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  1. Your right all off now. Just wanted to be prepared for any problems. Car done 24000 miles and the rear arches show primer as the stones have worn all the paint away !
  2. Found a few tutorials of how to remove 987 rear bumpers but nothing specifically for an "R" Have a respray booked and PPF to sort out gravel rash. Normally the rear wing is extended and the torx screws underneath are removed. There is a non moving filler panel there, does it come off somehow?
  3. When you said you saw the temperature rise I assume it was on the car gauge ? I have heard they are “weighted “ so only show when the water temperature is well over normal Is there any way to plug a scanner into the OBD port to get accurate readings Mine car is a R so I have a third radiator but also PDK wether that will help ?
  4. How have the grills worked out? Just doing them this weekend, did you paint the cut edges so stop rust ? Any pictures of the back of them ? Thanks
  5. No difference in noise or harshness. Better on braking and I have also replaced the arm outer bushes with Poly (made a tool so you can replace bush without taking arm off)
  6. I got fed up with the price and availability in the UK so I made my own. Also sorted the locking washers out to hold the inner joint solid. I could make more if there is any interest.
  7. I have produced "Lock Washers" for adjustable rear toe arms in 5.0 mm stainless. They keep the bolt in a fixed position, towards the outside and upwards meaning the control arm is more parallel the lower coffin arm. If your interested please PM me. They use the standard Porsche front arm bolt.
  8. Buy the HEL ones all stainless fittings and you only do them once. Also get some stainless bleed nipples they work so much easier, also I put silicon grease on the threads and when you bleed them no fluid leaks up the thread. I didnt have any problem bleeding the system with a vacuum bleeder and then normal manual pushing pedal
  9. Has anyone put adjustable rear toe arms on, the type with a threaded central section so you dont have to use the eccentric bolts for adjustment? I find them very difficult to adjust and would like to remove the rubber bush which I am sure lets the wheel move altering the Toe setting. If so how have they been and do they corrode.
  10. I just bought the original Porsche parts and replaced the flexible brake lines with black HEL ones at the same time. Bled them with helper pushing brake pedal while I opened and shut the bleed nipples
  11. I have recently fitted Sebro Slotted discs front with Ferodo DS11.1 pads and Pagid drilled rears and Ferodo DS3000 pads. Seems to be fade free, 40 minute session at Spa with no problem. And before anyone asks, they are dusty and squeal but they just get better when really hot. The cold pedal is a bit "dead" but it soon comes on within a couple of seconds, just have to be aware of this. They dont have slots for wear indicators but its so easy to check the pads visually. Why would you wait for the light to come on ?
  12. Hi thanks for the offer I at Spa Classic for the weekend , lots of Porsche’s When I get back will pm you
  13. I have just changed Rear Brake pads on my CR and have noticed that the rear undertray, the last panel at the back is not very secure. It seems to be missing a bracket or screws. Went to Tonbridge Porsche to see parts department and it is not clear on their system how this last panel fits. Anyone got any knowledge of whats required or pictures of this fixing ?
  14. Just removed the trim from the front bumper on my R to change the fog light bulbs. I have uncliped the black plastic piece and there was a length of foam attached ? This fell of and I am not sure exactly where it goes and it is doesn’t look original as it is very badly cut. Has anyone noticed whether they are on theirs or should I just put it back on without it ? Can’t really see what it does.
  15. Could someone measure the centre of the front wheel to wheel arch on a R I need to get the hub in the correct place before I tighten the lower arm so the rubber bush is not tensioned too much. Should have measured it before I dismantled !
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