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  1. I would get it done as it keeps all the stamps up to date, also brake fluid will need changing as that only lasts so long and doesn't matter if you have used the car or left it sitting in the garage for 2 years. It shows the next owner you have looked after it right as quite a few would walk away from it if the service had been missed out. My car had only done just 3200 miles from new when it had its first 2 year service and even then i had also changed the oil at 1200 miles myself.
  2. Might pop along, haven't got a ticket, but i see i can 2 discounted ones through the pcgb
  3. Was a shame, but not to worry, next year will be different
  4. Keith and myself will be travelling down on the day from the Midlands and might have another car with us
  5. Keith and myself was down to go today, but i have been feeling under the weather and so didnt go and i think Keith also decided not to go, but could be wrong. Anyway hope you had a great weekend
  6. One of my first laps in a mk1 focus rs over 10 years ago now, after about 10 laps got down to low 8.20's with a passenger for extra weight lol But a great place to visit and we should sort a trip out. Just for comparison this was my last track day in my focus rs mk2, better quality and a tad faster
  7. Been told by keith i need to go, so best put my name down and guess he wants me to buy him breakfast again lol
  8. Wouldn't want to miss it and hope the weather is good once again like it has been for the last few years
  9. I will pop along as need to get out and have a day off as work has taken over lately
  10. Should have the prices for LeMans next week and then we can go from there
  11. Don't think I am going to make it as it's my birthday next week and just over heard that I have a surprise coming Sunday Now don't know what it is right now and could be wrong but if I am right it means I will be heading up north Sunday and so will miss the meet.
  12. It's not so much that, its cup tyres as they don't like cold and wet!
  13. Should be fine and hope it's dry as it could be the 4 last outing this year
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