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  1. Agree with the above two posts. Caymans will generally be more of a toy car and lets be honest. People get bored of toys. Only a few cayman owners (and likely to be on here) are really into their car for the long term. When they get out of warranty they can start to get pricey for bits (the same as any car things do wear out eventually) and like dating a gorgeous girl who starts causing hassle, the novelty can firmly wear off for some at that point. Its a perfect car for what you describe, albeit 5000 miles a year is waaaay too low in my opinion haha. They’re reliable all weather sports cars. They’re just a car. Only thing they’re not great at is going up and down kerbs or lumpy bits. I’ve taken mine everywhere. They don’t break more than other cars it’s just when you need new bits, you’re fixing a Porsche not a Ford so the cost will be different.
  2. Hey Peter. You’ve a gen 2 like mine, I use a CTEK battery conditioner with a 12v cig plug through the hot cig socket under the armrest. No need to disconnect anything or fuss with spades, covers etc. I’ve not tried charging a totally flat battery this way (might not be advisable in that scenario? Not sure) but I have no probs when I lay it up for a few weeks at a time in winter doing this.
  3. I followed the manual’s instructions. I couldn’t find a small amount of aluminium grease online, so went down the opc and they just laughed and gave me a big dollop of their own in a freezer bag hahah! I read “online” you do have to use the right grease. Wrong grease like copper past etc is a bit on the dodgy side due POSs of wheel nuts backing out? I don’t know. Whether this is just theory I don’t know but didn’t fancy finding out.
  4. Is this the corner splitters? The L shaped things that bolt to the bottom of the front bumper that form the shape? If so I think they’re slightly different on gen 2 (according to the OPC I went to - mines a gen 2). I ripped one to bits on an Irish road. It was something silly cheap like 60 quid for a new pair in primer from Porsche. Way cheaper than online actually from third party. Double check with an OPC just incase.
  5. I was furiously panic searching the index in my manual muttering “Clouds! I haven’t done my clouds?! Maybe it’s had the clouds done already. Oh how could I have missed this?” 😉😄
  6. No radio appears normal visually. It’s so rare it does it. I think 3 times now. I’ve “fixed” it every time using the going out of range of the key fob method. It’s proper weird.
  7. Doesn’t seem to work in this instance, the radio is muted by itself when you turn on the ignition and won’t unmute.
  8. The AoS is ok, it was replaced. It just puffs occasionally on start. It’s a flat six thing. it only occasionally does it. I’m cool with it 😄. I think it’s the cars way of protecting me from unsuitable dates who might see it ha. Cheers for turbo style tip,I’ll try that one!
  9. Hi all, i very (very) occasionally have to deal with a minor issue. It’s so minor, and likely a glitch that I live with it. I found this “fix” on a forum somewhere in the US so I thought I’d share incase you ever had it. i have the bog standard CDR30 in a gen 2. On 3 occasions in 2 years I’ve come back to the car and the radio/CD is muted. I mean no hiss, nothing. It’s like the speakers have been disconnected. If you get this the fix makes you look utterly insane to an observer but I quite like that. Makes us cayman owners even more mystical. Bet 911 owners don’t get to do cool stuff like this. Get out of the car, lock it using the press button, then walk out of key fob range (I usually walk around a corner). Then come back, unlock and it returns to life. i swear with having to walk away from your Porsche out of eyesight, and the occasional Somme like smoke on start - always on high streets, these are built in features to make observers look at Porsche owners like we own clown cars. (My Dad joked when I did the key thing and said “I’m sure the car can’t see you, although it’s watching like Herbie, try now”)
  10. Fair price - not many caymans sub 10k so not sure about that online valuation. Scan through the adds and you’ll see the market holding above where this price is, not 9k so that online value seems way off. You could offer 9k but be prepared he/she will prob just stare blankly at you ha.
  11. Cheers for heads up, I’ll take a look!
  12. Just curious, looking at mine, they look fine to the eye. Is the rusty areas underneath the panel covering out of sight? Ive a selection of bilthamber stuff for corrosion things. I got to do some corroded spots from stone chips on the inner shock towers. Detox gel, their zinc heavy primer etc. Top tip OP! It’s tip offs like this that make this site gold dust for sharing info and found faults.
  13. If it carries on weeping a small amount, first port of call would be the plastic cap. Mine was dodgy and was weeping when under pressure. Started leaking a small amount over the months.I think they’re like 12 quid or something. A not uncommon prob.
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