evening Going to put My car in for a service. Has anyone used La Rose Porsche Sevenoaks or Project Nine Engineering Marden nr Tonbridge.
  13. Nice job. Looks so good it fits in like a standard part.
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