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  1. Yes the Goodwood meeting on the 14th is still on (primarily aimed at PCGB Cayman Register members). Beanoir, has a firm date and location been set for the Cayman Owners Club meeting yet, which was the original purpose of this thread?
  2. Maybe arrange a Cayman meeting at the Potters Heron next time you have a contract in this area?
  3. That would be a good excuse to drive my Cayman and then talk Cayman for an hour or so - would 7:30 pm at The Potters be ok?
  4. Craig did post on the PCGB forum, he said he’s already going somewhere on the 14th. By the way, the 28th is Silverstone Classic weekend.
  5. This probably won’t be a problem if you’re going to Shuttleworth but To avoid any date clashes I’d like to mention that I’ve posted on the PCGB Cayman Forum a proposed Cayman & Coffee meeting at Goodwood Motor Circuit Cafe on Sunday 14th July 09:00-11:00 (should be able to get home in time for the F1 British Grand Prix). CoC members welcome too.
  6. Drat, I thought my car was going to be the dirtiest one there (Aqua blue/dirt Cayman S).
  7. Thanks for your replies chaps. I think it would irritate me if there was any juddering so that may rule out the silicon blades. I hadn’t realised that one was curved so thanks for the tip on that and the eBay link. I think I’ll stick with Bosch. Thanks all.
  8. My 987.2 Cayman is probably due for new wiper blades, it’s a 2011 car and may still be fitted with the originals. I could just replace them with Porsche items but I’ve been quite impressed with the ‘aero’ style blades fitted to my Audi - has anyone fitted ‘aero’ style blades to their Cayman, if so what brand did you use and are you pleased with them? Thanks.
  9. A question for those of you who have already fitted Michelin MPS4S tyres in sizes 265/35 19 rear and 235/35 19 front: is the rim protection as good as with the MPS2 tyres? Thanks.
  10. I had my rear window and rear side windows done by a pro at around the prices you mentioned - there is a line around the windows, I’m not sure there’s any way of avoiding that as I’m sure the fitter would have done so if possible.
  11. That sounds odd to me. For my 987.2 with Bi-Xenon headlights the handbook says: Side light - Number plate light, instrument illumination, daytime running lights switched off. In practice with the lights switched to ‘side light’ the front led strip sidelights are on, the tail lights are on, the number plate light is on and the instrument illumination is on, the drls are off. Doesn’t make any difference with the ignition on or off. The likelihood is that the manual is written for the German market and the switch functions differently in the uk.
  12. I was there too, I probably drove the same route as you yet I didn’t see another Porsche from the moment I left home until I entered the Bicester Heritage site at 10:15 where there were hundreds!
  13. You may find that 19” wheels give a firmer ride than you’d really like. There are advocates for 17” wheels on these cars, I’ve tried both and found that the 17”s give a less jolly ride, but the 19”s look better. The Boler car in your link has some of the options which I would want, proper climate control, rear parking sensors, and sport button which changes the way the throttle responds. At 80+k miles it may have, or be due for a new clutch. At 76k the clutch on my 2.9 had become a bit firm which I was told was an indication that it might be due for a change. Do you hav
  14. L33BGS, When I was buying a used Cayman about 3 years ago I really wanted a 3.4S with PDK but ar £25k upwards they were beyond what I wanted to spend. I decided I would buy a Gen 2 car due to the usual internet scare stories, so I bought a 2.9 Gen 2 manual which had a very good spec/history and had done 68k miles and was about £10k cheaper than an S. It was a very nice car which I enjoyed driving on the road, hill climbs, and track. It sounded great and performed well. It’s only fault was the occasional cloud of smoke at start-up. There was no defined repeatable pattern to th
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