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  1. Just come over and take mine, nicely run in with just under 5k miles, much better idea.
  2. I believe its the same as last year, all cars parked in the overflow field, main grounds not used liked beforehand
  3. Yep very much looking forward to using it this year and getting some enjoyment and enthusiasm back for it all, gave the wifes boxster a very good clean up and got that also back on the road, and enjoyed the trip out in it yesterday
  4. Well happy to report all done and dusted. Was lovely to drive the car as its been so long. As i think i said, this will probably be the last time they see it for service work, but as i have been thinking about selling it, thought it would be best with the book all stamped up from porsche. By the way they are very low on stock cars to sell, was offered £75k for mine, as they hoped it would sell for £83k, as they said prices for them had gone up over the last month or so.
  5. Well MOT sorted and 622 miles since it was last MOT'ed in april 2019, roll on the service this time next week
  6. As above really, MOT tomorrow afternoon and 4 year main service and recalls booked in at Porsche silverstone the following friday. Looking forward to driving it once again, as its been a while. Seems a shame to change the spark plugs with less than 5K miles off use, but apparently then need to be changed. Will probably be the last OP service it gets as after this i think i will go somewhere like RPM, as the full main service is £1075, and RPM is around £300 cheaper, but they couldn't do it the end of May, plus i guess with the extra distance, time, plus lossing a days wage, the OP is probably cheaper, plus if i do sell it, probably once again nicer to have than an independent. Anyway looking forward to redline once again and the houl of the engine
  7. If its in the field only like last year then i won't be going this year, as last year was a bit of a waste of time, shame as its a great event normally.
  8. Been past it a few times lately and its been closed Obviously we also have cars and coffee place, thats quite a nice place to go on a sunday or evening, as they are open for outside eating and drinking
  9. I see tickets are available So do we know if its back in the normal grounds once again this year, rather than the overflow field like last year? If its back in the grounds then i am in
  10. Yes fine thanks, hope all is well for you too. lost quite a bit of interest in the car lately, if being honest. Never used it once last year and the only show i went to, was simply porsche. Hopefully it might come out the garage this year, as its a real shame, even been thinking about selling it
  11. If its its anything like last year, then the parking is just in the overflow field behind the ruins and no cars at all parked as before in the actual grounds Wasn't worth going last year, sorry to say,but lets hope this year things might be better, maybe,long shot i think
  12. I have been offered a build slot for the new gt4, but turned it down, it looks like anyone should be able to jump on board if they so wish. I am going to keep mine for now, especially as its only done 4k miles, plus i was told by a member off staff from the dealership that they had a buyer for my car ready to go
  13. Myself and a friend just booked on, i won't be in the GT4 this year, as i haven't bothered to put it on the road, instead i will be in the boxster. Hope to see a few familiar faces on the day hopefully
  14. I was lucky enough to make money on all my ford RS car's as the mqrket went mad. But i did buy a mk1 focus RS, with just 5024 miles, that i kept for 2 years, never drove it and made £10k on it, only sold it to get the GT4 and would probably be worth £10k more now, well that now depends on what this world will be like once we come out off it, as he car prices are falling fast
  15. The 2.5 gts has just taken a big hit in price with the new 4 litre gts no being made. Could be a good buy now, but it wont be very sort after in years to come and i feel for owners that have the 2.5
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