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  1. Don't think I am going to make it as it's my birthday next week and just over heard that I have a surprise coming Sunday Now don't know what it is right now and could be wrong but if I am right it means I will be heading up north Sunday and so will miss the meet.
  2. It's not so much that, its cup tyres as they don't like cold and wet!
  3. Should be fine and hope it's dry as it could be the 4 last outing this year
  4. Well it's a bit wet out there, but it has for now stopped raining. ( I live about 8 miles away ) Looking forward to a nice big breakfast and a good chat, so hope to see you soon
  5. Should get pricing for LeMans very soon as I have spoken to the lady that runs it and they are finalizing the pricing at the moment. Then we just need to sort out what passes we want to do in the Alps and how many days it will take and go find a hotel. But will get the LeMans price first
  6. What a great load off cars we have Enjoy and keep the pics coming as we all like pics
  7. Wet then 4wd could be handy Cup2, wet, cold, no run off, heavy right foot, could lead to a big telling off lol
  8. Just spotted this, anyway looks fun. GT4 will be away in November, probably good as would want to use it and with the cup2 tyres, it might not be a good idea unless we have a heat wave. So maybe the wife's boxster could step up, won't be as much fun or as quick, but guess it will reach the limits at a much lower and safer speed. Need to see if I can sort this I think
  9. 24 hour LeMans as the classic LeMans is every 2 years and not on next year as it was on this year.
  10. Yes it should be LeMans is just an epic time and so much to see and do, plus it's still gives you full access to it all unlike most other motorsport events all for the same basic ticket price. If you have never been then you will just love it, from the great drive down with all the other brits to the 24 hour race its just fantastic. The alps, the ring, tick off 3 bucket lists in one week. Would be great to have a few do it and I hope we do get the chance to make some great memories
  11. Hi all Been toying with doing an Alps tour for a few years and myself and Keith got talking and decided that next year we should do it. So with that in mind I thought it would be good to tie it in with LeMans, having been to LeMans a few times, I would say it's one off the best weekends you could have that's car related. Would stop in side the track at Porsche curves at the Lycian site, stayed there the last few times and it's a great clean, safe site. With all the things you could want and in a great location. So the plan is this Leave Thursday morning on the channel tunnel and drive down to LeMans that day, Spend Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then leave Monday morning at LeMans Drive over to the Alps Monday and stay at a hotel. Spend the next 2days doing the passes and tunnels Thursday morning drive back up and stop at the ring, so we can have an evening on the ring and stay over. Friday drive back home. This is what I have so far decided, but it might change and you could do just part off it if you wish. If you fancy doing it or great and myself and Keith are going to put together a list off passes and hotels ect asap So for now this is a post to see if it's just 2 off us or more ? Before I start ring up hotels. Cheers dunc
  12. Yes Keith and myself popped down Sunday and a great day it wad
  13. My favourite pic off my car this summer

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